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Volume 62:  The Transcendental Beings (1)




Everyone was silent.

There wasn’t even a need to keep fighting.

A single punch.

The earth SPLASHED as if it was a liquid, the ground ruptured as if it was a piece of paper, torn and crumpled by an giant and the earth erupted skyward, forming a gigantic crater.  The temple shook as if it was about to fall.  

If the great protective wall did not rise up in defense, even Gremory’s temple might have been cast down to the ground.  



The enormous impact.

The mere sound enough to cause every hair on one’s body to stand up!

The dozens of demons that were lunging forward to attack have vanished without a trace.  It was like as if their bodies have been evaporated.

The demon kings stopped in their tracks.  The demons that were attacking recoiled in horror.

Even Muyoung couldn’t help but hesitate


 ‘I never knew it would be this powerful….’

He had ascertain the effects of the power of a god.  So, all he did was to slam on the ground as hard as he could.  Even Muyoung could not believe in this level of destruction.

Although it wasn’t at the monstrous power that Lerajie had demonstrated, the monstrous power that originated from Muyoung’s fist would certainly be different than the monstrous power that originated from a body that stretched out longer than 50 meters.

The power level of over 1,000.

At this level, it was fair to say that he has definitely ‘transcended’.  He has gone beyond the level of which a mortal could demonstrate.


 “Please stop.”

Gremory appeared at the center of the temple’s entrance where the clear protective wall has been erected.

Muyoung had a feeling that she had already known that something like this would happen.  Therefore, she was able to protect the temple in such a timely fashion.  

Recognizing Muyoung’s power, it was as if she allowed him to show who was in charge.

And Muyoung has proved with only a single punch.  Stricken mute, the hundreds of thousands of demons just stared at Muyoung.


Hostility?  Malice?

That, too, all vanished.

Even though dozens of demons had been killed, loyalty among the demons could not be compared to that of humans.  Revenge was a very remote concept to them.

‘O, Gremory.”

The demons at the front of the line awkwardly knelt.

Muyoung, too, tried to show respect in his way.  At any rate, Muyoung was the ‘demon king of the 27th Legion’, and the one who was called the demon king of the Ash Gray, the name which Gremory had given him.

On top of that, Gremory was an essential part of Muyoung’s plan.

There was a need to put her on a plateau, even if it was just appearances.  At least, it was necessary to do what was ‘minimally’ appropriate.  

Gremeory approached slowly and stood next to Muyoung.  She stretched forward her left hand and Muyoung kissed the top of Gremory’s hand.


It was like a simple act of showing loyalty.  As Muyoung has never shown such behavior, the eyes of the demon kings and the demons shook wildly.

“He is the one to whom I have given the name of the Demon King of the Ash Gray. Although he is a foreigner who came from the outside, since he has become the lord of the 27th Legion, I forbid warring against him based on personal feelings.”

Gremory drew a clear line in the sand.  She gave everyone a warning, so that such things would not occur again.

She also knew that what was important going forward.  She had to prevent her forces from imploding, at the very least.  




Also, Muyoung’s actions gave her a good justification for it as well.

Even though Muyoung was seen as impudent from their perspective, as long as he could prove his ‘power’, the demons and even the demon gods would not be able to do anything to Muyoung.

It was because ‘power’ was the only thing that mattered most in the demon society.

“I shall call an emergency meeting.  Please quickly mobilize so that Murumuru, Pornious, Citri, and Asmodai can attend as soon as possible.”

Gathering all the opposing demon gods.  Gremory had the authority.

Since Haures and Lerajie have both perished, there was no reason to be mindful of anyone.

The strategy was to make the first move before the coalition demon gods took another action.

With that, there was a very high possibility that Muyoung would take the lead and do all the hard work.

‘Gremory has never asked about what my goals were.’

The fact that she has never asked implied that it would be judged by his actions.






Gremory was not someone who was gracious enough to embrace an outsider, who has suddenly came from nowhere without suspicion.  She would judge Muyoung’s true intentions while continuing the war.

It did not matter.

Muyoung’s objective was the destruction of the demon gods!

It was to find the truth of the world and return to the earth, along with the surviving humanity.

Muyoung’s intention was to truly become the ‘guide’.

‘My past was moved by others.’

Muyoung was a puppet in his assassin days.  Based on someone’s need, he had killed without any consciousness or remorse.

However, it was different now.

He was wholly committed, to live by his own way.

If he wanted a comfortable life, he could have done so.  As he already knew the future, it would be sufficient for him to  just remain a spectator.
However, he didn’t take that path.  In his refusal to become lazy and weak, he had tested himself.

By choosing the difficult paths, he has come this far.  Had he even just once compromised with himself, he could not have reached this point.

‘Move forward.  Let me not stop.  Let me not ever look back.’

Well, the beginning is half the journey, it was said.

It was as if Muyoung has already come half way.
















The demon kings mobilized in order to resist the opposing demon gods.

They have left with their respective armies.

However, Muyoung has remained.

It was because of something that had reached the sky, the Sky Lord.

‘He’s not moving.’

After the battle with Lerajie, the Sky Lord had stopped functioning.




Was he dead?

Not showing any response, it appeared as if he was dead.

“Do you know anything about the Sky Lord?”

Gremory, too, was looking at the Sky Lord.  At least, Gremory was not involved in the process of creating the Sky Lord.

The Sky Lord was a masterpiece created by the coalition.  Gremory shook her head.

“I had just heard that such a being existed.  Perhaps… He is Baal’s work.”

“Baal’s work?”


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