The End

King of the Battlefield 270: Epilogue


‘If I had a choice, would I have been able to live a different life?’


He had killed too much, and his hands were stained with the blood of those who did not have to die. It would be impossible to live with others with the overwhelming stench of blood on him.

Muyoung fell onto his knees, and blood spurted everywhere from holes all over his body. The blood flow was such that it was surprising he had not already died. It was too much for Muyoung to face three hundred skilled assassins and their leader despite the finest training in the Assassin Forest.


‘It has been a long road.’


Muyoung forced his lips to curl in a smile. He did not remember his own name or how to smile anymore. Everything had changed after he had been summoned to the Underworld, a hell-like land where the seventy-two demon gods ruled.

Humanity had been summoned little by little over a long time, and Muyoung was among them. He had to protect his life from all sorts of monsters without time to adapt. He could not trust other human beings because life was cheap. They had created a place specializing in murder, such as the Assassin Forest to protect the petty authority they had.

Muyoung had been taken captive not long after he had entered the demon world and killed other people under the influence of indoctrination and drugs. People who would have been the hope for humanity died in his hands. All remorse disappeared a long time ago, and Muyoung no longer felt anything when killing people.

He was no longer fit live among others. Muyoung raised his head.


“This is the last time I will see a sky like this again.”


The sky he saw was incomparably clear, and because the alien stars were so beautiful, Muyoung felt sorrow. He had wanted to face death with a smile, but he could not help but weep.


‘I never wanted to do any of this.’


Muyoung killed them all because he thought it was the right path. He hated himself for not feeling anything by their deaths.


‘Could I change if I was reborn again?’


He had lived an empty life where he was a pawn that moved by others’ will. Muyoung reached out to touch a corpse. The dead were neither warm nor had any expression. However, Muyoung wanted to feel emotions and warmth.




Muyoung wanted to change, but he could not because there was no time left for him, and he had come too far. His eyes started to blur, and his heartbeat began to slow down.

But if.

If time is given, if he is given the chance to change.

“I… … I will never give up. ”

Mouyoung grasped at the light in the distance


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