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This is a Yuri Novel

Chapter 2

Alone on the First Fight




When Sena opened her eyes, a scene that she had never seen before was spread out in front of her.

Numerous stores and buildings lined a road that was not paved with asphalt, but actual bricks.

She felt as if though she had traveled back in time.

As she admired the scene before her, a high pitched ping echoed in her head.


‘You have received a message. Please view it from your menu.’


A voice said.

Sena returned to herself and said,


‘Menu, open.’


And then a menu appeared in front of her eyes.

This menu was set up so that no other players could see it unless you wanted them to.

Sena tapped the message category.


‘Welcome to the city where it all begins. Arunima!

You should first visit the Training Ground up ahead to learn how to use your weapons!’


That was the content of the message.


(Training Grounds huh… Should I go? As far as using weapons, I did read through the whole manual and it’s archery, which I am familiar with…  Why bother! I should just get in a real fight!)


Sena thought and immediately started towards the open field.


“You’re a beginner, right? Do you want to maybe join our party?”


A player asked her.

Sena turned to face them. It was a party of two men and one woman, and the human male, who appeared to be the leader was talking to her.


“We’re beta testers. We help in teaching newcomers all sorts of things. You kind of looked like a newcomer. So what do you say?”


The elf woman and the beastman also smiled at her.

They seemed to be incredibly kind players and were clearly not beginners themselves.

However Sena could only manage,


“Uh, um, I, er, oh, mm, eh.”


She was panicking like never before.




She said before dashing away from them.

However, since her voice was so weak and her high AGI had made her so fast, the party of three had barely heard her last word. They just stood there with mouths open in surprise.






“I’ve done it now…”


Sena found herself in a random location in the field. She was now overcome with a feeling of self-disgust.

They had been so kind to approach her, and yet she had treated them like that.

One of the purposes of this game was to help with her social anxiety, but that would surely be a pipe dream if things continued like this.

And there was one other problem.


“Where am I?”


Sena Kohinata had become lost within thirty minutes of starting the game.


‘You have learned the skill, Fleet Foot.’


A voice echoes in her head. Sena pushed aside her worries for a moment in order to check the skill.


‘Skill: Fleet Foot. Rank: D’

Raises AGI.


Skills in AnoDim were divided by 6 ranks. E, D, C, B, A and S.


Sena had continued to run nearly nonstop, or as much as her stamina would allow, since starting the game. And so she had blown past E and arrived at D.


(I am even faster now… What should I do? I guess I could try fighting.)


She thought and began to search for enemies.

All of the weapons in AnoDim had proficiency levels, once you reached those levels, you would be able to use those weapons’ skills.

Through this, even weaker weapons could be useful if you used them enough.

Of course, rarer weapons had unique skills.

Leaving that aside for now, Sena’s ears began to twitch as she looked around her.

(She had cat ears because she was a beastfolk. She also had a tail. The beastfolk of AnoDim generally had cat ears.)

As a race skill, the beastfolk were equipped with ‘Presence Detection E.’

Sena looked in the direction that she had detected something.




It was a rabbit monster.

Sena almost forgot herself as she looked at the adorable animal, but in the next moment, it attacked her.




Sena frantically moved away and took out her weapon(Beginner’s Bow).


There was no limit to the number of arrows that you could use. All you needed to do was make the command inside of your head, and you would have as many as you needed. You would also be able to use many different kinds of arrows once your bow skill went up, but that would come later.


Sena backed away from the rabbit until she was the farthest she could be while still within the ‘Beginner’s Bow’ range. Then she nocked an arrow and took aim…


And let go.


The arrow she unleashed flew through the air with a loud cry and caught the rabbit right between the eyes.

It let out a little squeak before falling down and disappearing.


“Fuu, that was close. Thankfully, the enemy was weak.”


Even then, it was usually quite hard to kill this enemy with one shot. And she had only been successful because she had hit it perfectly in its weak spot.


“At least I can relax for a minute now…or?”

Sena frowned as she suddenly detected enemies around her again. This time there were many of them.

Apparently, she had back off right into the domain of the rabbits.

Twenty rabbits now appeared right in front of Sena.


“Are you kidding me—!!!?”


And that was how Sena vs the Rabbits round 2 started.








She was now exhausted.

After that, she had run away from the pack and shot one rabbit.

Then she ran away again and shot another rabbit. Rinse and repeat.

Sena was incredibly tired by the time all of the rabbits were dead.


‘Skill: Fleet Foot has been raised 1 rank.’

‘Bow Skill: Sniper acquired.’

‘Skill: Clairvoyance acquired.’


The voice echoed again in Sena’s tired mind, and she instinctively opened the skill screen.


‘Skill: Fleet Foot C’ AGI is raised a lot.

‘Skill: Clairvoyance E’ You can see far away.

‘Bow Skill: Sniper D’ Firing range is increased. This skill affects all bows and arrows.


Sena immediately tried using Clairvoyance.


(It’s not so much that you can see isolated places, but that your range of vision increases? It will at least be useful for shooting. Oh, well. I’m tired, I think I’ll go home for the day.)


Sena thought as she logged out.

And so ended Sena’s first day in the VRMMO.




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