Chapter 251:  The Transcendental Beings (3)




He dreamed.

For Muyoung, this was a “waking” dream.

He was levitating in the air, and below, he saw the Earth.


A blue planet.  The place, in which, he had existed under a different name, rather than as Muyoung.

However, this memory belonged to Dantalian. The scattered fragments Muyoung had stolen from Dantalian has become a vivid memory.

‘Is this from absorbing Lerajie’s power?’

What was certain was that ever since Lerajie’s power had been absorbed, there were bits and pieces of images.

This was the first time that they have manifested as a vivid dream, like this.

Muyoung approached for a closer look.  Smoke rose from many places.  Machines that looked like giant spiders were destroying the world.

They looked very familiar.  Muyoung knew as to what they were.


Although he saw similar videos when he handled the Ellarsigo for the first time, they weren’t vivid, like this.

Finally, Muyoung focused on a person…

Dantalian…When he was still a human being.

“Save me!”


Everyone had died.  Family, friends, everyone.

The Elarsigo’s attack came out of the blue.  Suddenly appearing one day, they quickly began to destroy the world.

Humanity wasn’t able to fight back.

This was the time when the end of humanity was at hand.



The small number of people who had survived went into hiding.

However, it did not last long.  A countless number of gates simultaneously opened up from everywhere.

Composed of dark clouds, the gates enveloped the pitifully few survivors.

It was the same for Dantalian.

For him, what was different from the others was that he met ‘Baal’ at the place where he ended up.

There was no one else.  Dantalian was in a place of complete darkness.

There was a gigantic, horrifying and revolting monster!

Beside it was a woman, with angelic wings, confined inside a spherical metal cage.

The angel appeared haggard.  Halfway collapsed, she was dying.

However, something like that did not immediately catch Dantalian’s eyes.

“You, who are you?”

“The Angel of Time has chosen you.  How do I appear to you?”

The monster’s words could not be resisted.  Dantalian was compelled to speak the truth as to what he saw.

“A monster with two mouths…!”


Dantalian quickly covered his mouth.  But, it was too late already.

“They are the mouths of Truth and Lies.  This power will fit you.”

A book was in Baal’s hands.


He tore off a page from it.

Immediately, a countless number of bats came forth and engulfed Dantalian.




The dream ended there.

However, what would have happened next didn’t need to be seen to know.

‘James, the human, has turned into the Demon God Dantalian.’

Baal was involved.  He, himself, held the Lemegeton.  Baal had made the demon gods.

‘The first Demon God.  Perhaps, he might not be a human.’

All the other Demon Gods were humans.

However, it would not have been possible for an ordinary human being to have possession of Lemegeton.

Perhaps, the source of every Demon God might have been Baal.

The true Demon God.  That was, the true god with real divinity.

‘It has become clear that Solomon had attacked humanity.’

Muyoung summarized the dream.




Although it was short, it told a very important tale.

With that, a small curiosity has been satisfied.

It was certain that Solomon had cleansed the humans.

There was still the question of ‘Why?’, but it was clear that Solomon was not on the side of justice.

More importantly….

‘Angel of Time.’

Baal had confined the Angel of Time.  And he had told Dantalian that the Angel of Time had chosen him.

There was some kind of qualification to becoming a Demon God.

‘A memory that provides more in-depth information is needed.’

Baal and Solomon.  They were the two main characters.



A complete memory was needed in order to know beyond that.

‘By attaining the powers of the Demon Gods through hunting them, the memory will become complete.’

Lerajie had also had such a dream.  One would know a lot more if one can attain the powers of the Demon Gods.


Muyoung turned his head.

A demon, which was guarding the front of the door, has opened the door and entered.

“O, Demon King of the Ash Gray, all the Demon Gods have gathered.  I’ll take you to the assembly.”

The Grand Assembly.

There were already five demon gods gathered here.

“Thank you everyone for coming.”

Murumuru, Pornius, Sithri, Asmodai, and Gremory.

They all had very serious looks on their faces.

It was because they have also heard of the demises of Haures and Lerajie.

Asmodai, the earth Demon God whose body was made of stones, was the first one to rise up and speak.

“What the heck is going on?  Lerajie, that war lord has been defeated?!”

“I will explain everything.  Please take a seat.”

Gremory responded calmly.




Her presence there calmed the ambience of the Assembly, yet curiosity was too strong.

A battle that couldn’t be won was won.  This warranted an explanation.

As Asmodai took his seat, Gremory spoke.

“Solomon, he has appeared.”



“Wasn’t it that he wasn’t able to return to the demon world?”

There was a commotion.

It was inevitable.

The Solomon who caused the Demon Gods to gnash their teeth.


Although Muyoung did not know all the details, but he, at least, knew that the relationships between the them were very complicated.

Muyoung was at the back among several Demon Kings.

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