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The Evil Wife’s Wild Husband

Chapter 001 Prologue

Author: Ruo Shui Liuli



Feng Lingxi, the third princess of Feng Tian State, favorite daughter of Queen Feng Qi.

But she hates the Queen even the queen is her natural mother since her step mother and her unborn sister was killed by the Queen.

This Queen who once made a solemn pledge of eternal love to her father, let other people deliver a false decree to her father just for the throne, which forced her stepmother to commit suicide by drinking a glass of poison. Killing two birds with one stone.

She said that she was drifted into it, the Prime minister is too powerful, so she cannot take action on him. But Feng Lingxi doesn’t know her mother had payed true heart or not on him, the first son of the Prime minister’s family who murdered her father Prince.

Feng Lingxi cannot forgive the Queen. Even so in the nearly future, Feng Qi let the Prime minister’s family loses all the power and kill him, she still cannot forgive it.

The origin competent third princess who with great king manner has changed, she become evil. She has done a lot of evil things, including framing the ministers with loyalty and integrity. In her heart, the resentment always exists, what she had done just want to destroy the throne, to pay justice back to her father and little sister.

Feng Qi feels guilty on this daughter, so she tolerates what she had done, but what Feng Lingxi pays back to the Queen is further intensified. All the ministers have a lot of complaints on her.

But nowadays, this third princess restrains a lot.

Due to she falls in love with the only precious son of the new Prime minister’s family, his name is Ou Yang Lingge.

The new Prime minister is very different from the former one, she is very loyal, even her integrity let other people feel pedantic. He hates what the third princess had done in deep, so he doesn’t agree that his precious son and the princess become together.

But the princess never wants to give up. In order to let the Prime minister, agree this marriage, she tries her best, even let her mother Queen to talk with the Prime minister. All the efforts are useless.

This new Prime minister is an obstinate person, what she has disagreed once and she never change her mind. The Queen is dare to give her too much pressure because this obstinate person will do radical things. The Queen also knows that to hound a such loyal minister to death just for her daughter’s marriage is worthless. If the Prime minister kills herself and her son will never be her daughter’s husband.

Unfortunately, all the efforts she has paid become useless, although Ou Yang Lingge loves her so much, his stand point still not as strong as hers.

At first, she persuades him to be confident, she can make his mother Ou Yang Ying agrees with this, she always be confident.

Feng Lingxi is also an obstinate person, just like she hates the Queen, she would do anything to hate the Queen. Now she loves Ou Yang Lingge, she would do anything to love him, even give up all the high position and great wealth.

It is to be regretted that even so her love to him is so heavy, Ou Yang Lingge never has confidence on her. Because his mother’s disagree, he wants to give up this love for many times.

She knows the situation at the beginning, he is hesitating, due to her persistence, their love can last for such a long time.

These two person sits face to face in the restaurant. Ou Yang Lingge says with an indifferent expression: ‘The third princess, we will never be couple, so please don’t disturb my family members.’

Feng Lingxi doesn’t say any words, instead just drinking wine with a sad motion. This time she doesn’t persuade him as before, because this time she hears the sound of heart break.

Maybe the words which Ou Yang Lingge says this time is too resolute or she is tired of all of these. She moves her lips and smiles, but her eyes reveal her bitter and astringent.

There are too many barriers between them, but she believes she can go across all of them. His distrust and the abjuration he made so easily today let her down. What so wants is so small, even so he doesn’t step forward, she can step forward to him. But now, he even doesn’t want to stay in the original place, when she moves one step forward to him, he goes one step back. In this way, she will be tired and now she really feels tired.

At the time Ou Yang Lingge wants to say harsher words to her because he thought she doesn’t want to give up. Suddenly, Feng Lingxi raises her head up, her eyes are filled with indifference, her voice is very low and with no motion changes, she said this sentence word by word: ‘Me, Feng Lingxi swears today, from now on, I have no relationship with Ou Yang Lingge, if the relationship still exist, I will be willingly to crash into the Avicinaraka forever.’

Since we cannot become together, so let this relationship break completely forever.

To be cruel to yourself is the real kind, only in this way can have no more illusions about this matter.

The redness of the skin of Ou Yang Lingge’s face drops at once, turns into white, just like the paper. His mouth is shivering; he cannot say one retention word when seeing her leaving without any hesitations.

Crash into the Avicinaraka forever.

She is really ruthless; he witnesses her legendary cruelty for the first time. It was so dreadful that his hands and feet were cold and he could not move.

From that time, the third Princess has disappeared, no one knows where she is now, and no one knows whether she is alive or not.




I have written it a long ago, it contains thousands of words. It is a pity if I throw it away. So I have done several changes and post it online.

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