“Then do you know where my dear husband is?  Black horse, Woohee needs to go to my dear husband quickly.”

The Hell Horse shook his head again.

It was possible to find out if he wanted to, but to do so, he needed to exit out of this space.

Woohee became deflated again.

“I have to go to my dear husband…  If not, my dear husband could be in danger….”


Only then the Hell Horse showed some curiosity.

At any rate, the King Slayer said to diligently assist Muyoung.

However, as a matter of fact, even without his aid, that monster like jerk would live as he pleased.  As he became stronger each day, he should be able to even capture the demon gods.

However, Woohee’s concern was sincere.

Finally getting up from the place, Woohee lowered her shoulders.

“Diablo was said to be a very dangerous demon god.  Woohee’s mom said so.  Ah, Woohee’s mom is the Queen of the Fairies?  So, she knows a lot that even Woohee doesn’t know.”

The Hell Horse patiently kept his cool.

It was an unspoken gesture, instructing her to continue to explain.


“So, you know what?  It was strange that Diablo has been summoned.  Diablo is a god that ‘should not exist’ in the first place?  So, unless he is destroyed as soon as possible, something called the end of the world will come.”

The end of the world.

They were the words that signified the destruction of the world.

The Hell Horse flared his nostrils.

It did not have much to do with him.

Whether the demon world was to be destroyed or not, all that he needed was to continue to live comfortably with all the unicorns.


“Without Woohee and the one who summoned Diablo, it was said that my dear husband would not be able to defeat him.  Ah, but Woohee’s dad also said something different.  The most important issue was the ‘Masters of Darkness’.  The reason for Diablo’s ability to maintain himself was because he had eaten the ‘Masters of Darkness’ or something?”

The Masters of Darkness!

King Slayer was one of them.

The true master of the Hell Horse.  He was one of the Masters of Darkness, who had drowned in the Darkness.

Would Diablo even consider King Slayer as a prey?

However, King Slayer was strong.  Even the true gods could not provoke King Slayer.

The Hell Horse knew that very well.

“So, hmm, the Masters of Darkness?  It was said that there will be someone who will offer them up!  If the Darkness collapses with Diablo eating up the Masters of Darkness… there will be confusion in all dimensions?  Woohee doesn’t understand it well, but I guess it would lead to a disaster!”

The Darnkness was the final stop for the gods that could not become gods.

Solomon kept several of such beings based on contracts.

Even King Slayer was one of them.

The Hell Horse stiffened up for a minute.

Muyoung was someone he thought wouldn’t die even if he was killed.


However, King Slayer was unexpectedly weak. Even though his power was nearly equivalent to the ordinary gods, he did have an experience of having fallen down into the Darkness with despair.  

As he liked Muyoung a lot and it had been a favor from King Slayer, the Hell Horse assisted Muyoung for a while.

In fact, the Hell Horse’s concern was over King Slayer, rather than Muyoung.

“So, Woohee has to go find my dear husband.  Black horse.  Woohee will be moving again.  Good bye.”

Woohee did not even ask for help.  She had the sense of responsibility to carry it out on her own.

Woohee wasn’t that kind of a fairy to begin with.

She had optimized skills in the areas of cunning and scheming, so that she could spend her time in comfort.

That was her trait that even the Hell Horse knew, despite having spent only a few moments with her.



The Hell Horse stepped in front of Woohee’s way.

“O, black horse, do you mean to tell me I can ride you?”


The Hell Horse loudly released air through its nostrils.  Then moved by that action, Woohee began to tear up.  Although she did not make it explicit, it must have been very hard on her for a long time.

“Thank you!  Black horse!”

Woohee got on the back of the Hell Horse.



And as they were about to leave the space… hundreds of unicorns followed behind.

Even the Hell Horse’s matured foals begged to follow him.

They, too, have sensed the aura of something important between the two.

After a pause and consideration, the Hell Horse decided to mobilize in large number by leaving behind only the minimal number of them for the purpose of protecting this ‘space’ and the children.

It was the end of the dream like moment in time that the Hell Horse had enjoyed.







The Earth tore itself, titanic fissures and rents appearing in a frenzy.

The Heavens reverberated, as if titantic, invisible beings were warring on each other.

The Great Waves came, vast mountains of water, sweeping clean all before them.

The Forbidden Magics were unleashed, warping the very fabric of space itself.

The monsters that surrounded the castle died instantly.

The monsters screamed as they ran off, and even the demon kings fled.

A man, wearing an old cape, appeared at the top of the castle wall.

“I am Merlin, your protector and guide.”

Everyone in the big city had their eyes fixed on the man.  There were easily over one million eyes.

“Ah!  It’s Merlin!”

“Merlin, the grand sorcerer!”

Everyone knelt down on their knees in awe.

And Oscar, the man who was wearing the face of Merlin, nervously swallowed his saliva.

‘Well, Bae Seungmin would take care of the rest himself, I’m sure.’

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