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Chapter 265: A War with the Demon Gods (8)


Gremory turned her head to see the sword she had lent him completed without her help. Everyone, including Gremory, the demons, and Diablo, stopped moving as Anguish shattered the battlefield with blinding light. Muyoung changed as he held the sword, and his Enormous Presence started to crush everyone.


‘You really exceed my expectations.’


Gremory would have lost, but everything changed after Muyoung appeared. She did not know what would happen, but things were moving forward finally. Muyoung had awakened Gremory’s numbed emotions. Was this because he was the master of Anguish? Gremory might be feeling..anguished.


‘What are you going to change? What can you change?’


Solomon wanted the death of everything so he can create anew in a barren, lifeless world. Baal wanted for only the demons to live. Gremory hated their radical choices because they would bring destruction to the world.

However, Muyoung was different because he wanted to encompass all. He was going that path despite knowing it was impossible.


‘The New Path…’


Gremory was first suspicious. She wanted to keep Muyoung in check because he extinguished Lerajie, and he tried to use her. However, after a while, to her, Muyoung changed. Gremory still did not know what Muyoung was thinking, but she saw that he was relentless in achieving his goal.

Therefore, she naturally kept her distance, and Amon was the same. Amon assisted Muyoung by his own volition when Muyoung faced Diablo. The two had been locked in a life or death struggle just before they met their common enemy. It was normally impossible for two who bore such hatred twords each other to become allies like this, but Muyoung made it possible.


‘There’s no going back for us.’


Gremory clasped her hands together, and dozens of petals flew in the sky and came together to protect Muyoung.


‘Muyoung, please win.’


With an ear-shattering shriek, Anguish cut Diablo’s skin, and flame gushed from the wound in a torrent. Muyoung stepped back, and Amon created few gates that swallowed the flames and dissipated. They worked for only a moment, but it was enough for Muyoung to get away.

Diablo was livid, and thousands of flames flew toward Muyoung. Amon stopped them by building massive ice pillars.


“Do not delude yourself! I only thought that killing Diablo was necessary!”


Amon’s tone was that of a proud child throwing a tantrum, because things did not go the way he wanted, but Muyoung ignored it and raised his sword.


‘My attack is effective.’


Anguish could cut into Diablo after having evolved and completed. However, Diablo’s flesh immediately regenerated. Diablo’s healing abilities were that of divinity, but there was a possibility now. It was a slight chance, but it had to be enough. Massive dams could crumble from a tiny leak, and that regenerating ability could not be infinite.


“Join me.”

“There’s no time to rest!”

So, the King of the Dead entered the battlefield with a complaint after cleaning up the leftover demons along with Tacan and Crimson Balrog. Diablo was one while Muyoung had several allies. He had a chance with them, Amon’s magic, and Gremory’s defense.


“Attack the wounds before they regenerate.”


Muyoung’s plan was a simple one. They would widen the cracks by pouring different attacks if Muyoung was not enough.

With a ringing noise, Diablo struck the ground with its tail, and soon massive flame pillars that stretched to the sky surrounded them.




Muyoung’s time flowed the slowest as it could go. Only Muyoung could move at full speed. However, Muyoung’s bones were cracking, and his skin was peeling off because he had used it several times already.

It was no time to stop, and Muyoung calmly went through the flames and struck with the force of a landslide. Diablo’s chest split open, and even in a world slowed down by 128 times, Diablo’s wound began to heal. Diablo’s abilities were daunting,  and he did not have time to put in the second and third strikes.

However, Diablo was not the only one to match Muyoung’s speed, and Tacan struck with the hard won skills he aquired fighting for decades under Muyoung’s banner. Crimson Balrog than grabbed the ripped wound and tore it open with his strength. It was not enough.


‘Second strike.’


Diablo bit Crimson Balrog’s neck. There was a scream as the flame from Diablo’s teeth burned Crimson Balrog’s entire body. However, the hands that held the wound remained firm.

Anguish began to move faster, and Muyoung began to move as if he was dancing. Diablo was screaming as Muyoung’s sword was dismantling Diablo. However, Muyoung’s bones were twisting as the burden of using his sword in this slowed down world almost overwhelmed him.


