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Death Lord.  That’s how he was called, in the later days.

However, he did not reach the realm of true deity.

What if he did not become a Lich, what if the experiments were never done, he asked these questions hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of times to himself, but could not find an answer.




It wasn’t just Death Lord.  Everyone who has become the Master of Darkness could not find their own answers.  For a very long time, they were pacing at one spot.

All but one….

Except King Slayer.

“King Slayer, what has moved you?”

He has moved.

He read the events and came to find Solomon.

Because of sudden feel for justice?

No way.  Such emotions have been locked away from the Masters of Darkness.

A change has occurred.  There was only one reason behind that.

‘Muyoung.  What have you seen from him?’

Muyoung… He was incredible.

The Art of Death.  He has made the power of Death his own.

However, that was not the end.  He still could not jump over the hurdle which was the source of Artanas’ despair.

This was certain.  However, King Slayer must have seen it differently.

‘Muyoung’s potential is beyond mine.  I’m only curious as to what choice he will make in the end.  Whether he will fall in to despair, or make another choice.’



The glorious knight.

As one of the highest ranked Masters of Darkness, with respect to simple power, has recognized Muyoung.

He has moved as soon as he had recognized him.

He has escaped from the Darkness.

It meant that he wanted to break away from his past.

To take it further, he has dared to oppose Solomon.


There were 11 Masters of Darkness.

Likewise, there were 11 rooms in the Darkness.



One of them has disappeared, now.

The so called rooms were sustained by the magic power of their masters.  As the room’s master has been extinguished, so has the room, naturally.

‘The result is predetermined.  It was a futile attempt.’

Solomon was not an ordinary god.

As an ancient god that controlled several worlds, he was in charge of maintaining the balance of the worlds.

He was the highest god of gods, and was in charge of the extinction, and the evolution, of entire races of life forms.

Although King Slayer who controls time had a hope, even that hope seemed to have been shattered.





He stared at the vision that was moving away from him.

His own mistakes, the things that had occurred in the past.

How long would he be like this, just regretting?

In the past, there wasn’t even such curiosity at all.

There were only two Masters of Darkness who came to have such questions.

King Slayer and Death Lord.

And both of them had direct connections to Muyoung.

A spiritual connection.

There was no wonder that they were being influenced.

However, Artanas denied it.

‘I’m just curious.  King Slayer, as you’ve said, I’m just curious as to what he will choose, that’s all.  Only that, I will be different than you.’

Artanas came out of his room.

Then the door of the room slowly began to close.








Muyoung opened his eyes inside the temple.

The center of the great temple which reached the sky.

He found himself in the spring, in the nude.




He inspected his body with some pain.

‘It has been treated.’

The right half of his upper body that had been sliced off has been regenerated.

The spring seemed to have maximized the healing power.

“Please don’t move.  The healing is not complete.”

Gremory was on the other side.

Wearing a thin veil over her, she was soaking herself inside the spring with Muyoung.

Her curves were exposed through the veil and no man could fight the attraction, yet Muyoung did not move at all.



“Amazing.  Even demons shake when they see me.”

“Would it please you if I do so?”

Gremory shook her head.

“No.  I can trust you because you do not shake.”


The two haven’t known each other for that long.

They have only met twice in person.


Of course, Muyoung had saved Gremory.  It seemed that he has earned a lot of points from that.

“What are your plans going forward?”

He has changed the topic.

He wanted to hear Gremory’s thoughts.

“I’ll gather the opposing forces and buy time.  If we find ‘Als Nova’, even Baal couldn’t maneuver freely.”

“Als Nova is with me.”



Gremory’s eyes became as big as lanterns.  As she could not fathom that Als Nova was in Muyoung’s possession, her reaction was appropriate.

“And just buying time alone is not to my liking.”

Gremory was a friend for a long time.

To get the most out of it, it was necessary for Muyoung to show his hand, up to certain point.

“Then is there another way?  They are too many and very powerful.  The only thing that we can do is to buy time then wait for an opportunity.”

Gremory was a bit skeptical.

That was the reality.




To be attacking without a plan was a suicide.  Even if you had the Als Nova.

“They will unify when they hear that Lerajie was extinguished.  The extremist sect will especially like it.  We have to move before then.”

“Including myself, there remain only five opposing demons.  There will be less than ten million troops even after combining.  Can’t even fight against the extremists.”

True.  That was true.

There was a limitation no matter how quickly they were to move.

However, there certainly was another way.


“Why do you think that this fight is only among the demons?”

“Then it is not?”

“We expand the stage.  Instead of it being just a war of the demon races, it will be made as the war in which the fate of the demon world and every form of life were at stake.”

Losing seemed obvious if nothing was done, anyway.  Wouldn’t it be better to have a desperate fight than simply get obliterated.

If Gremory and few other demons were to help, it wasn’t all that impossible, either.

In fact, Muyoung was thinking even beyond that.

‘The transcendental beings that were all around.’

Their help will be sought, too.

Gremory was still showing an expression of not understanding it.

It was because she has been thinking that it was only a war among the demon races for a very long time that she failed to think outside of the box.

Therefore, Muyoung said succinctly.

“I’ll help.”


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