Volume 61:  Demon King of the Ash Gray (4)




The ground broke into pieces.

The sky, the space, like the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, they were shattered and the fragments flung around, as if by a careless child.

Truly, it was as if reality itself was turned inside out.

It was a very strange ambience as if this space itself was no longer part of the Universe.

“Too bad.  Just a little bit longer, it would have been possible to enter the world of omnipotence.”

Above him, there was Solomon.

And below him, the shattered pieces of the armor that King Slayer was wearing were scattered around.

Although an actual attempt was made to destroy Solomon by manipulating time, it was not enough.

As for the aftereffects, space and time were sliced up, but these fundemental Laws themselves could not be completely controlled.

That was King Slayer’s limitation.


The limitation of a demigod made his efforts vain.

King Slayer paid the price as he pushed beyond his limits, and sustained an impact that nearly caused his annihilation.

Certainly as a demigod, he probably knew well that he couldn’t have defeated Solomon, the only omnipotent god.

“The Masters of the Darkness should never come out from the Darkness.  The results are always Destruction and Choas.  So, wasn’t it for this very reason that you’ve signed a contract with me?”

Solomon murmured silently.


Breach of contract would result in extermination.

King Slayer.  The Noble Knight of the past was no more.

However, that didn’t mean that there weren’t any successes.

Solomon looked down at his own body.

The body was visibly aging to a withered old man then growing younger all the way back to infancy in an unending cycle.


“Still, not too bad.  I didn’t expect you to bind my ‘time’ by sacrificing yourself.  I didn’t realize that such a method existed.”

Solomon.  He was nowhere and everywhere.

Therefore, he couldn’t die even if he was killed, but this was different from the immortals.  That was because they weren’t really immortals by the true definition.

Hence, this was why Baal, who feared Solomon, had sealed the gates with the Lemegeton.

However… King Slayer has figured out Solomon’s only weakness.

He has forcefully locked Solomon into a time trap.


Going beyond the self-imposed limit of 128 folds of localized time, King Slayer pushed the limit to 200 folds and forcefully bound Solomon.

Had it been perfectly executed with 256 folds of time, there would have been no way out.

Such things were possible by only ‘the Angel of Time’.  However, ‘the Angel of Time’ had perished when the Lemegeton’s seal was broken.

That was how Solomon understood it.


“King Slayer, if you were in less despair, you might have become a being who could perfectly command the World’s Laws.”

However, that was not possible.

As King Slayer had already perished!

Despair corrodes a deity.

King Slayer was in too much despair to become a complete god.

This wasn’t all that held back King Slayer, but all of the Masters of Darkness were flawed in some fashion.


That was the reason why the Masters of Darkness could not defeat Solomon.

Only an absolutely perfect being was able to stand against Solomon.

Even the demons of Baal were far from being perfect.

‘Do you believe that you’ll have another chance again by putting me in to the Cycles of Time?’

Even if King Slayer had locked him in the Cycle of Time, his divinity was still flawed.




None could stand against it.

Only those of equal divinity could inflict wounds.

No such being existed within the world of demons.

However, even the omnipotent Solomon could not do as he wished.

‘It proves its futility.’

Due to Lemegeton, it was impossible for Solomon to wield his influence within the world of demons.




However, if the ‘unusual event’ or the ‘great fissure’ caused by Diablo were to be expanded, even the ‘cleansing’ that Solomon desired could be possible.


Solomon raised his head.

The spirit of Paimon was shaken.

He was the serpent, who uncovers secrets, and the unique being who witnessed the battle between Solomon and king Slayer.

And Pymon was now at the critical crossroads.

Solomon tossed the words out as if he was murmuring to himself.

The words of, ‘have been placed inside the Cycle of Time’.

Perhaps, it could be the only weakness of Solomon.

However, Paimon was restricted from revealing secrets.  That was to lessen the impact over the world.  If it was the ‘weakness of Solomon’ then revealing it would be stepping on path of Self-Destruction.

So he didn’t say it, but Solomon wanted Paimon to tell this truth to Baal.

The more they struggled, Solomon’s influence would be magnified.

In fact, even the time needed could be shortened.

It didn’t matter to Solomon that much, either way.

Here, in this place to which they named The World of Demons.

There was no devil, angel, nor omnipotent god here in this place.










The one who was called the Death Lord was still in the Darkness.

The other side.

In here, there was nothing, and in here, there was everything.



They could see what they wanted to see and they could experience their happiest moments without limitations.

And experience despair at the same time.

They were all half deities who fell into futility from despair.

Artanas… It was same for Death Lord.

He was watching.  Watching himself before he was called Death Lord.


“O, great Life Lord, the creator of the magic of life!”

“Thank you for healing this child.  Ah!”

“Praise!  Artanas who is the only holy one on the continent!”

The magic of life.  It was like Hormundclus which was a ‘synthetic life’ creating magic.

And by using that ‘synthetic life form’, Artanas has healed countless number of people.

He has become the hope of many as he was called the Life Lord and the True Holy One.



However, did he know?

The magic of life was ultimately linked closely to death, as well.

He overstepped the boundaries of his influence.

Going beyond creating synthetic life form, he began encroaching on the magic of bringing the dead back to life.

Notably, he wanted to reach the area that was only possible by a true ‘god’.

And that arrogance led to destruction.



At the end of the countless number of experiments, unbounded despair, he turned his body into a Lich.

As a result, he was declared heretic.  It was the result of practicing forbidden magic and experiments.  Condemned as a disciple of death, he was attacked by the entire empire.

“Was my path wrong all along?”

Artanas asked himself as he looked, from the distance, on his past moments as they panoramically passed by.

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