Chapter 260 Part 1

.  A War with the Demon Gods (3)



At this time, there were 300,000 troops under Muyoung’s command.

With the King of the Dead joining, he has gathered strong reinforcements and a great army.

That number was close to 5 million, but they were following the orders of the King of the Dead, not Muyoung.  Even if the dead were in Muyoung’s army, there was a slight, yet a significant difference.  

Speed was critical in any war, especially when it came to a war with the Demon Gods.

Therefore, there was a small difference in the utilization of this army that required another layer of command, from those who could be immediately mobilized with a single, direct order.


The King of the Dead was surprised.

A tent was pitched in grand scale.  Muyoung was using his magic to block off anyone who might be listening.  That was how dangerous what Muyoung was about to do was.  

“Those demon gods that are after Gremory.  You have to stop some of them.  In the mean time, I’ll attempt to reconcile with one of them.”

“You say it as if that was so easy.”

The King of the Dead scoffed.

A strategy to reconcile with one of the invading demon gods?

Although it was a difficult task, it would be incredibly beneficial should it succeed.

Even if the King of the Dead was strong enough to take on one demon god, it was just obvious that there would be at least seven demon gods that would be attacking.

Both Muyoung and the King of the Dead would be in danger.


“It’s not impossible to do.”

Muyoung shrugged his shoulders. He was at a disadvantage, but it wasn’t that there was not a way.

“Do you have a plan?”

“I’ve identified the spy that was leaking information to the coalition.”

Muyoung has been watching and investigating from both inside and outside of the anti-coalition camp.  In another words, Muyoung had been investigating everyone, not just the ones watching him.

The only objective of Muyoung was… to track down the ‘spy’.

That was, those who were playing both sides against each other, by providing intel to both the coalition and the anti-coalition Demon Gods in order to preserve themselves.

“Are you going to detain the bastard?”

“If he realizes that we know the identity, he will immediately go and defect to the coalition.”

What was important was that the identity of the spy has been uncovered.


However, he wasn’t about to let them know that.  The effect would be maximized by playing dumb, leaking false information to set a trap for the coalition.  

“Hmm, so who is that spy?”

“All four demon gods, except Gremory.”


The king of the dead heaved out a sigh.

That was right.  Gremory.  With the exception of her, everyone was a traitor.  Although Muyoung had his suspicions, he didn’t think that it would turn out to be all four of them.

However, after having watched over them, he found that all four of them had contacted coalition agents.  Even they would not be able to deny it, other than argue how severe was their betrayal of the anti-coalition faction.


It was as if Gremory was engaged in a lonely battle by herself.

“Gremory was expendable.”

Even the King of the Dead understood the reality of the situation.

He also got it from what he has been hearing.

This was also true.

Without the appearances of Muyoung and Solomon, Gremory would have become prey for Haures and Lerajie.

Immediately after that, those remnant anti-coalition members would defect to the coalition.

The fact that they still remained here proved they were still weighing their options and calculating their possible benefits and penalties based on the current situation.


As a result, they weren’t All-In on the invasion.

They also did not show much opposition when Muyoung said that he was ‘using Gremory as bait’.

“So, do we need our own spy in return?”

“If that was the case, I would hope for an influential demon god.”

“How are you going to leak information that would put them in disarray?”

“We will have to use Solomon.”

Solomon would make an entrance.

Of course, he would not be making a true appearance, but by simply leaking that information, the enemy’s mobilization would be severely hampered.

There would be less and less of them that would take the lead.

This scenario would would be perfect for this situation.


“I have no fear of the likes of the demon gods.  However, it is a risky gamble.”

He knew what the risks were.

He wanted to learn what he didn’t understand about the Art of Death through Muyoung.

But Muyoung was standing on a very treacherous slope.  With the slightest misstep, he would fall off the cliff.

However, Muyoung was confidant.

Even if he wasn’t confidant, he had to appear confidant.

That was the position that Muyoung was in.


‘You have no answers.’

The King of the Dead shook his head as he realized that Muyoung did not have an answer.  Certainly, without such audacity, he would not have been able to train the Crimson Balrog.

“But then, why are you still hiding your powers?”

“Hiding my powers?”

Muyoung asked as if he didn’t understand what the King of the Dead was talking about.

“I know the secret as I have learned the same powers.  Do you not have four wings?”

It was a pointed question.

Muyoung had three pairs of wings to start with.


Although he had six wings, the Demon Gods only knew of four wings.

Muyoung did not trust anyone from the get go.

Even when he met Gremory, and when he went to rescue her.

He had even hidden the last 2 percent of his powers even at the very dangerous time when he was fighting Lerajie.

It was because that was the only way that he could survive.

It was because that was the only way that he could change the future.

He must not show all his cards.

Muyoung only had a subtle smile.

The King of the Dead clicked his tongue.

“You are the first one that I’ve ever seen to be more sly than I.”






Having received the order to annihilate Gremory, 11 demon gods were mobilizing rapidly.

The one that led them from the front was Amon, the 7th ranked demon god!

He was the Demon God called the creator of magic and the original master of Enroth.

Born with the mystic eyes that could analyze anything, and being a cruel tyrant, even the other Demon Gods were uncomfortable around him.

He was even in a worse temper these days.

‘He even controls Enroth’s mind, who is that bastard?’

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