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However, Muyoung was confident when it came to the quality of his information.

With this, Muyoung has clearly established himself.  The eyes of the Demon Gods, staring at Muyoung, have also begun to change.

Muyoung drove in a wedge.

“Did you say that I’m a follower of Solomon and watcher of the Demon Gods?  I’m not.  We are the Watcher of Solomon.  Our duties are to watch the bastard’s ‘unexpected changes’ and control it.  I have been only hiding myself all this time, having the body of a human, the power of a Demon God, and with the power of an Arch Angel.”

Rather than a made god, but a watcher of the real god!

Muyoung’s words were checkmate.

Even they could not have fathomed such a response.

However, there were more than one hidden thorn in Muyoung’s words.

“’We’, did you say?”

Murumuru asked with seriousness.

Muyoung’s claim.  If Muyoung was the real ‘Arch Angel Gabriel’ then there were others.

Angels.  Or Arch Angels.

The Angel of Time that Baal has captured… ‘Als Paulina’, too, had the divinity of an Arch Angel.  Furthermore, despite having performed miracles, Als Paulina was killed in the end.

If Arch Angels have come down into the demon world, it would be an emergency situation for the Demon Gods.  

It was certain that Baal would never reveal this situation.

They bought it halfway.




Even Gremory’s eyes were trembling.

She, too, seemed to be confused.  That was because Muyoung’s words carried too much information, to be coming from a ‘simple human’.

Mixing lies with truths in the cleverest way.


Furthermore, Muyoung had Dantalian’s memory.

Wasn’t causing confusion with lies and truths the skill of Dantalian!

“It is as you are guessing.  As I’m the only one who did not fall from grace, I have revealed myself.”

“Have you become Gremory’s Demon King in order to watch Solomon?  O, ash gray.”

Murumuru said with a sharp sparkle in his eyes.

Not all the questions have been answered.

The Demon King of Ash Gray.  The great monarch who leads hundreds of thousands of troops.

Muyoung was seated at the same table as him.  If he was truly an Arch Angel, and ‘surveilance’ was the objective, then his coming has been too loud.

However, this situation has already turned toward Muyoung.

The wind was blowing in Muyoung’s way.

“Solomon and Gremory had made contact.  My coming here was a necessity.  Furthermore, Solomon wants to eliminate Baal, and we also want this war to be over quickly.  I was given the ‘authority’ to end this war quickly.”

To end the war quickly?


The table has rotted into dust.  It was because Murumuru was tightly holding on to the table.

He was nervous.

Murumuru was one of the 72 high Demon Gods.

He wasn’t alone.  Everyone was having trouble adapting to this sudden change.

It was like they were being blown away by the winds of a hurricane.

They were revered with every form of fear and respect, but because of that, they could not deal with changes.

Murumuru spoke arduously.

“This place… is not the world of True Meaning.  The Angel of Time only came due to special circumstances.  How did an angel come into Solomon’s world?”

“A ‘change’ has come.”

Muyoung was reticent.

A change.

That could be the appearance of Diablo, or Muyoung’s travels back into the time, itself.

However, this short response made many inferences possible.

This was, for them to think on their own and be convinced.

However, based on Murumuru’s reply, Muyoung, too, was taking in more information, and making inferences as well.

‘Solomon’s world….’

Solomon had attacked the Earth.

He had exterminated humanity.

Towards the end, gates manifested as giant black holes, and absorbed the remnents of humanity.

Dantalian had met Baal at the end.

However, only 71 had received special benefit.

What had happened to the rest of the people?

‘The blue temple.  Most of the people opened their eyes there.’

Merlin manages the blue temple.

In some ways, the possibility of Merlin, the grand sorcerer, being an ‘accomplice’ of Solomon was high.

Then this ‘demon world’, could it be a ‘Solomon’s world’, itself?

“O, ash gray.  To be frank, the angels would want to side with our ‘anti-coalition faction’.  And Solomon, too, wishes for Baal’s death.”

“We do not want a terrible massacre to take place.  And since Baal has kidnapped the angel of time, it is not a bad thing for us, either.  As long as Solomon does not go overboard in his actions, we, too, want this war to be over quickly.”

It was the coming to an understanding.


The power that Muyoung holds.  The divinity of Gabriel was real.

In addition, there was also the justification of the Angel of Time, so they were rightfully confused.

Muyoung turned his attention to Gremory.

“I’ll return to the main subject again.  That is, as to what would happen going forward.”

Although Gremory was maintaining her usual self, she couldn’t fool Muyoung’s eyes.

‘She is flustered.’

She probably was thinking that she has taken a shot in the jaw.

Furthermore, even Gremory was being confused about Muyoung’s true ‘identity’.

With this, Muyoung was guaranteed of a perfect spot.

No demon god here could dismiss Muyoung, and they could not put restrictions on Muyoung’s actions.

The coming to an understanding.  It was because they, too, will have the guarantee of living freely when Baal would be no more.

What was remaining was….

‘The transcendental beings.’

The ones who were known as the transcendental entities.

East, West, South and North.  They were the absolute beings those which existed one in every one of the four directions, and even the Demon Gods could not dare to trespass.

If they could be used, they would be the best hand.

The problem was time.

Fortunately, he was able to buy some time with this occasion.

There was definitely a Demon God, among the Demon Gods here, who has his foot on the side of the coalition faction.

Perhaps, it could be all four, except Gremory.

They would let the rumor percolate inside the coalition faction, and will inform them of the appearance of the Arch Angel.  If that was to happen, even the powerful Baal would not be able to mobilize immediately.

In the mean time, Bae Seungmin must act quickly.

And Muyoung did not doubt that Bae Seungmin would be able to complete the tasks, which he had ordered, as quickly as possible.

If only the transcendental beings could be brought to the same side, Muyoung would rise up as the ultimate one, and would be able to easily manage the anti-coalition faction.

‘The future changes.’

He would right all the errors, which he had made, with his own hands.

Muyoung’s eyes shone brightly.


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