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The Girl Who Ate a Death God

Gaiden 1-2 The Bull, the Lion and the Death God


By Veloce’s command, the curtain was lifted to begin the campaign against Cyrus Fortress.

In the past liberation war, it was the small fortress that had fallen in a barbarian attack.


However, Veloce knew that the history recorded in the new kingdom was terribly distorted.


It was Schera who had raised her, forged her, and, until now, led her.


Though she had heard the details that would not be told, Veloce knew that she was a ‘Death God’.


She would joke that she was ‘Schera Zaart II’, but there wasn’t any mistake.

From the time she met her, there had been no change. In fact, it was like time had stopped.

She was the female officer, who led the soldiers of the Black Flag’s White Crow, swinging a large scythe with a petite body.


Since day one, she had watched every battle convinced that, “This person is that of the death god, Schera Zart.”

――And then, she wondered.

Why is it that the people around her were never troubled by the fact that she did not age?


Perhaps it was scary. That is, the ‘heresy’ in the people’s Star Church not aging is.


There was also a chance that she was a real ‘Death God’. Perhaps if one pointed it out directly, they would perhaps have their soul taken.


Although the Pope was a ceremonial position, it was still someone who had been awarded the position of the ‘Star General’. Also, she had a career history in the inquisition panel. It would not be expected that such an excellent model person would be a heretic.


So, the people that were thinking that there might be something about this that was suspicious would silence themselves. This had become something of an indulgence for Schera and no one had impeached her.

Veloce did not care about the possibility that Schera was a Death God, because it was she who had raised her from a state of confinement.


She had made it possible to take revenge on the new kingdom, which had deprived her of family and of her own place. Also, Schera had treated her to delicious food.


Death God or not, it did not matter. Schera was her savior, her leader, the master and the companion.


――And, no one else was as clear as she in being ‘family’. Schera may deny this, but Veloce thought this. If it were just a thought then Schera would not care.

So, in order to overcome the grudges she held, Veloce stood over at the head of the unit and issued the commands.

“Destroy the wall with rocks! Strike the castle soldiers down with arrows! Attack, attack, attack! Fight like the fury of a flame and do not leave them anywhere to rest!”

“Veloce, a little before and we will keep the arrows flowing!”


“Don’t you think that if they land behind the soldiers, the soldiers will just come to you?!”

She roared at the stationary soldiers and swung her halberd around, dispelling the incoming arrows. Staff Officer Dima held a massive shield from the side.

The moat was deep and the drawbridge had been raised. On the castle walls, archers were lining up and standing. The response to the arrows was returned before they began groaning rock attacks on the fortress.

It was not intended that they be overly forceful. The purpose was to continue a heavy attack and lower the morale and energy of the defenders. Switch to a full attack at the moment the enemy’s energy is drained, and then make the fortress fall in one stroke.


It was the Chief of Staff Dima’s opinion that their military power was more than sufficient and that regular tactics were to be used, Veloce also had no objection to this.
On the other side, the newborn kingdom officer, Mizeru Catefu, who was caught in Cyrus Fortress saw that the offensive was without coalition forces and realized that his fate was sealed.


The enemy was still and only its leader was attacking. In any case, the defending soldiers had their own battle. After a few days, the main army would arrive and there would most likely be another attack.

“This is repeating history, but this is so early on. This is not up to name and the way of the lion.”

As Mizeru smiled ironically, he pulled out the map, destroyed it immediately, and threw it away. It was meaningless to look back or turn the battle. This battle was a defeat.


The circumstances of the new kingdom could only be said to be miserable. Under the direction of the Star Church, the churches arose together. Riding this wave, the major powers, who were dissatisfied by the new kingdom, rallied and participated in the war. It went without saying that their real hearts leaned more towards ambition than real faith.


In particular, the Star Church’s Imperial army from the west and the Star Church union army from the south invaded. The reason the various countries dispatched troops was that, other than incurring the wrath of the Star Church, they would be unable to bear the fire at their feet.


The empires would have fear in their hearts. As a result of the continued puppetization of the new kingdom, the sleeping monsters had opened their eyes.


They were unaware that by being imprisoned by their fears and lending power to the astrologists, they were shortening their own lives.


After the collapse of the new kingdom, it was expected that, under the management of the Star Church, divisional governance between the princes would occur. It was an era of competition and arrogance over hegemony. This only went to propagate empires and commonwealths. Because the members participating in this battle could unfortunately remember the taste of victory.


Troubled times would return again. Mizeru was sure of this.

“Mizeru. We are not defeated. The castle soldiers are still in high spirits and we will boldly take a stand. We shall not give up!”

While looking at the responsible staff officers, Mizeru spoke, deriding himself.


“It is true. You also understand, right? It is now impossible to recover. There wouldn’t be any difficulty if you could win a battle with only enthusiasm and spirit..”

Of course, the gates of the fortress had not been toppled just yet. But this was only a matter of time. There would be not reinforcements here, only enemies. It was a joke that they had not already been defeated and yet not one to laugh about.


Pride did not even allow talking of defeat. His heroic father would not allow this. But in the first place, it was unknown whether Mizeru would be allowed to surrender.



“The former liberation war was the completely opposite of this. Just how will this be painted in the histories? If I can help it, I will not allow myself to be mentioned as a coward.”

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