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Bae Suzy shook her head.

“I wasn’t sure before, but now I am.  Why did you save me?  I had no value after being captured by Enroth.  That was, no value in saving me by risking yourself.  Was I not a bother?”

In fact, the lich had treated Bae Suzy as a burden.  Yet, he saved Bae Suzy at the end.  

Choosing to self destruct, he separated Enroth from Bae Suzy.

His gaze on Bae Suzy, for some reason, seemed urgent, sentimental, and longing.

Bae Suzy hasn’t even once forgotten that gaze even now.


“Who are you?”

“I’m a ghost.  My master’s shadow.  You do not need to be involved in the matter at hand.  My master would not want that either.”

“Muyoung?  He has never once told me to stop.  Not even once.”

Muyoung was an excuse.  When danger struck, facing it head on was who Muyoung was.

Muyoung was telling Bae Suzy to run?

Muyoung wasn’t someone who would talk that way without any reasonable explanation.

In one word…. It was an excuse.  The lich was making an excuse.


“It’s been always that way since the beginning.  Although I have never seen you, and that even you were a lich, my heart pounded.  It wasn’t affection, but certainly it was something close, or maybe even a higher emotion than that, and it surprised me.  It was always that way, no matter how you treated me, or distanced yourself from me.  Who are you?”

Bae Suzy had a very complicated expression on her face.

It was the one question that she could never shake off.

It would be easier if it was affection.  Just affection, that was.

However, I wasn’t.  This pounding of her heart, it was a sense of longing, and poignancy.

Lich… Bae Seungmin was silent.

Wouldn’t even he want to reveal himself?

Would he not want to say that ‘You are my daughter’.

However, look at his appearance.  There was no warmth in his body, he was dead!  The ever so shabby looking self, without even a single piece of flesh on him!

“Leave.  You… cannot stay in this war.”

Bae Seungmin grabbed his staff.



Sharp wind has blown towards Bae Suzy like sharp saw teeth.

She tried to dodge it, but her shoulder has been penetrated through at once.


“Wait, wait….”

Bae Suzy could not continue her words.  She fell, losing her consciousness.  Bae Seungmin looked upon the fallen Bae Suzy.


To prevent small bugs or other things from even approaching close, he has established a barrier, and even placed several magic spells, so that Bae Suzy’s body temperature would remain steady.   

A month from now, Bae Suzy would be able to crack this barrier and come out of it herself.

“You… you have to live.”

As he had incorporated very strong sleep spell, she won’t be able to wake up for at least a month from now.

Bae Seungmin gazed on Bae Suzy for a while then turned away.

Much needed to be done.





It was exactly 3 days since Bae Seungmin had left.

Splash.  Splash.

Someone approached with the sound of splashing water.

“What the heck, wasn’t it here?  No one is here?”

A small fairy, riding a black horse, said in an angry tone.


“Black horse, this is the right place?  But, it isn’t here.  Did you just lie to us?”


“No?  It’s here?  Well, as far as we can tell, um… there is one girl here, I see.  And strangely, my dear husband’s scent is here, too.”

Sniff, sniff!



Woohee, the fairy, approached the established barrier sniffing like a dog.

Although shielded within the barrier, she was clearly visible to the eyes of the Hell Horse and Woohee.

Then looking at Bae Suzy who was inside the barrier, they tilted their heads.

“I smell the scent of my dear husband from this girl.  Could it be… an affair?”

Woohee, pouting her lips, closely examined Bae Suzy.

Muyoung’s scent was rather strong.  It was so because Bae Suzy and Muyoung had once assimilated, but Woohee could not know that.

The reason even for the hell horse to have made a mistake was exactly because of that reason, too.

And Woohee has never met Bae Suzy before.

“Bah, my dear husband must have taken in a new woman when Woohee wasn’t around.”



The Hell Horse laughed at her.  Many women will follow strong man.

Even the Hell Horse, being called the king of the unicorns, spent time with hundreds of mares.  However, no one ever complained.  That was because the Hell Horse was the king there.

“What?  Geez, all men are the same!”

Woohee crossed her arms while spitting out many of the familiar curses.

“Hey, black horse, let’s take this girl, too.  I’m going to question him, will it be her or Woohee.”


The Hell Horse tilted his head once again.

It would be simple to just kill her and leave the body there if she didn’t like the girl.

However, Woohee didn’t want to leave the girl who might, somehow, have some sort of relationship with Muyoung.

The hell horse thought that Woohee lived a complicated life.




* * *


There was an emergency.

Demon tribes have surrounded Gremory’s temple where the Opposion forces have gathered.

They numbered close to ten million, but the tension level has reached the maximum point.

“Why is he here?”

“Is he going to break the non-aggression pact?”

That was such an opponent that showed up here.

The ground that he walked on was rotted and turned black.  His breath was a fetid green, virulent with pestilence.

It was like he was indeed the personification of Death, the Grim Reaper, harvester of souls.

And countless number of monsters and undead lurked behind him.

The King of the Dead!

Why did the one of the four transcendental lords that ruled the north come here?

Even though there were five Demon Gods, the King of the Dead was no push over.

However, why was he here?

There was a plan of congregating the transcendental beings, but that was supposed to happen in the future.  Bae Seungmin and Hansung, the Lord of Dragons were supposed to make it happen.

However, he came without anyone calling for him.

While leading the countless undead!

“O, King of the Dead, go back.  Or you will regret it.”

Murumuru, who was the most belligerent one, stepped forward.

However, the King of the Dead did not even glance at Murumuru.

His sight was only fixed at one person, Muyoung.

Muyoung creased his forehead.  Although he wasn’t sure that the bastard’s intent was him, he couldn’t figure out why he had shown up without even getting called upon.

However, the bastard was certainly calling for Muyoung.


Therefore, Muyoung stepped forward as the King of the Dead wanted him to do.

“You’ve some business with me.”

“My god has led me to you.”

An immediate response.

However, it was a surprise that the King of the Dead was a devout believer.

“Even a being like you follow a god?”

“I follow the same god you follow.”

Muyoung follows a god?

It was the first time such thing was being said.

Muyoung does not have a blind faith in a god.  In fact, he could be called the ultimate atheist.

Believed in god?

As Muyoung was feeling strange, the king of the dead continued.

“Artanius!  The true mighty one of death who has blessed you.”

Death Lord!

His true name was uttered from the lips of the dead.


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