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Otoko Nara Ikkokuichijou no Aruji o Mezasa Nakya, ne? – Chapter 341 (Teaser)


Simple Expectations



April 29th, 7448.


After finishing his explanation to Rodrick, Al called Binsu and explained the situation to him as well.


“Thank you very much, Al. Or perhaps should I say Your Excellency, Earl Al.”


Binsu closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he said that.


“Ah, Binsu. I thought you’d do well with the nobles in the vicinity. Like I’ve said before, let’s cooperate firmly with Hisu. After all, she’s associated with the Sub-Baron, and I’m quite dependent on him.”


Al was planning to give him Midola Village, which is the northernmost one out of the four reclaimed villages.

Midola Village was pioneered by the Rombert Kingdom around 40 years ago, and then it was once occupied by the Devas Kingdom.

It was since reclaimed around 15 years ago.


Following that, two more villages to the south of Midola were reclaimed. One of them was Beige, which was located in the easternmost part of Count Riguru’s territory, and the other one was the southernmost Garhe. Because of these two villages acted as some sort of shield, Midola Village has never been exposed to the dangers of war.


In other words, it was located in the safest position amongst the relatively newly reclaimed villages and was actually leaving its status of “reclaimed village” and slowly growing into a normal village.

Also, Bari Village, which is even further to the north –and also where Weed is–, and Kudomna, which is to the northwest, are becoming more and more popular.


“That is to say, I’m worried that Toris and Bel, who are nobles like you but grew up following their enthusiasm for martial arts and with little interest in social events, may find it hard to get along well enough with Bari Village’s Viscount Mizu and Kudomna Village’s Viscount Lahut…”


Al spoke calmly, and without showing a single speck of concern on his face.


“Oh. It’s okay. Don’t worry. That’s more than enough for me…”


Binsu spoke while holding a small pouch that was hanging from his neck.


“Thank you for giving me a place where I can bury Yuriel.”


“Hmm… That’s a good thing as well. But this doesn’t have anything to do with your younger sister. I merely thought you would be a good candidate because of your personality and ability. Besides…”


Binsu kept on looking at Al, wondering what was he about to say.




“…No, I can see why you would want to bury your sister in Midola Village, but I was just thinking that perhaps you could see how things are before deciding on that.”


Al seemed to have some difficulty getting to his point.




Binsu was unable to understand what Al was trying to say, so reflexively urged him to continue.


“…If you want Midola to be the only village you will ever own in your life, then that’s fine, too.”


Binsu finally understood the meaning behind Al’s words.

He might have been trying to say that in the future, there may be even better places for him to add to his territory.


“Ah, so that was it. It’s all right. If and when that happens, I’ll dig her out and bury her again in the new place.”


Binsu replied with a hearty laugh.


“Huh? A reburial? …Is that a thing?”


Al’s words did not leave his mouth, so Binsu couldn’t hear them.

Incidentally, it’s not usually easy to move a gravestone once the burial has been done.


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