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Even Dantalian did not know the details about the Sky Lord.  All that was known was that he was a ‘very ominous being’, and if he hadn’t been created for the purpose of stopping Diablo then the reason for his existance was unknown.

“Baal was different than us.  Maybe, he is the ‘only one’.  So, we never knew what his thoughts at all.”

It was an eye opening statement even though Gremory was being indirect.  


In short, Baal was definitely a different being than the ‘other demon gods’.

Gremory was recognizing him as such, and based on Lerajie’s actions, that seemed to be a true statement.

‘Demon gods’ were originally earth humans.’

Muyoung was a bit more certain.

Although he thought that possibility based on the fact that Dantalian had a human name, and by seeing the flashbacks in his memory, he had only been certain after capturing Lerajie.

That the demon gods were originally humans.



Perhaps, what was different about Baal could be that his origin might not have been a ‘human’.  

Muyoung thought for a while.

Perhaps, as far as demon gods were concerned, ‘having been human in the past’ might be seen as a weakness.  If he asked Gremory, there was a possibility that their barely established relationship could be damaged.

However, he could not deny the curiosity.  How a human could become a demon god.  How a demon, a completely different race, could become a deity.



 “You must have many questions.”

“As I’m not originally a demon, you can’t help me.”

“Human… You’re a human.”

Gremory knew of Muyoung’s origin.  Although he had the ash gray wings, she has uncovered Muyoung’s origins through her sharp insight.  As she knew it, Muyoung did not try to hide it.

Gremory continued, with her eyes closed.

“If it was Baal, who had made the Sky Lord, then there must be a deep meaning.  Perhaps, it was due to ‘his’ appearance….”


“Since you are under my control, there is no reason to hide it.  Solomon has come.  It was Solomon and Diablo…who had eliminated Haures.”

Muyoung was lost for words for a moment.



Solomon was in the demon world?

On top of that, it was the first time that he had encountered the information that Solomon and Diablo were together.

It was a reminder that the demon gods’ loathing for Solomon was beyond imagination.  

It was same for Gremory, as well.  Along with the fear, the hate was displayed in plain sight.

“The coalition demon gods must have also realized it.”

“They won’t think that Solomon has, in earnest, begun mobilizing.  They won’t know that Solomon also controls Diablo.”

Muyoung rubbed his chin.



Could this information be used?

At this point in time, the coalition was only focused on eliminating the opposition.

Solomon was the perfect decoy to confuse them.

“Start a rumor.”

“Solomon’s appearance?”

“That Solomon is killing off the coalition demon gods.  This should suffice.  If destroying Haures and Lerajie was also Solomon’s work, the confusion will grow.”

The problem was on policing the demons, but that part wasn’t his problem.

The demons under Gremory’s control looked only to Gremory.


They have been fully united in blind loyalty….

“It will not be easily believed.”

It would be a ludicrous story that it was Solomon, killing off only the coalition demon gods.  

However, Muyoung had serious expression on his face.

“The opposing demon gods.  I find it difficult to think that they are a perfect ‘coalition’.  There certainly are some inside the coalition, who has his  leg on the other side.”


Gremory was silent.



It was as Muyoung had expected.

“When the remaining four demon gods gather, the only thing to do is to let it slip out.  With just that, the coalition will shake.”

“You want the demon kings to split up and kill each other.”

“Isn’t that the only way for the weak to overpower the strong?  And if we were to win, they would back us over the radical coalition.”

Most of the coalition overwhelmingly wanted the destruction of all races except the demon race.  

On the other hand, the opposition wanted ‘status quo’, or ‘some form of co-existence’.  

As Muyoung spoke the cynical truth, Gremory laughed quietly.

“It’s like throwing eggs against a rock, but we are at the end of the road.  We will try everything that we can possibly do.”

The reason, a justification was crucial.  


Muyoung definitely had a justification.

Muyoung, once again, looked at the Sky Lord.

‘Baal’s intention would be known if the Sky Lord’s purpose could be analyzed.’

It couldn’t be known right away.

However, the Sky Lord’s purpose wouldn’t be known to Baal, either.

In the process of hunting the demon gods, the intel on the Sky Lord would be known for sure.

‘First… I should train before the demon gods gather.’

He needed the time to adapt to the new powers.

Muyoung was a hidden sword.

If a sword could not be used when needed, it would just become a useless thing.

It was necessary to make sure that such thing would never happen.




A star shined.  A red star, along with a blue star, colored the world.

Hyacinth, the beautiful girl, looked up to the sky.

With very flushed face.

“Ah-ah, my king is approaching.”

Hyacinth, the goddess, was naked.  There were tens of knights who stood by her, but no one dared to even give a look in her direction.

“You’re finally coming to see me.”

Hyacinth waited.





Since having been born by separating from the celestial demons.

She was certain that her ‘king’ would, someday, come.

And the time has finally come.

“I have to get ready to meet him.  The most holy welcoming party!  The king would be pleased?”

The girl’s eyes sparkled more than any other time.

Finally, turning her head, Hyacinth spoke to the knights.


 “Please go tell the Pope.  To get ready to greet him.”

“We’ll obey your order, O goddess!”

“We’ll obey your order, O goddess!”

The knights began to move like stiff puppets.

It wasn’t just them.

The allure that Hyacinth emanated has already overtaken the holy city of ‘Mulalan’.

At last, one lone female knight, who has not been moving, approached Hyacinth and put a one piece dress on her.

“Seraphine, are you not excited?

It was Seraphine, the female knight.


The only one who has not been ‘allured’ in this city.

As a result, Hyacinth favored her.  

However, Seraphine had a complicated look in her eyes.

She could not be resisted.  Hyacinth was very innocent and pure.  So even though it was cruel, it was hard to tell what deeds would be committed should she stop watching over her.

She did not know who ‘he’ was.  However, Hyacinth used the expression of ‘he’, several times, in reference to him.

“He will be pleased as well.”

“Yes.  I hope that will be the case.”

Hyacinth hummed.

Seraphine shook her head, inwardly.

She could not imagine the events that would take place in the future.  It was just that she only hoped that ‘he’ was a normal being.  


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