The Legends of Shera?….. what is that?’
 Veloce stopped herself from speaking. Katarina glared at gilori. She looked down and spoke with a glorious voice.

‘With a faithful first volume of the half-life of the great and honorable Shera, it is me Katarina Nebesu who has prepared with supreme book. Soon, I will distribute it to all of the troops. And yes to you’
 Katarina was intercepted while she attempted to pass a copy to Veloce, by Shera who flipped through it.

‘Are there any pictures in this fable?’

‘Yes. Because the there are few words that can express the glory of Shera so, I have used some images to convey this. I have continued to rework them.  ’
 A that is right, she was very good at drawing. There was a beautiful picture of the someone. Their hair was long and height was high.

“…..This is who?”


“Of course, Honorable Shera. It is something I saw with my own eyes, so it would have ‘various differences’.”


“In your eyes, there are strange stars shining. Human eyes do not shine this way.”


 Does the work of the head become dull when one dies? Shera was seriously concerned about Katarine’s head. While the images were fantastic, the actual script was terrible. It was written that she had slaughtered 100,00 rebels and killed 1,000,000 troops, in one go. While they had driven them back, how did the new kingdom get defeated in the battle. One could not write this.
 And, the death of the Princess Arutsuura by illness; it was written that it was ‘apparently’ the work of Shera.
 It was half-truth and half-lies. Shera closed the book.


‘there was a problem?’


‘….Ah no, it was nothing. ’


‘Ye, thank you very much.’


Katarina arrived at the seat and straight away started preparing foods.


‘I am giving this to you. It is an interesting story. ’


‘Yes, yes. Thank you very much!’

Shera took the book from Veloce and returned to the food.
 This stupid book, no one would believe in it much less even care about it probably. No one cared.
 So, Shera decided to not care about it.
 With glistening eyes, Veloce began reading the book. What bad behavior while eating food, thought Shera.
 But, as this was really delicious, she decided not to care about it.

The Legends of Shera – Mei-Books: Author: Katarina Nubesu
A beautiful illustration by Kataria.

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