so on. If no one comes to see I will be a little bit sad.’
 Edelle clutched her breast and coughed violently. She could not see well in the dark but her complexion was horribly bad.
 Katarina had tried to approach, but the dolls surrounded her and blocked it.


‘Farewell, my cute, sister.’
 The childhood Katarina took Katarina by the hand and pulled very violently, and brought her towards the exit. The entrance to the village and the Star Church. From the world of dreams, Katarina was thrust out. The young Katarina, the guide for the way out, waved a little and returned again back to the Church.


‘Welcome! This is Moruto Village. There is no much here, but please take your time’
 At the entrance without any care the woman was greeting the visitors of the village.
 After three years, in order to overcome the desires of the necromancer, and so it can be used very long, she trust her blade deep into her chest.

※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※ ※
(There is a chance that the special character image may be destroyed.)


 One day at the Cyrus fortress. Shera, who had finished the daily field work was looking forward to a meal in the soldiers’ eatery.
 There was still some time to the next potato harvest and the improvement of the variety and the taste was still about halfway there.
 So today, what was lined up was not something that was harvested in Cyrus. They were huge melons sent from Keri of Madorosu.
 The shapes were distorted but, the outstanding favor was what they had been sold on. It seemed that Keri had ordered them from the Commonwealth in the south but was selling them as if they were Melons of Madorosu. Without keeping up, Shera would eat all of these in one go.
 What was being eaten now was a dish where half of the melon was tapped, while the middle was packed with various things. The contents were put with some boiled fish. It was an outstanding match with bread.
 In the eating hall were the soldiers affiliated the Cyrus fortress. And for some reason, next to Shera was Veloce. There was a decidedly odd bad atmosphere.
 While the lords did not have that much free time, it seemed that all of the work was done by the staff officer Dima.

‘Lord Shera, these melons seem delicious!’

‘Yes. They are delicious. I want to try to grow some quickly. I wonder how they are grown.’

‘I will investigate later!”

‘Take care, Veloce’

 She pushed Veloce while she bowed in respect standing. This was because such a thing was not necessary while eating.
 One must enjoy and eat. This was the rule of Cyrus.
 The necromancer with a terrible complexation, Katarina, jumped into the relaxing dining hall. She knocked at the door briskly with a hushed and bashful sigh.
‘Shut-up, I am eating.’
‘Lor-, Lord Shera.’

‘There is no need to yell so loudly, I can already hear you Katarina. You are being loud.’


‘I am sorry. But, I have something to report. I have run all the way here.’
 Katarina placed on here glasses carefully. She was embracing a massive volume of papers.
 Shera had a bad feeling about this.

‘What kind of report could this be?’


‘Yes, the other day, I was putting together ‘The Legends of Shera’ and have finally completed it so I am reporting this!’


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