Volume 61:  Demon King of the Ash Gray (end)


Having come out of the spring, Muyoung took the time for self reflection as he dressed.

‘Many things have been attained by killing Lerajie.’

More had been harvested than expected.  Unlike having taken little bit of Divinity and memory from Dantalian, Lerajie left an enormous number of gifts.

First of all, Muyoung looked over his Titles.

‘The Demon God Hunter.’

Title -> Demon God Hunter (All Stats + 60, Increase by 30 each time a demon god is extinguished.)

Evolutionary Title!

It was much better than the ‘The Rejector (All Stats +20)’, the one that was held previously.

It would not be too much to call it the ultimate title.

It seemed that ‘60’ has been allotted since both Dantalian and Lerajie were hunted.

In other words, with each victory, Muyoung would become exponentially stronger.

‘Justice Enforcement, King Slayer.’

They were the supporting capabilities in terms of proving that winning was the only meaning of Muyoung’s existence.

Furthermore, they were the ones that leveled up, due to the effects of Muyoung’s victories.



Effects of Victory -> Sword God/Sword Ghost’s Strength (???, You become a Sword God or a Sword Ghost.) Star of Essence (S+++, All Stats +50)   King Slayer (S+++, Wisdom and Intelligence +50, Mantra Effect)  Ruler of Flames (S++, All Pure Capabilities +40)  Death Lord(S, Power of Death +50, Strengthen undead based on the level of Art of Death. 0.1% per 4, 12.5% on the basis of 500)  Dragon Slayer (A++, Wisdom-Intelligence +15.  Dragon’s Natural Enemy) Oom (A+, 10 Strength increase.  Ruler of Dokkaebis) Gremory’s Anguish (S, All Stats +15)  Victor of Demons (A, Increase the power of death that rules the deceased and devil powers by 10)  Soulmate (B+, When spirit assimilates with undead, the affected undead’s capability increases by little)   Murlocs’s Descendant (B+, Growth of Murlocs quickens.)  Fairy’s blessing (B, Fairies feel closeness.)  Dwarf’s Sworn Friend (B, Dwarfs feel closer.)  Devil Hunter (B++, Raises the probability of getting crystallization by hunting demons.)  -> Sum of 14 victories’ effects:  All Stats +65 (Pure Capabilities +40), Intelligence +55, Wisdom+55, Power of death +60, Strength +10.


Two things have changed in big fashion.

The Star of Essence and Gremory’s Anguish.

‘Looks like the change took place by obtaining the guide’s star and earning the recognition from Gremory.’

If it was a random reward then it was random.  However, those random things were among the strongest weapons that Muyoung had.  That was, he attempted to gain all the powers he could and, in fact, he has succeeded.

When all those weapons and the abilities of the skills were added up then no one would even come close to Muyoung when it came to capability.

Muyoung rotated the dial further on his status viewer and examined the remaining ones.






Occupational effect-> Death Lord (Lord Class) King Slayer (Lord Class) Great Angel (Lord Class)

Capabilities-> Strength 1,059(585+474)  Agility 827(398+429) Stamina 816(401+415) Intelligence 850(385+465)  Wisdom 880(355+525)  Attack 802(397+405)  Magic Resistance 885(240+645)  Spirit Ability 855(410+445)  Evil Tendency 950(555+395)  True.Divine Powers 861(516+345) True.Fire Attributes 805(460+345)  Sum of all levels:  877  Special note:  Luciferre’s power has been sealed.  


Gabriel’s power has been inherited.  You are creating the Muyoung Sword.  Gabriel’s spear has been engraved into your heart.  Power of Divinity has been inherited.  Weapons currently using & wearing:  Anguish (All Stats +15, Strength +75, Intelligence +45, Fighting Aura +30), 3 of 12 archery sets (All Stats +30, Magic Resistance +140, Power of Death +40, Agility +50), Immortal King’s Breast Plate (Strength +15, Attack +30, stamina +50, Magic Resistance +80), Hermes’s Boots (Agility +30, Wisdom Propensity =50), Skull Accessory (Strength +19, Agility +4), Knight King’s Greaves (All Stats +40, Loyalty), Wilderness Set (Magic Resistance +80, Intelligence-Wisdom +20), StarLight (Star of the Absolute-All Stats +20).


It might look messy because so many things have been attained, but the important thing was the increase in the capabilities.  

The sum of the levels, in the 800’s.

Muyoung was walking on a path of which no one in the history of mankind has ever dreamed of.

Especially, what he has shown the most increases were in the areas of Divinity and Evil Tendency.

‘The power has been greatly increased after absorbing the Divinity of Lerajie.  And taking his and Dantalian’s Divinity has pushed up the Evil Tendency.

A four digit strength level has been reached.  Wow, 1,049….

Although he thought that an increase has been observed, he did not feel it personality as he has yet to use the power.

Muyoung wanted to dig deeper in to the exact explanation of ‘Divine Power’.

Divine Power:  The user’s base stats ‘Strength’ increases by 1.5 folds.



It was the incredible authority that could increase the base stats for ‘Strength’ by 1.5 folds.  It wasn’t a simple 1.5 fold.  The more the base stats increased, the more its boost increased.

There was no skill that increases base stats by  multiples. It was possible only by authority.   It was the moment that the awesome power of Lerajie was being understood.


‘Still not sufficient.’

However, it was insufficient.  Defeating Lerajie was a fluke.   He had barely defeated him by draining his power with heavenly interventions, and at the end taking several gambles.

Had there been even a single failure, it would have been Muyoung who had faced a defeat.

In his current condition, going against low level Demon Gods would be possible, but facing the Demon Gods in the high echelon would be impossible.






He needed to hunt other Demon Gods and grow stronger by absorbing their powers and authorities.

In order to do that…..

‘Gremory is needed.’

Gremory was the leader of the resistance.

As a unique female Demon God, she received the support of the remaining four Demon Gods for being an excellent defender.

Murumuru, Pornious, Citri, Asmodai.

If all of their powers were combined, it wouldn’t be impossible to bring Muyoung’s ideas to reality.



The problem was would they concur with Gremory’s proposal.

‘The chance of disagreeing will be high.’

No matter how long those demons have been following Gremory, the demon race held the unique arrogance of the demon race. Join forces?  There was no way that they would accept mutually assisting of one another, as equals.  

The opinion of the opposition has always been ‘let those races that will become slaves live’ to begin with, but never ‘let’s treat them equally’.

However, they must come to understand the reality.


From here on, Muyoung’s position was critical.

‘The potential of ‘I’, the being.’

The memory of Dantalian, the Divinity of Lerajie.

And the powers of Gabriel and Luciferre which Muyoung had!

The Muyoung Sword that reached the 51st level… And Ars Nova on top of that.

Furthermore, the fact that Muyoung was a ‘human.’

Muyoung had countless weapons.  If he was to earn the trust of Gremory, then it would be equivalent to like having  donned several wings.

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