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Chapter 10

Loner and the event 1

I will hasten to continue the story ~

It should end in about 6 episodes.


About two months after the fight with the orc, this message arrived.

[Are you aware of the event by the management?]

It seems that even Sera was invited to an event in which players with a certain ability can participate.

After answering that she would participate, Sera returned to the field.

“Well, you’ve been waiting for it!” Anadin’s second event has finally arrived! Also this time like the previous one, Gaiko, will be your guide‼”

The shouts of joy rise from the audience with brilliant voices.

Actually, Gaiko is popular among all the players. It has already been made a story for doujinshi.

“Now let’s explain the rules‼ ︎ This time, it will be a team battle. Participants will be divided into a red team and a blue team and will have to fight in a special field. The team with the most surviving players within the deadline will win! You will be rewarded depending on the number of defeated enemies, regardless of the team! You have all been advised of your team with the message sent previously, so check it.

As soon as Gaiko’s comment is finished, the participants are sent to the dedicated field.

Sera sees the message and confirms that she is a red team, she starts trying to move when…

“Well, if you like, let’s go together? ”

Suddenly a voice is heard.

Surprise turns, and there is a girl of the same shape as Sera’s beast with pale pink hair.

Sera had the feeling of having already seen her.

“Ah, uh, well …”

“Oh, sorry if I took you by surprise! I’m not, good at this kind of event … last time I was eliminated immediately, and the friends who usually play together are in another team this time …”

The girl becomes agitated and begins to explain, but taken by panic Sera has not heard even half of it.

If it was the same Sera she would have run away, but this time she hadn’t run away.

Yes, thanks to conversations with the shopkeeper of tentacle fries Sera’s disturbance was improving.

“Ah. Well … if I’m okay with you … ”

“Really? Thanks so much! My name is Saki! ”

“I am … Sera …”

Sera responds to the other person’s presentation.

But at that moment … Saki’s eyes widened.

“Se se se se se Sera⁉︎ That Sera⁉︎”

“Well … you … do you know who I am?”

“Of course I know you! You broke Carlos’s record, the only one faster than boss No. 1 and suddenly appeared in second place overall. The ghost player that no one has ever seen. It’s you.”

(What’s going on?)

Sera is confused by sudden information.

“Was I … so famous?”

“Yes, of course! So everyone says that the true identity of the Formless archer is Sera”

“Formless archer?”

“He is a mysterious archer who arrives somewhere and helps the players in difficulty. Since even when you want to thank him there is no one around, so we call him like that, but, as I thought it is you, Sera ?!”

“… Maybe … I”

“It’s so! No ~ I’m so happy to meet you like this ~”

Sera is surprised at how famous she was without knowing it.

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At the same time, she understood when she had already seen his interlocutor.

She was one of the members of a party she had previously helped.

(But it’s not just that … she must have met her before …)

She thought so while he scanned the memories, but they didn’t arrive.

“Well, Sera? Shouldn’t we start moving?”

As a result of the discussion that had startled them, they decided to move to a height a little further away from there.

A few minutes later, a high-pitched sound reverberates throughout the field.

The first event for Sera was about to begin.


Since two months have passed, Sera has become stronger. The new abilities will be explained as they appear.

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