Since You Are So Merciless, Don’t Blame Me For Being Cruel


When Xuan Cao finally realized what had happened, she became so scared that her legs started shivering. She walked to the lady who was able to avoid getting a beating, courageously stretching out her hands to take the meal away from her.


This was the first time that they didn’t have to skulk around and steal to eat. Instead, they were able to boldly take away the lunch box that was supposed to be for Madam Mu herself. Xuan Cao didn’t really feel all that emboldened, though.


The lady who held the lunch box was probably scared and confused. She saw Xuan Cao approach her with her shivering hands. Even though it seemed to the lady that Xuan Cao looked like she wanted to take the box away yet wasn’t brave enough to do so, the lady didn’t hesitate to actually give away the lunchbox and proceeded to immediately stuff it in Xuan Cao’s arms!


Just give the Fourth Miss whatever she wants! If it meant making this ruthless Fourth Miss leave, she would be more than willing to give more than just a meal, she was even willing to offer her life to her!


Seeing that her purpose for being here was fulfilled, Yu Ling Long took a look at all the servants that were lying messily on the ground.


“I will take away my meal, but then how are all of you going to explain to Madam about this incident?”

Thankfully Lifeng Nian Jiade’s reaction was quick. Although she was covering her wounds with her hands while she was feeling intense pain, she still hastily answered: “We, her slaves, will quickly go back to the kitchen and prepare to send Madam Mu a new lunchbox. We won’t mention a word about you, Fourth Miss!”


After taking such a beating, she was no longer that arrogant stewardess. She even referred to herself as a “slave.” That’s just how things should be. If you respect them too much, then they will take advantage of you. If it had gone on any longer, Yu Ling Long might not have even known what her own name was.


Lifeng Nian Jiade had given a wise answer, yet Yu Ling Long still gave her another ruthless kick: “Who told you to lie? All of you go back and report everything honestly to Madam Mu!”


Lifeng Nian Jiade was moaning in pain. She said hesitatingly: “Well……”


“Are you deaf? Do as I ordered!” It looked like Yu Ling Long was ready to give another kick.


Lifeng Nian Jiade answered while dodging her kick: “Yes, yes, yes! I definitely do as you say!”


Yu Ling Long nodded her head in satisfaction. Then she walked away with Xuan Cao in style.


Xuan Cao was carrying a few lunchboxes while chaotically following behind Yu Ling Long. She thought that she had to be dreaming.


Is this really the Miss that I know? Reflexes that were as quick as lightning and having qualms about taking action so ruthlessly. Were all those ladies really beaten to a pulp by Miss?!


Thinking about what happened last night, Xuan Cao finally understood why Miss was able to come out from Madam Mu’s treacherous hands safe and sound. But she was confused as to how her Miss had changed so suddenly.


Looking at the face that was both familiar and unfamiliar, Xuan Cao finally said with some hesitation, “Miss, what shall we do next?”


What had happened today would be blowing up soon. Knocking out the servants that were under Madam Mu was already bad enough, to add insult to injury, they even had the gall to take away Madam Mu’s lunch box. What was even more bizarre was that Miss actually ordered Lifeng Nian Jiade and her people to report everything that she did to Madam Mu. ‘I’m afraid that it won’t take long for Madam Mu to send her people to punish us.’


Could we even fight against those vicious ladies?


Yu Ling Long walked at a brisk pace ahead. She obviously did not care a whit about the repercussions of her actions and answered Xuan Cao in a carefree manner: “Of course, we are going to go back to our room and eat and drink to our heart’s content. Only after doing so will be begin to think of what is ahead.”


Until now, she had still not had a proper bite to eat ever since she transmigrated over by traveling through time. If this were to continue, how could she muster the strength and spirit to deal with what was about to happen next?


Although her first meal in this ancient age was going to be from what was taken away from others, she didn’t feel any guilt. To deal with evil people like Madam Mu, she could only harden her heart and be even more evil, more cruel, and more ruthless! The past Yu Ling Long had always been a good little pet, listening to orders and respecting everyone else. But in the end, what happened to her? Since Madam Mu was more than happy to be heartless to the original, then she shouldn’t blame me for being cruel to her.


If she were to be expected to behave like the past Yu Ling Long, swallowing any and all insult and humiliation with nary a protest, then that would be harder than trying to climb the skies.