’The 51st stance. The Evil Slayer.’


Finally, Muyoung could strike the finishing blow. The true use of ‘Evil Slayer’ was to cut through the fifty lines Muyoung had carved into Diablo’s entire body. Muyoung flew the sky and pierced Diablo’s heart. The lines that stretched over Diablo’s frame connected at once when Muyoung stopped. With a crashing noise, Diablo’s body crumbled.


Solomon watched Muyoung’s movements and could not hide his surprise. Muyoung had become stronger, and the power of the sword magnified and became complete. Seeing a weapon that held divinity was an extraordinary experience, even for Solomon. Then, Muyoung became one with the sword to overwhelm Diablo.


Solomon laughed. A human was driving a God away.


‘He has transcended the limits of humanity.’


Muyoung was human but had exceeded the limits of its race. So, was he a god? However, the only god was Solomon. Muyoung was only a halfling who stole what was Solomon’s to gain strength. If he fell into despair and was ruined, Muyoung would fall into the void. He would become the same as the Masters in the Darkness.

Diablo’s body crumbled and fell on the ground. If Solomon lost Diablo, he could no longer influence the demon world. Solomon laughed even though he had lost the Angel of Time and the Prayer of Miracles.


“You cannot win against Diablo.”


The moment Diablo’s body crumbled, Muyoung saw multi-layered flame pillars spread on the ground. The world errupted in the true conflagration that even Muyoung could not easily approach. When the flames stopped, Muyoung could hardly believe his eyes.


‘I had cut through the grain of his lines.’


Muyoung had not seen a creature that could regenerate after he had cut the grain of its existence. No matter how high the creature’s regenerating abilities were, this granted the true death. Muyoung had never suspected that his attack would fail.

However, Diablo had regenerated in flames with a thundering shout. Another disaster was that Diablo’s flames had become even stronger.


“Was he really…”


Was Diablo really going to burn the entire world? Muyoung raised his sword, but his arm trembled.  ‘Evil Slayer’ had taken most of his strength. If he was prepared to die, maybe he could use it once more.


‘I won’t give up.’


Muyoung still had his strength left and could move. Then, Muyoung would FIGHT!


The entire demon world saw the massive flame pillars that rose to the sky, and everyone shook at sight. Woohee was one of them.


“Black horse, faster, faster! We have to go to my husband!”


Woohee pestered the Hell Horse. The horse also saw the sight, and while his instincts screamed to run away, Muyoung seemed to be there. The Hell Horse raised its speed, and many unicorns followed him.


The site was miserable. The ashes over the earth blacken the land. Diablo was undiminished, and Crimson Balrog was opposing him, but his body was at the limits. Crimson Balrog’s arm was ripped off, his eyes were blind, and his horns were broken. However, Crimson Balrog did not step back for the sole reason of protecting Muyoung.




Tacan’s head rolled on the ground. Gremory and Amon were beyond recovery. Diablo pierced Crimson Balrog’s heart, and he bit Diablo’s head in turn.

Muyoung was right behind Crimson Balrog. His wings were burned, and his entire body had burst and twisted until the bones showed. However, not a drop of blood fell because of the burns. Muyoung’s regenerating abilities were no longer working.


“Dear husband!”


Woohee immediately flew to Muyoung when she arrived, and the Hell Horse looked around him with sorrowful eyes. The unicorns surrounded Muyoung and sang the song of recovery, but Muyoung could not move a muscle.


“Please, don’t go! I’m here! Open your eyes!”


Woohee’s large eyes filled with tears, but the Hell Horse only held her back. They had been late, and Muyoung was not breathing. Crimson Balrog resisted to the end, refusing to believe Muyoung’s death to the end.


“Please, no! You can’t die! I’m sorry!”


Woohee’s tears flowed down her cheeks and wet Muyoung’s body. It was that moment when Muyoung’s body restored life as if she had poured water on dry ground. It was an impossible phenomenon, Woohee’s tears had created a miracle. Muyoung was able to open his eyes when his burnt wings finished regenerating.


<A special condition has been met.>

<The power of the immortal king, ‘the Seven Trials’ are now activated.>


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