The Archer of a Fictitious World 17


Sena and Saki



“Well, I’m off~!”


With those words, she left home. It was the same time as always, the same uniform as always, and she walked the same streets as always. However, today there was something different.


That was…


“Morning, Sena.”


“Morning, Saki.”


Starting today, Saki was by her side. After becoming friends with Saki, she learned that they lived relatively close to each other. That’s why they decided they would start going to school together.


“Ah~ I never had the chance to go to school with any of my friends before since they all live on the other side of the city~”


“So you mean I’m the first one?”


“Hehe, that’s right. I’ve got your first time.”


“Don’t say such weird things…”


A smile escaped Sena’s lips. She had realized that doing something with someone was so much fun. She had never been this happy before.


“By the way, Sena, you need to make more friends other than me, you know? I’ll introduce you to some of my friends today.”


“That’d be great… but my parents are going to make such a fuss about it again…”


“Again? Did they make a fuss about us becoming friends?”


“They were all ‘Ah, you’ve finally managed to make a friend!’ and sobbing… they even made a special meal and everything.”


“Ahaha… Well, I think I can understand them… but what kind of celebration do you think they’ll come up with next time?”


“I don’t really want to think about that…”


They headed towards school while talking about such silly things.


“Ah, Sena! Let’s play AnoDim with my friends today! That way you’ll be able to get along with them much faster!”


“All right… leave it to this ‘formless archer’!”


“You seem to be in high spirits, Sena! Alright! If that’s decided, then I’ll have to introduce you to my friends right away!”


“Ah, wait for me, Saki!”


Sena began to chase after Saki, who had suddenly started to run. As she ran, Sena started to think about the future. Would she be able to get along with Saki’s friends? Or perhaps would they dislike her…?

But her anxieties quickly vanished from her head.


(It’s okay. I’m sure it’ll turn out just fine. After all, I’ve got Saki by my side!)


Sena kept on running, thinking about what was yet to come.






The end


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