The scenario that Bae Seungmin had developed was playing out very well.


Mulalan was in the middle of a celebration.

There were all sorts of events going on in the streets.

Magic devices and weapons with miraculous powers, which were the stuff of legends, were on full display for everyone to see.

The white owls were flying in the air, and the priests drew on the powers of gods, to make a spectacle, a celebration of fireworks.  

It was historic.  No masters of Mulalan, in any other times, have ever celebrated in such a scale.  

Everyone’s face lit up happily.

They played, forgetting all of their worries.


 “Wow, so delicious.  How could an apple pack such sweetness?”

Bae Suzy had a happy smile after having bitten off a piece of a red apple.

Kwon Wang was next to her.

Kwon Wang sighed repetitiously.

“Should concentrate more on the training….”

“This is celebration, celebration!  If one does not enjoy it voluntarily, how can there be progress?”

“Only if you couldn’t speak….”

“Ah!  There’s a pierrot.  Hi, please make me a balloon, too!”


Bae Suzy ran after the pierrot like a happy child.


Of course, it was true that she was a child, but for Kwon Wang who wanted to teach her everything, it was somewhat deflating.

‘Well, I guess she has already surpassed me.’

The speed with which Bae Suzy moved up in strength was beyond one’s imagination.  Kwon Wang has never seen such a human.

She has already surpassed the level of Kwon Wang who was one of the humanity’s ten strong ones.

And the reason for that strength was due to the ‘Lineage of Light’, the special skill that Bae Suzy had.

The Lineage of Light.

By utilizing the skill that appropriately calibrated everything, Bae Suzy has become capable of all things.

‘Still, it is good.  Her spirit is high again.’


Bae Suzy had been feeling deflated after having met Muyoung and Bae Seungmin.  She was also angry because Kwon Wang took her away without consent.

As a result, she has been focused only on training as if she had no other choice, so it was good to see her feel happy again for the first time in a long while.

“It would start slowly.”

After some time has passed, Kwon Wang went out to the square.  There were already a countless number of people in the square.  

Everyone wanted to hear the Pope speak.

To be exact, it would be the words of the ‘God’s Vessel’ which the Pope would be relaying…

‘Mulalan was taken over by the God’s Vessel.   She was the most likely one to have commissioned this celebration as well.  They must be after something.’

Kwon Wang has years of experience.

He did not think that such a celebration could have been planned overnight.

There must be something behind this celebration.


The trumpets blew.


“The Pope!”

“Long live the Pope!”

Everyone raised their hands.

The Pope has come.

And as always, there was Hyacinth, the God’s Vessel.

Hyacinth, the Vessel of God.

Although she hasn’t outgrown a girl’s figure, a blinding charm was being permeating from her.

There was nothing more to say about it as she even made a puppet out of the Pope.

‘My heart is pounding even by looking at her from this distance, phew!’

Kwon Wang reluctantly turned his head.

It was so that he could only focus on the Pope.

“Wow, that woman is really pretty?  Just like a doll!  But she looks very familiar….”

Holding a lollipop that was as big as her head, Bae Suzy came running.

Bae Suzy did not even shake at the power of the charm.

Anything that has been categorized as ‘evil power’ could not breach Bae Suzy’s boundaries easily, and it was the same in this case, it seemed.

“Dear people of the Holy City, I hope you will enjoy today’s celebration.”

The Pope began to speak.

Then the anticipated speech has begun.


Bae Suzy unconsciously let out a long yawn.  But she soon closed his mouth after drawing the attentions of others around her.

“Teacher, has the Pope been always very talkative like that?”

Then she discretely whispered to Kwon Wang.

Kwon Wang shook his head.


The Pope was famous for not saying much.  He only spoke of words that were needed to be said.  However, the Pope spoke too much, today.

“…Not long ago, two demon kings had invaded the great city.  And Merlin had stopped them.”


This story has already been spread throughout the Holy Empire.

The grand sorcerer Merlin.  People called him the ‘Protector of the Green Temple’.

The protector has personally come out into the world.

Referencing him, the Pope wanted to set a course for the future.

Although his words were long, there was only one conclusion.

“Our new Holy City will follow the will of Merlin, and lead in overthrowing the Demon Gods.  For every citizen and Humanity!”


“It’s a war!!”

Kwon Wang creased his forehead.

Why a war all of a sudden.

However, people did not have a shroud of doubt.  They appear to simply follow as what was being suggested.  At this level, it appeared that everyone was under the influence of a group spell.

“Let’s go.  We should leave Mulalan.”

It was not a good omen.

Kwon Wang said, but no reply came back.


Thinking it as being odd, he looked around him, but Bae Suzy was nowhere to be found.

‘Where has this rascal gone now?’



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