Chapter 184 Sung’s Brithday (2)


I went down the stairs to see that the interior was fancier than the hotel I had stayed in during the auction. It seemed a shame that a normal party would not be hosted here, as-


“Oh, that’s Honey Pot!”


I saw a strange foreign man point his finger at me while shouting out something weird. Hyuna Moon threw her spear, and the magic around it made it big as a pillar. The spear lost power and lightly stuck at a wall as the man did a backflip to avoid the attack.



“Pointing at someone is asking for a fight.”


She lived in a different world than me. Hyuna smiled as she picked up her spear.


“Look at the little damage. I can control it like this.”

“Yes, I thought the wall would crumble.”

She had weakened her attack during mid-throw, and Yerim murmured that she could not do it yet. I did not know many who could do what Hyuna Moon just did, and the man disappeared. After we went down another staircase, there was a manager who looked like an A class hunter. He confirmed the list and our invitations before asking us to go in.


“You may use any facility you want except for the prohibited spaces. Please refrain from using attack skills while aboard, and everything is self-service as everyone below B class are inland.”


Self-service sounded like a free-for-all, as it seemed that high-class hunters could do what they wanted with limits. The hunter went back to his spot after guiding us to a huge door, whistling that there were not many left. We opened the door to see a large banquet room.

The room was three stories high and had six staircases. The lights were bright, with a big chandelier at the center. The room was arranged with white tables, and there was a buffet table with a wine bar.

I saw Soyoung Gang standing on of the tables and shouting there.


“My birthday is tomorrow, but no one knows it! Last year, our guild had to stay quiet due to the hotel breaking! It was my birthday!”

“Yes, yes. Let’s have your party next year after we beat Hyunjae Sung!”


Soyoung Kang frowned at Riette’s words, and her white minidress fluttered as she turned.


“That’s scary. My Guild Leader…Hunter Noah!”


Soyoung Kang wavered her arms on seeing us.


“My birthday is tomorrow! Won’t you date me for my present?”

“Happy birthday, but I will decline the offer.”

“It’s the thirty-seventh time I’ve been refused by your brother, Riette!”

“It’s all right. Once is enough out of a hundred.”
“Then, I will try a thousand times! Hunter Noah!”

“That A class is noisy.”


Someone spoke up, and Riette’s expression changed to a ferocious grin as she charged at the speaker without any weapons. I saw her earrings flash as the table the speaker had hurriedly lifted as a shield broke down under her fist. The table shattered and the white tablecloth wrapped in her fist. Her kicks landed on a thick arm as she shouted.


“One more, open the window!”


A hunter wearing a blue suit ripped open a window that was supposed to open only by half, and Riette covered the guy’s head with her cloth before throwing him out the window. While the speaker managed to land on the windowsill, the blue suit shouted.


“Just accept your loss!”


He hit the speaker with the window he had ripped to send him overboard. At least they are not using skills. The aftermath, except for the table and the window, was a few scratches and footprints. While all this was going on, no one seemed really surprised. They were either watching indifferently or talking to another. I saw that there were A class hunters who were mixed with the S classes.

I then heard a broadcast.


[There are towels and a change of clothes near the swimming pool on the deck. Please do not harm the boat on coming aboard and use either the rope or a flying skill. If things are intense, there is a reef 200 meters northwest.]


“Can we fight so easily?”

“Not easily. Don’t just go hitting people and pick fights that are coming to you. Don’t interrupt people eating.”


Yerim asked the question with shining eyes as Hyuna Moon looked around while she answered.


“I understand.”

“I came here with you guys with the hopes that someone will give me a chance to fight…”

Her eyes met another hunter’s eye from afar, and she jumped at him before I could even blink. Yoohyun spoke to me like nothing had happened.


“Will you have something to eat?”

It was before dinnertime, and Hyunjae Sung had not arrived yet since it was before the actual time written on the invitation.


[Please make sure you aim sideways and above when fighting.]


I shook my head as I went to a table, and curious eyes followed me around, whispering the world honey pot. What was with that?


“Wait here. I will bring some food.”


Yoohyun stuck his sword on the floor next to our table as he went, ignoring Yerim’s requests for a cupcake. Noah also went to get food as Myeongwoo sat at the same table, and I saw Taewon Song follow other guests here. He stood in a corner like a guardsman as a few people tried talking to him.

I went up to him to offer him some food, as he would not eat on duty by himself. Yerim followed me.


“So, was Hong Kong really a trap?”


I did not take a few steps until a white guy spoke to me. Since his face seemed familiar from my past life, I thought he may be strong.


“I was an innocent victim.”

“Really? You’re quite famous with all these S class hunters. There had been rumors that this party may also be a trap.”


Yerim was hesitating whether to attack, but Yoohyun did not. He threw a dish towards the guy’s neck, and Yerim swung her spear.


“Wait, Yerim!”


Yerim was a relatively weak S class hunter if she could not use her attack skills, as her stats were focused on magic. That meant the foreign guy would stop her attack like now. Yoohyun let out a burst of fire and spoke to Yerim as she tried to loosen the guy’s grip.


“You’re not using your skills just because it’s forbidden?”

“I was not going to keep on doing so! You, let’s go on deck!”


Could Yerim win? Should I do something?


“Here’s your soup.”


“Everything is under control.”


Yoohyun took me back to my table, and the two of them rushed outside. Other hunters went to watch while some were making polite inquiries to Myeongwoo. While hunters wanted to talk to me, they could not approach me easily due to Yoohyun.


“What’s up with everyone?”

“It seems that the Hong Kong incident leaked a bit. There’re rumors that you were bait to wipe everyone in the auction.”


The guy mentioned something about a trap. Yoohyun said to wait again as he went to get more food, and I did so to not raise any interest.

There was an uproar going outside, and while I knew Sesung’s A class hunter would be waiting here and Yerim had a teleport skill, I was worried.

It was then Yoohyun came back to get me out of the way while Noah did the same for Myeongwoo. I saw a torrential flow of water rip the wall and wet the floor. It seemed I did not need to worry after all.


“So, that’s Yerim Park, the new S class?”

“She became an awakened less than six months ago,and…”


There were whispers, as Yerim seemed to have impressed other hunters. I was worried about the ship capsizing before Hyunjae Sung came in as water ripped through the banquet room again.

It was then I heard a lightning crash outside the room. What was he doing?!

Yoohyun jumped through the hole before I could tell him to and others followed. While the deck was dark with broken lights, I saw the debris that had been the deck. Also, today’s host was wearing a dry white suit and was looking at our way with interested eyes.



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