Chapter 252:  The Transcendental Beings (4)



Muyoung did not lose his cool.  

He has not, even once, ever thought that everything would go as planned.

The variability of the world.  Murphy.  The future has already changed, and was in the process of changing.

It was only that Muyoung tried all he could to control the changes.

It was the same this time around.

‘Can’t just take this lying down.’

Gremory’s meaning was clear.  Rather than allowing him to remain as a hidden manipulator, she planned to draw attention to him by revealing his identity before all.

By making them think about the implications of being a ‘Solomon’s underling’, the objective was, in fact, to prevent Muyoung from acting ‘beyond his authority’.

At the same time keep Muyoung within her influence, so Muyoung’s abilities could be fully exploited!

If Muyoung failed to come up with a viable solution for the situation she just put him in?

Gremory would mock him.  She might have already prepared a response, just for such a case.

However…, Gremory could not rest easy.  It was because it meant that Muyoung’s ability to improvise to a situation was only at this level.

That was, that Muyoung’s ability to deceive and scheme would be insufficient to con the demon gods!   (EP: He would be useless to her if he was incompetent.)

Only one move.  So much was riding on this one move.

‘I’ll play along.’

Muyoung came forward.

The five anti-coalition faction members turned their attentions to Muyoung.

Those eyes.

They were filled with both resentment and interest.

The look of the Demon Gods resembled hunters who would immediately devour their prey, should the slightest weakness be shown.

On the other hand, if strength was to be demonstrated?  What would happen if he was the representative of a Power that was beyond their imagination?

Muyoung has seen the answer just a moment ago.

They have rationalized their acquiescence to the degrading, one sided ‘deal’ with Solomon.  

Demon Gods.  Although they were called that, their origins was that of mere humans.

Ultimately, it was the outcome of the limitations of being created gods.

‘Weak to the strong and strong to the weak.’

There was only one conclusion.

Do not show weaknesses.

If he was to play along, do a good job of it!

“Glad to meet you.  I’m Muyoung.”

The tone and posture.


Everything was that of a ‘strong’ one.

He displayed the aura of looking down upon the weak from a position of strength.

The response from the demon gods weren’t that friendly.

“Your arrogance is piercing through the sky.  Are you saying that you are a follower of Solomon?  Is that why you wanted to keep a watch on us?”

Murumuru asked.


He appeared to be the most extreme among the gathered ones.

Muyoung sneered with total sincerity.

“Follower of Solomon?  Ha!  Why would I follow such a one as Solomon?”

He scoffed at the demon gods who feared Solomon.

Muyoung was above their ferocious attention, his attitude expressing disdain at their limits.

In fact, it didn’t matter to Muyoung as to what Solomon was.  If Solomon was the ultimate ‘hidden adversary’, Muyoung would also cut off his head.

“Likewise, there is no reason for me to pay attention to you, either.  Mere ‘made gods’ are not enough for our interests.”

“…You bastard, have you forgotten where you are?”

With the exception of Gremory, all the other demon gods began to show

killing intent.

Even if they were made gods, they have ruled and became strong over a long periods of time.

Would there be any entity, within the demon world, which would survive those four demon gods’ murderous looks?

Deadly rage.  They’ve killed, and killed often.

However, such ferocity did not work on Muyoung.

It was because Muyoung was Murder incarnate.



Instead, Muyoung caused a ‘separation’.

Luciferre’s Power of the devil.

Gabriel’s Power of the angel.

As the two have separated, the wings turned black and the Spear of Gabriel appeared in Muyoung’s hands.  

“This energy?”

“The power of angel!

The demon gods’ stood up at once.  It was because they felt the power of the ultimate opposites.

Like the venom of the Cobra.  Their instinct warned them and their bodies automatically stood up in respect to Muyoung’s power.  

Act of degradation.  Although they immediately recovered their seats, the wrath was visible on their faces.

On the other hand, Gremory showed unexpected look in her eyes.

The power of Gabriel used when battling Lerajie.  She did not expect to see it being demonstrated before the demon gods.




Depending on the situation, Muyoung could, in fact, be killed here.

This was that big of a gamble.

Murumuru Spoke.

“It isn’t that the fake deity that Merlin had made.”

Fake deity that Merlin had made?

Did they mean the kind of powers that the priests were using?

Momentarily, Muyoung threw the question to the side.

This was not the time to debate that.

Instead, he spoke very leisurely.

As if to say that their disbelief wasn’t worth his concern.

“I’m the one that never fell from grace.  I am the Arch Angel Gabriel.”

He has to become the Arch Angel in a hurry.

It wasn’t a lie.  After all, he did have the power of the Arch Angel Gabriel.

Murumuru replied immediately.

“Arch Angel?  Arch Angel Gabriel?  No way.  There are no angels in the demon world!  Furthermore, you bastard, are a human!”

“When there are no angels, how do you recognize angels?”

Muyoung hit back.



They claimed that there were no angels in the demon world.

However, if there were truly no angels, how could they recognize an angel?

Muyoung recalled the ‘dream’.

There was an angel.  They knew it, having seen that angel.

Muyoung continued.

“There are certainly angels in the world that you call the demon world.  The Angel of Time.  The unfortunate angel who was captured by Baal, that is.”


Murumuru closed his mouth.

The other demon gods are also silent.

“Intel is power.”

It wasn’t possible to beat the demon gods when it came to the absolute quantity of information.

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