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157 Part 2


China had made the offer. Seokwon Choi was allured by the proposal that they would lend him an S class attacker with two years of experience for five years who could go right into action and assign a certain percentage of the beasts and hunters Yoojin Han would raise.

Even as Haeyeon had two more S class hunters, they both had just become S classes. MKC could maintain its position as the second-ranking guild if they had an experienced S class attacker. Not only that, MKC could monopolize high-class riding beasts in Korea, and guilds that were responsible for protecting Yoojin Han from taking damage due to his disappearance was an added bonus. MKC did not have any responsibility since they could no longer involve themselves with Yoojin Han.

Seokwon Choi had move fast because he felt that it was the only certain exit, and the result was this situation.


“Fuck, Yoohyun Han. You’ll let me live? That’s a blatant lie.”

“Contracts do not lie.”

“I’m a guild leader even if I’m only a name. I know that you’ll be able to endure any contract cancellations. You’ll be able to persuade the saint.”

“I don’t have time to go overseas and leave my brother behind. Will you end things here if you can’t trust the contract?”


The blade changed directions, pierced the spot right next to Seokwon Choi’s hand, and thin cracks began to spread over the marble floor.


“Seokwon Choi, I only need your corpse.”

“Then why aren’t you killing me now?”

“I’m a bit sorry to place false charges of murder to the person I borrowed this appearance from.”

“You aren’t sorry.”


Seokwon Choi let out a bitter laugh, and if this was the end, he would at least twist a cocky child’s ankle.


“Yoohyun Han, I hated you at first sight. It wasn’t even laughable to see a violent kid who acted like no one could stand higher or even next to you act like you couldn’t live without your brother now. Is that for real? Fuck, you acted like you wouldn’t move a muscle at seeing your family being ripped apart.”

“Do you want me to kill you?”

“I do what I want with my life, you crazy kid.”


Seokwon Choi laughed and remembered the voice of the woman he had made a new contract.


[I’ll give a loser like you a choice since I like things burning to the end. There’s even a bonus.]


“…I like bonuses. I refuse the contract I made with Luga Peya.”


Seokwon Choi’s body eroded completely after he let out the designated words, and a faded blue fog immediately covered the surroundings.”




I called Haeyeon after borrowing a cell phone right after I got into a car. While I was treated like a petty merchant when I asked to be connected with the Human Resources Team Leader, I managed to get through to Simyeong Seok.


[Weren’t you at Sesung?]

“I came out for a walk because it was getting too stuffy in there. Where is Hunter Minyui Kim? Does it have anything to do with those transit restrictions and evacuation orders?”

[Of course not. He’s sleeping soundly, as you know.]


Would I have called to know what the real Minyui Kim was doing? He knew what I meant but was spinning things around.


“You have to prioritize Haeyeon over anything else. While I won’t say you should sacrifice your family, you should at least think the guild over an outsider like me. Isn’t that true?”


While it would be nice if I could ask Hamin Do to search Yoohyun, but he did not have anything with a number he used for a year.


“Also, I won’t go back until I see him, and I’m with four hunters I have seen for the first time.”

[…The orders are probably related to Hunter Minyui Kim.]


Simyeong Seok told me the truth like he could not help it.


[He went to meet the MKC.]


MKC meant Seokwon Choi, who is under a contract with an addict. Killing him as he was would result in that previous fiasco, and lifting the contract needed me there. Why did you go alone, little brother?


“Can you connect me to Mr. Noah?”

[Hunter Noah went with him.]


“Yoo, Minyui went with Noah?”


My lips went up despite the situation, as the two of them going about together without me meant that they have become somewhat friendly towards each other. It was rewarding after the effort I put in, and while I did not want to interfere when those two were working, I could not help it since the opponent was Seokwon Choi.


“Contact Department Head Taewon Song and ask him to bring Riette along. Actually, no. They would be already moving. I’ll have to make a request to the Association. Riette will come quietly if you tell her I brought Velare with me, and please notify Sesung where I am.”


While Yoohyun and Noah would easily win against Seokwon Choi, things would change with that jellyfish’s interference. If the Mermaid Queen had not given us a skill in the last dungeon, it would not have been an easy conquest.

Therefore, I brought in Riette and Hyunjae Sung just in case. I thought about Soyoung Kang, but I hesitated since she was an A class hunter.


“We cannot enter the restricted area since we’re low class hunters.”


The E class hunter that had been driving spoke, and I asked them to stop since there was no need to involve them. I took a card out.


“Buy a new car with this.”


“An expensive car. You can go wild with sportscars, or just get one each. Make sure you buy them in a single payment.”


It was not my card, and I gave Hyunjae Sung’s card to a surprised C class hunter. I then made them get out of the car and moved to the driving seat.


‘It’s a manual transmission.’


I had a first class license, but it had been a long time since I drove a car like this. I turned on the engine and started.


“I wanted to protect the law with a fresh mind.”



Velare flicked her tongue as she wrapped herself around my wrist like she was criticizing me. I had not blatantly gone against the law, probably. My arrest was nullified, and others, well, I only talked.

I raised Velare over my shoulders and shared her sights with mine so I could search for relevant articles on my cell phone while I listened to the navigation. Normal people should never drive while using their phones.

Fortunately, Velare had better eyesight than me, and since she could sense heat at the same time, I could know the movements of the car behind me without looking at the back mirror. Her range was quite wide.

While the traffic had been heavy at first, the road became emptier as I went on. Other cars disappeared, and I saw a barricade that blocked the road.


‘I’m sorry, but I’ll have to pass.’


I had no time to stop and explain the circumstances and used my grace before raising the speed. With a loud bang, the shiny barricade flew away. While the shock had been quite strong, the car went running on with its speed the same.

They may have renovated the car a little since it was quite durable. Hunter vehicles could renovate according to their classes under authorization in case of dungeon breaks.

While I heard someone shout behind me, I ignored it. I would pay the fines. Wait, if I were caught driving without a license, would that restrict getting one? That would be a problem.


“…A fog?”


I drove for a while when my sight went foggy, and a murky blue fog began to spread.

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