Tower of Karma

Chapter 69 Gilbert’s domination

“Just the perfect scenario, don’t you think so too, White Mask?!”

He said, from the highest point in the battle field — from where one could grasp the situation of the whole war. Volf’s plan had completely fallen into place. If you are going to attack, you would definitely think of doing so from such a high place. Volf would have done the same.

“As expected of a wild dog’s feet. To think you would be able to reach all the way over here. I am lost for words.”

“Stop lying. You had predicted I would come chasing this far from the start.”

“True, true. So I guess you had predicted I would come here as well, then.”

They had both used all their effort for their plans. And on top of that, the result both of them had predicted was how both of them were now standing here.

The White and Black glared at each other.

“Our thought process is so very different. But the answer we both arrived to is the same.”

“All that’s left are the difference in pieces and conditions–in all of which I am superior!”

“I wonder. You probably think you have thought it all out but… is that really all?”

William said with a smile. But Volf’s smile disappeared.

“You are still hiding


Tower of Karma Chapter 69

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