They were probably looking at the pictures since they were standing in front of them.

“I am sorry to have made you wait. I am the prime minister of this country, Youran Ingval Idenstam.”

“Oh my, that renowned minister. I have heard a lot about you.”

The woman was wearing a red dress which went really well with her red hair.

A beautiful woman. She was sensational and had something which excited even the old Idenstam.

And then, she poked the person beside her with her elbow.

He was wearing suits which didn’t quite suit him and was an ordinary black haired young man.

“I am Nobuhide Fujiwara.”

He introduced himself, seeming somewhat awkward.

It was a very unfamiliar name.

Idenstam had first thought it was a fake name but then revised his thought again thinking that if he were to use a fake name, he wouldn’t be using a name which seems like a fake name.

“I am the president of Polo company, Elza Polo. I have come as this Fujiwara’s attendant this time. Nice to meet you.”

Unlike Fujiwara, Elza Polo introduced herself like a lady with elegant gestures.

It was clear who was the head.

“Please, sit.”

Elza, Fujiwara, and Idenstam sat, facing each other.

And thinking that tricks aren’t needed, Idenstam immediately got into the main topic.

“Well then, I heard you would like to buy our lands.”

“That’s right.”

Elza answered Idenstam’s question with a smile.

“Hmm, do you have any identification documents on you?”

“Yes, here.”

Elza brought out a certificate from her hand bag.

Although it was already checked before they were led here, Idenstam was a man who couldn’t be satisfied until he saw it with his own eyes.

“Hmmm… indeed. Here. Now then, please look at this.”

After returning the certificate, Idenstam passed over a parchment.

That was a map of Driad kingdom’s northern territory, nicknamed The Dragon’s Horn.

The name and price of each area was written under them.

“Ara, isn’t it a bit pricey? It’s different from the price I had heard.”

“Well, we increased the price this month, you see.”

“Increase the price? Surely you jest. I am aware of your land sales situation. It’s the ironclad rule of business to reduce the price when the product does not sell, is it not?”

“However, aren’t you guys here right now, to buy this very land?”

“Yes, that is true. However, we have come to buy the land with the price we had in mind, not with this ridiculous amount. Fujiwara-sama, let’s go.”

Elza and Fujiwara stood up.

Idenstam knew that was bad.

His plan to charge an exorbitant price thinking they have the money backfired on him.


I understand, I understand. This is just a small blunder. A light joke, if you will. Just a playful joke of an old man teasing youngsters.”

Idenstam panicked to hold them back.

Hearing that, Elza and Fujiwara exchanged glances and took their seat once again.

“Oh my, Idenstam-sama, you are very playful. It was such a well made joke that we almost believed it.”

Elza laughed.

One could tell that she had her composure.

In contrast, Idenstam was having quite the hard time.

He was trying to take advantage of them but was instead taken advantage of.

Elza knew of their situation very well.

He can’t be deceived by looks. Although young, that is what you should expect from a president of a company.

While holding himself back from grinding his teeth out of vexation, he ordered the attendant at back to bring the correct map.

“By the way, I have heard recently that the Polo company does business with pepper?”

“Yes, it is exactly as you heard. To be honest, I would have liked to go about it more secretly but the product we deal with is quite unique, after all.”

‘Are you in any position to say that?’ – Idenstam thought to himself and snorted as if he had seen through Elza’s plans.

They had come to this land. That in itself shows their ambition.

(Well, that’s fine, I will just be using that ambition of yours.)

While Idenstam was thinking that and after a bit of trifling conversation, the attendant came back.

And once again, the parchment was put on top of the desk, this time, the correct one.

Elza took it and quietly discussed something with Fujiwara.

After a while, Elza pointed at an area of the map.

“Then, this one.”

Idenstam looked at it.

It was the biggest plot of land at the south.

As it gets colder the further you move north and the lands there are considerably far from the center, the price is low.

Inversely, the more you go south, the price rises.

In other words, Elza picked the land with the highest price.

“The rank would be baron. And the landlord would be this gentleman, yes?”

Idenstam glanced at Fujiwara.

And then, Elza answered, ‘yes, that’s right.’.

(The man is probably just a puppet. Or perhaps her lover?)

And from these thoughts, unexpectedly, an image of the two in front of him in bed came up in his mind but he soon drove it away.

And then, Idenstam repented thinking that he is still young.

“The payment?”

“Unfortunately, gold coins are heavy and silver coins pile up. Is it possible to pay with pepper?

If that’s not possible, I will come back to pay with gold later on.”

“No, payment via pepper is fine.”

Elza’s suggestion was in fact what Idenstam was hoping for.

Considering pepper’s demand, it would be far better than gold coins.

“Then, please sign this.”

Idenstam handed over the contract.

Elza checked it first before giving it to Fujiwara. Fujiwara also looked it over before signing it.

“With this, you’re… Fujiwara, a baron of Driad kingdom. Please do your best for Driad kingdom and for the Her Majesty, the queen.”

There were no ceremonies. At the end, it was just business.

There was nothing in it except profit and so there’s no point in having a ceremony to pledge loyalty to the queen.

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