Chapter 253:  The Transcendental Beings (5)



What would be the sacred race of the demon world?

Based on what was known, it was the Unicorn race.

The flying white horses.

As the unicorn’s horn was used as an exorbitantly expensive ingredient for medicine and material for weapons, there were many who frantically sought it.

However, discovering unicorns was like finding a needle in a hay stack.  It was because not only were there a very limited number of unicorns, they also had special abilities like hiding and remove presence.

Furthermore, they were said to be so quick that it was nearly impossible to see them with your eyes.  The saying that ‘it would be safe to travel inside the demon world after catching a single unicorn’ had basis in fact.

However, there was a truth that wasn’t known by most.

When in a group, the unicorns could create a separate ‘space’ on their own.

There, they lived and inhabited this special ‘space’ as a group.

However, most of the unicorns that gathered in a group were females.  As a result, when they were in heat, they would leave the ‘space’ in search for a male.




Would a dreamland be like this?

Two gently rolling, verdant hills.  A rainbow was over and in between the two hills.  Only the unicorns lived where there was a flowing spring and wide, open grasslands.

A black horse was there that especially caught attention.

Although it had a horn and wings like the others, it was a being that had different characteristics from a unicorn.

The magical power that was felt from it proved it was a being that was a monster of the highest rank.

The Hell Horse!

It was, originally, King Slayer’s favorite horse.

And it was also a present given to Muyoung by King Slayer.

However, after having met the unicorns, it left Muyoung and came to this space where the unicorns lived in a group.

And in here, the Hell Horse was living happily.




As if displaying their charms, the unicorns gathered around the Hell Horse.

The Hell Horse was a king around here.

The hundreds of unicorns were all females, and as if they were captivated, they all followed the Hell Horse.

Certainly, it was not an ordinary event.

The number of Hell Horse’s foals has already surpassed ten.

For the most part, the foals of the Hell Horse were black, yet their horns remained white.  Furthermore, sired with enormous powers, they were growing rapidly.

To receive the seed of the Hell Horse, the unicorns tried their hardest.

Offering up food as they saw fit, and they tried to captivate the Hell Horse with all their flirtatiousness.






The Hell Horse trotted heroically.

As if the Parting of the Red Sea was being recreated, the unicorns gave way.

The Hell Horse stopped at a large boulder, where there were many rare medicinal herbs all around it.

A thousand year old mandragora, a rainbow plant that has been exposed to the moon light for a long time, the King’s Flower that was known to grow by absorbing an entire forest’s life force, and others.


The unicorns were also known to search for these precious medicinal herbs to offer to a prospective mate.

These were the legendary medicinal herbs that would increase the magical powers from just by consumption.

As the Hell Horse was eating such herbs every day, it grew stronger each day.

Even its symbol of malehood, in the center, did not show any signs of withering at all.


The Hell Horse tilted its head just after it put a mandragora in its mouth.

It was because something was slithering among the medicinal herbs.

“You can’t eat this much… wooheehee.”

It even talked.

The Hell Horse soon realized what it was.

The almost transparent fairy.

Upon seeing the playful face and the sting mark, the Hell Horse could think of only one being.  



Why is the fairy, who should have been following Muyoung around, in the unicorn’s ‘space’?

Thup.  Thup.

The Hell Horse tapped on Woohee’s head with his chin.

Even if it was a fairy, it was possible for a being, at the level of the Hell Horse, to provoke it as it pleased.

“Hmm, let me sleep for another 5 more minutes, mom….”

Tuck!  Tuck!

“A beautiful one sleeps a lot.  Woohee needs to sleep some… more….”

Tuck!!  Tuck!!

“What the heck!  Who the hell is it!”

Aggrieved, Woohee opened her eyes.  Immediately, the face of the Hell Horse covered the entire vision of Woohee.

“Gah!  What?  You, you, you are that black horse!”

Since the name Hell Horse did not come to her mind, she just called it a black horse.

However, she clearly remembered it.



Straightening out its mane, the Hell Horse raised its head high.

As if to say who else could be the Hell Horse, other than him.

“Then is my dear husband here too?  Woohee wants to see my dear hubby.”

The Hell Horse shook his head.

This was the world and ‘space’ for the unicorns.

Muyoung was not here.

On the other hand, he was curious as to how Woohee had entered this ‘space’.

“How did I get in here?  That was….”

Woohee lowered her head.

Then she began to cry.

“Wuehhh, I was chased by the wyverns.  All that Woohee did was entered where my dear husband’s scent was?  Then, then I entered a strange cave.  Aaang!  Sniffle!”

In other words, she came to this place by following Muyoung’s scent.

Even dogs would not have such sense of smell so it could be looked on as a great feat.

Woohee blew her nose at the King’s Flower, the Flower of Flowers.  The flower that had an entire forest’s life force was now coated with Woohee’s nasal mucus. (E/P: LOL!!!)

“Really, my dear husband is not here?”


“Why is he not here?  Black horse.  You are my dear husband’s horse, right.”


The Hell Horse raised its head even taller.

Being called Muyoung’s horse did not sit well with him, it seemed.

He was the king around here.

Why would a king be underneath someone else!

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