Xuan Cao was still worried: “Miss, how are we supposed to explain to Madam Mu later?”


‘By now, Shuang Tao should be covering her face while complaining about everything they had done her to Madam Mu, right?’ Not to mention the fact that Lifeng Nian Jiade and her people had been injured, Madam Mu wouldn’t be so kind as to leave the matter at that.


Yu Ling Long slightly smiled: “Explain? Why should we explain?”


Since she was brave enough to do something like this, naturally, she has the situation well in hand.


The reason why she was daring enough to go and make such a big fuss in Madam Mu’s Courtyard was actually because she wanted to bait out a big fish like Madam Mu. Shuang Tao, Lifeng Nian Jiade, those two were just small matters. The real person that had the ability to decide whether her life would be filled with happiness or sorrow in this Yu Estate was still the one and only Madam Mu.


Her actions today weren’t done just to provoke Madam Mu, it was also to send her a message: You’re not letting me eat anything, are you? If that’s how you want to play it, then I’ll steal away your meals. You want to starve me? Then let’s starve together! If you don’t give me anything to eat for a day, I’ll make you starve for that day, too!


Even if this became a big deal, she wouldn’t be scared at all. She was born with nothing. Not to mention, the things that she could use to control Madam Mu with are far too many: reputation, status, and with the dignity as the guardian of a concubine’s child to consider, she will have her hands full trying to avoid the pitfalls. And unfortunately for Madam Mu, Yu Ling Long was in the right in this situation. If rumors were to spread about Madam Mu, who as a dignified guardian, actually resorted to torturing the concubine’s child, who is still a rightful Miss of the Yu Estate, then Madam Mu would no longer be in a position to participate in the noble and mighty society anymore. And when General Yu cane back and were to learn of her actions, then he will definitely teach her a lesson. To risk so much just for petty revenge against a small concubine’s child, if Madam Mu had any wits at all, then she should know what not to do.


Imagining how mad Madam Mu would be at this very moment made her mood become even better.


Yu Ling Long had guessed correctly. At this moment, Madam Mu, who was inside a house filled with the servants that were groaning endlessly in pain, had finally blown her fuse.


She was already starving from being deprived of her lunch, and now, she was suddenly informed that something like this had happened. It made her even madder. She immediately flew into a rage.


“How are you all so useless?! Can’t you idiots even handle one little girl?!” Madam Mu roughly put down the teacup that was in her hand, pointing her fingers at the group of people that were kneeling in front of her. She scolded them, “If you slaves can’t even handle such a small matter, then what are you even good for?! All of you are good-for-nothing freeloaders!”


Usually, Madam Mu gave the impression of being highly dignified, but what Yu Ling Long had done to her today had made her mad enough to explode. It did not help her mood at all that she had been drinking hot water all morning without the slightest morsel of food. Her stomach was already growling incessantly. And when Shuang Tao and the others had come, they only gave her more bad news, which was that her beloved meal was stolen by Yu Ling Long. Her mood couldn’t get any worse.


Lifeng Nian Jiade and her people weren’t able to talk at all. They were in so much pain and suffering that they couldn’t say anything. Right next to her was Shuang Tao who was covering her swollen cheek. Her injured arm couldn’t stop trembling as she said angrily: “Madam Mu, it was all that Fourth Miss’ fault! All of us had already mentioned that we were supposed to deliver the lunch box to you! But Madam Mu, we couldn’t have known that she not only wasn’t planning on stepping aside, but also went so far as to beat us up! Madam Mu, please, you have to stand up for us servants!”


Before hitting the dog, we should see the owner. Shuang Tao was one of Madam Mu’s most capable servants. Hitting Shuang Tao was the equivalent of hitting Madam Mu’s face.


Before Madam Mu had the chance to cool down from what had happened yesterday, Yu Ling Long already went about adding more fuel to the fire! Stealing her lunchbox and even having the gall to beat her servants, this little girl obviously didn’t know respect! She was simply rebelling!


After thinking up to here, Madam Mu was so furious, she was about to lose her mind.


“Someone, go and bring that Yu Ling Long to me!”


Shuang Tao and her people were anxious after hearing that, and immediately answered her: “Yes, Madam.” Everyone was about to go and find Yu Ling Long.


It was at that moment that suddenly, a voice rang from outside the door: “Madam Mu! Please, hold your horses!”


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