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The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap 180

Satsuki Storm



It had been some time since I last stepped foot into Sakura no Miya, and the place was filled with the nostalgic smell of flowers.

Since Kuro was with us, we were able to pass inspections quickly. The gatekeeper had seen Kuro’s face and said, ‘Again, eh?,’ so it seemed like this was a usual occurrence.

The sun had gone down by the time we entered, but the city was brightly lit with lanterns, which gave the night streets a soft glow. But more than anything, the gentle lights shining on the cherry blossom petals was breathtakingly beautiful.


“…It smells nice. Cherry blossoms really are the best.”


Aoba said as she took in a deep breath. Her eyes smiled and she looked so very happy.

This capital that was filled with the scent of flowers, was always busy with a diverse range of races coming and going. It was fun seeing such a lively city, but you would get lost if you weren’t careful.

Aoba took her time enjoying the smell of the flowers, before she looked back at me.


“Well then, we must first go and meet the people that you know. It is import to go and say hello.”

“That’s true. I would like to see them again as well. Kuro, could you take us to them?”

“Of course I can! Wuff, here, here. Over here!”


We followed Kuro as we pulled our horses in the direction of a certain cafe.

It was a cafe called May and was run by someone called Satsuki, who was a vampire like me.

They had helped me out when I was here before, so saying hello was the least I could do. And Satsuki would know a lot about the road to the Empire, so we might hear something useful. She had a surprisingly vast pool of acquaintances.

But more than that, the reason that I can proudly introduce people to them after not seeing them for so long, is because May’s cakes are delicious.


“Wuff. What a good walk. Here we are. The place is already closed, so come on right in!”

“Well, if you insist.”


We tied the horses up in front of the cafe and walked through the door. The pleasant jingling of a bell sounded as we entered.

It had been months since I last came here, but it greeted us with the same relaxed atmosphere as before. As they were closed, the lights were dimmed, but it added a sense of security.


“Wuff! We’re back!!”


Kuro’s energetic voice faded away, then footsteps could be heard coming back. The loud sounds were evidence that someone was rushing towards us.

And then a familiar face appeared from the back.


“Tsk, let me go already! I will never wear such a thing…!?”

“Just a little! Just the tip! Come on, Isabella, it will surely look good on you! As the creator, I am sure of it!”

“What do you even mean by the tip of the clothes…!?”


I had been expecting to see one of those familiar faces, but the other was entirely unexpected.

The two came out from the back as if they were in a struggle. The one who was wearing traditional Japanese clothes was the owner of this place, Satsuki Ichinose. She was the one that I had been expecting to see.

It was Isabella who surprised me. She was supposed to be living in a faraway place called the Demon Continent.


“Ohh, you are as stubborn as ever, Isabella. I’m telling you that it will look good on you… This is making me very sad! Here, they would say, ‘I am in shock!’”

“That is not even true…!”


Judging by what I heard, it seemed like Satsuki had made some new clothes as part of her hobby, and she wanted Isabella to wear it.

But Isabella did not want to wear it and was trying to run away.

Both of them were tall and had large breasts. And so there was something very impactful about the way they struggled with one another. Especially since Satsuki’s clothes were opening and loosening.


“…Is this the Big Titty Monster War?”

“Woah…I just heard the most dishonorable opinion about me…!?”


I accidentally said what I was thinking, and so Satsuki noticed us.

Her eyes widened for just a second. And in the next, she came dashing towards me…


“Arge!! It’s been so long!”



I was buried in her breasts much faster than I thought I would be.

Her tight embrace blocked my vision completely. But the voice that rained down on me was genuinely happy.


“Oh, I am so happy that you visited again, just as you promised! I knew that you were alive, but you also seem to be healthy!”

“Mmmmph, gguuuguu…”

“Ahh, but are you really alright!? Maybe your skin has become dry from traveling, or some weirdo has tried something inappropriate!?”

“Ughh, waphanh, ugogg…”

“…Huh? Oh, sorry about that. I sometimes forget myself.”



I managed to let out a cry of protest, and Satsuki finally realized what I wanted and released me.


…She was as bouncy as ever.


As I took in a breath of fresh air, I started to think.

She had buried my face many times before, and those breasts were always so soft. You would sink into them as if you were in a swamp.


“Uhh…it’s nice to see you again, Satsuki.”

“Yes, it has been a while. I am glad that you are well… Oh, and you brought such a beautiful woman with you! And an Alraune, how unusual! Nice to meet you, I am the eternally seventeen-year-old and owner of this cafe, Satsuki!”

“Ah, hah, yes. Uh…I am Aoba.”


Aoba looked quite bewildered, but this energy was business as usual for Satsuki. She would have to get used to it.

But what I was really curious about, was the women in the back who looked very relieved. Isabella.


“By the way, what are you doing here, Isabella?”

“…I just came here with my superior.”

“Superior, does that mean…”

“Yes. I am here too.”


Just as I thought of the name, the voice sounded.

The person that came out from the living space in the back of the cafe, was none other then the vampire king who ruled one of the lands of the Demon Continent. Mutsuki.

As the sun was down, Mutsuki was able to leisurely walk out. He came right up to us and casually raised one hand.


“Hey, Arge. You saved them the trouble of looking for you.”

“Look for…do you mean Richelle?”

“Yes. The fox girl apparently already left…but Richelle and the others said they were going to look for you. Though, there is still a lot of restoration work, so the boats have not been prepared…but you, know. As long as everything ends well.”


He grinned and showed his fangs. Just like he did when I met him on the Demon Continent.

It was a smile that made you feel safe. Like you could rely on him.

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