261 Part 1

Chapter 261.  A War with the Demon Gods (4)





The ruler of all magic,

The top-ranked Demon God who holds the 7th seat!

Muyoung paused for a moment. It’s because not even Muyoung had expected him to show up.

‘The top Demon Gods are not good at cooperating with each other.’

Amon. Why was he here?


If there is something that weighed on Amon’s mind, it is Enroth.

Enroth was originally the king of the demons under the command of Amon.

Muyoung had lifted a spell that Amon casted on Enroth, by turning him undead.

There’s no way that Amon, the magic ruler, could fail to notice it.

Moreover…. Other ‘informers’ may have told him that Enroth was obeying Muyoung. Although this development was predicted, the timing was earlier than expected.

‘Amon is aiming for me.”

Muyoung summed up his thoughts.


If the first opponent is Amon, this would be beyond his capabilities. To be honest, Amon is one of the worst opponents.

In Dantalian’s memories, Amon played the role of a ‘strategic coordinator’. It means, he had the role of directing Baal and other Demon Gods.

He was recognized for his excellent skills, and not even Dantalian knew Amon’s ability.  Honestly, there were too many unknowns.

“It will be a bad match.”

“Will you give up?”

Muyeoung snapped bitterly at Gremory.

Gremory was well aware of the power of Amon.

Numerous demons rushed to block the Demon God who had torn the barriers created by the King of Death, but a huge explosion occurred when Amon just crooked a finger.

Like moths rushing a bonfire, the demons fell in shower of bodies, blood and body parts.

He’ll get here…. 5 minutes will be enough.

Gremory shook his head.

“Amon is one of Baal’s closest allies. If we can beat him, it will certainly suppress the action of the coalition.”

“You are optimistic.”

“I don’t want to lose.”


Gremory clasped her hands.

Unlike when she fought Lerajie, she is recovered now.

Zhuang! Zhuang! Zhuahhhhhhh!

All the demons under Gremory’s command are covered with a pink shield.


And a huge statue of the Demon Goddess appeared on the ground in front of Gemory.

At the same time, Amon’s attack weakened.

“I created a barrier to minimize magic power. This is all I can do.”

She said it as if it was nothing, but it was great enough.

Amon, the founder of magic. His magic power figures would easily exceeded 1,000. Not  just 1000… if Muyoung’s instincts are correct, it actually exceeds 1,500.

Amon is really the highest level of Demon God.



 But Gremory was coping with it. Although it didn’t have much effect, it was true that Amon’s attacks were significantly reduced. Even though she had put mana barriers on millions of their forces.

It was an operation beyond common sense. It is amazing no matter how many times Muyoung saw it.

However, Muyoung can’t sit back and wait.

“Tacan. I’m gonna send you in.”

Tacan stood with confidence.

He seems to know what roles he should do.


Tacan, who rode the Bone Dragon, looked as if he could be called a “Dragon Knight”.

“Block the ‘Breach’ with the Crimson Balrog. We need to plug the gap, so that the shields of the King of the Dead wouldn’t be broken.”

How long can barriers stop the Demon Gods?

It’s sure to break. It was a matter of time.

What Muyoung can do is to delay the time as much as possible.

So they should isolate Amon and try to win.


Tacan flew on the Bone Dragon.

Crimson Balrog glanced Muyoung, and the flapped his wings.

Muyoung spread out his four wings.

He took out Gabriel’s spear and separated out the power of Luciferre.

And there was a something that he felt when he concentrated on this task.



It was the similar feeling he had felt in the battle with Lerajie before.

Like someone is spying him.

Paimon is the only one having a skill like this.

Perhaps the reason why this immense host quickly reached this place, was because of Paimon.

Then there was a possibility that this fight would also reach Baal’s ears.

What should he do?

Should he remove Paimon’s spy first?

It was impossible to deal negligently with Amon. Maybe this was finally the time to use the skills Muyong had kept hidden as trump cards.

‘But….. it’s strange.’

The movement of Paimon’s spy was strange.

He wasn’t looking at Muyoung.

He wasn’t looking Gremory, his opponents, or even Amon.

What he’s looking at is something farther away.

He was watching something that even Muyoung couldn’t detect.


So even though Muyoung was able to detect his magical spying, Paimon wasn’t aware the spy was being spied on.

Muyoung turned his eyes to the place where Paimon’s spy was looking.

He closed his eyes, broadened his sense more and accepted the surroundings “completely.”

And……he found.

There was another one watching this war the same as Paimon.

In exquisite irony, the information sown to confuse their enemies became the truth.



He was here.

Muyoung’s face became stern.




“Worms! How dare they!”

The city of Loim, the Demon God of 40th seat, began to burn.

In other words, the conditions of his extinction, “destruction of his city” has been achieved.

At the moment, Loim’s influence diminished. Loim and his demons have become weaker. Loim and his army, who had been crushing mountains, began to pull back little by little.  

However, the allied forces, who had declared a ‘Holy War’ wasn’t in good condition either.


“Huff- Huff- Damn it!”

“There’s no end!”


It was a battlefield full of curses, screams, and swords tearing the flesh.

All were out of their minds. Because of too many deaths.

However, there were always more to kill.

Loim wasn’t just being beaten.

“I’ll kill you all. I’m gonna show you what the true destroyer is!”


No matter how weak he is, Loim is a Demon God. There was an earthquake when he struck the ground.

Thump! thump! thump! Baaaaang!!

No one could stop Loim’s rush in the shape of a giant rhino.

Loim’s charge was capable of collapsing buildings. Someone caught under his pad feet was crushed into paste.

“Crazy rhinoceros!”

“Stop him! Do something!!”


Although the city was destroyed, there were too few who could directly confront the Demon God. The absence of someone truly strong.

However, Merlin and Hansung were facing Loim.

“Leader! Avoid!”

“Huff huff … !”

Kim Tae-hwan raised his willpower to the limit.

It is unknown how many demons he killed.

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