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Chapter 9

Loner and Bulletin Board 2

This time is a little short.


[Chat Thread to talk about the Area boss ]

624 ・Nameless Longsword User

After all Orc King is strong. Especially the technique that comes out after losing physical strength. It’s too wide to avoid.

625- Nameless Big Shield User

Understand. Even if you are on your guard, it decreases completely.

  1. Nameless Spear User

As I imagined Carlos is amazing! His solo record has always been number one.

627-Nameless Halberd User

After all, it is the absolute top spot among top players and parties. No one can overcome him.

628・ Nameless Dual Swords User

Do you think?

629・ Nameless Hammer User

>> 628 Is there anyone who has overtaken him??

630-Nameless Dual Swords User

No, no one has overtaken him, but there was a guy who exceeded Carlos’s record and was the second overall.

631- Nameless Staff User

>> 630 I saw it too. The player Sailor, he is a solo!

632・ Nameless Halberd User


633 Nameless Spear User


634-Nameless Longsword User

Sure, Carlos’ solo record is in 4th place …

635-Nameless Big Shield User

Wow really!? … Wow.

636-Nameless Spear User

Who is⁉︎ No information on this Sera?

637・Nameless Halberd User

I’ve never heard of her.

638・Nameless Hammer User

Me neither.

639・Nameless Bow User

Me neither.

640・Nameless Spear User

So nobody knows .. it seems like we’re blocked in every direction.

641・Nameless Bow User

Translations by AsianHobbyist Website.

>>640 Waits. I’m not sure it’s Sera but maybe I know who she is.

642・ Nameless Halberd User

>>641 Really??

643・Nameless Bow User

Isn’t it … “Formless archer “!

644・Nameless Hammer User

That’s it! but I wonder if there is nothing else…

645・Nameless Big Shield User

The theory that Formless archer = Sera is strong!

It seems that subsequently, the strategy to defeat the ogre has become widespread.

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