Chapter 178 – Siblings Fight (6)


Silent Wound (S) – the skill Noah had newly acquired had the effect of lowering his opponents overall stats.


It was a skill that reduced the opponents stats 1% every minute up to 50% from the moment of injuring the opponent. There were no grade restrictions and it was impossible to block the skill with poison or curse resistance.


If you only looked at it like this, then it was an incredibly useful skill – but in reality, it’s a little tricky to use.


The problem was that Noah was a Support-type hunter. His overall stats were relatively low compared to the hunters of the same grade and the lack of any real attack skills. It made it so that hurting hunters, even if he was an S-rank, was hard.


What’s the use of having no grade limits? He couldn’t even use it.


On top of that, Silent Wound only worked for as long as the wound was maintained – as soon as the opponent was cured, the stat drop effect disappeared. Therefore you had to either keep inflicting the wound or make it so the opponent can’t be treated for the skill to work.


Of course it was hard work for a support-type hunter alone.


It was a skill that was contrary to Noah’s strengths as well as the environment was in – however if he could apply it properly then it would be possible to defeat enemies who were much stronger than him.


“How is it, Noah-ssi?”


Noah answered my question,


  • The time has been reduced!


My ability to double attack skills meant that the amount of time it took for Silent Wound to reduce the stats had been halved. In other words, it meant that Riette’s stats were decreasing at a rate of 1% every 30 seconds.


Since Noah was in a position where he had to endure, if the time is shortened, it would be that much more advantageous. It would be easier to avoid Riette’s attacks even in just 5 minutes.


“Is the maximum stat reduction still the same?”


  • I don’t know because the description on the skill window hasn’t changed. It’s just that the effect percentage is definitely increasing every 30 seconds.


“Then for now, let’s run away for as long as we can,”


  • Okay!


It was when Noah raised his flight altitude a little higher, I heard Yerim call out, slightly flustered.


[Uh… New rules for the game have just been passed on. There seems to be a lot of opinions that there should be a limit to the height of the stadium along with width. It would be hard for the competitions to go right if those who can fly just kept going higher.]


Tch… Even though I had purposely avoided mentioning that kind of thing since that would be more advantageous to Yoohyeon, Yerim and Noah.


However it must be annoying to just keep seeing Noah fly away. There was a flight restriction rule in the second round of the pre-regression ranking games too.


Yerim grabbed the loudspeaker around her waist,


“From now on, all high altitude overhead flights are prohibited! We can’t set an exact height because it’s during the game so we will give you a warning if we feel you are flying too high for the battle to legitimately take place! If you accumulate three warnings then it will be considered cheating!”


At Yerim’s words, Noah looked back at me,


“Well, we can’t get caught out with cheating now that we’ve come this far. But, if you think it’s going to get dangerous then just run away. Whether it’s a game or real life, the winner is the one who survives after all,”


Even if you say ‘Win by default’, Riette wasn’t the type to accept that. Of course, we don’t want to nod and say yes to it either but in this case we should win in a good light – even so, we don’t have to fight a losing battle scared of warnings.




In the meantime, Riette had followed after them closely with the loud sounds of her footsteps. As Noah soared high above to avoid her attack, there was a loud noise to indicate that a warning had been given.


“It’s okay to just get two warnings! If Riette’s stats decrease enough, it will become safer to lower the height of the flight so hang in there!”


I reassured Noah when he flinched at the sound of the warning. Since they said we would need three warnings before they classed it as cheating, we could throw away two warnings. In addition, once a warning was given, they wouldn’t usually give it again in a row – and sure enough, even as Noah maintained the height he had gotten a warning for, a second warning sound was not immediately heard.


Still, we had to at least make it look like we were conscious of the rules so he lowered his flight a little.


  • Fable, what did you do?


Riette’s voice, mixed with guttural growls came out. It had only been 5 minutes but had she noticed already?


It was obvious that if Riette understood what had happened then she would attack that much more ferociously.


[Ah, Riette! What is she trying to do!]


At Yerim’s words, I hurriedly looked back. A huge black dragon was seen standing up with only its hind legs on the ground. She was too close for us to move out of the way, the only thing we could do was change directions and Riette must have been aiming for that as well.


There was a chaotic energy swirling around her, it felt violent and evil and a moment later, the black dragon struck the ground.




The ground began to split sharply. If that was all, then it wasn’t a big deal.


However,  the black body did not stop trampling the ground, carried on until the ground, which had cracked, continued breaking apart with a thunderous noise until everything was starting to become upturned.


And though I don’t know exactly what she had done, it felt like the earth and sky had switched. Soil, rocks and tree began to rise high up in all directions and beyond them, where the black dragon should have been –


‘Where’s Riette?’


The black dragon who had thrown the gound upside down was nowhere to be seen and Noah’s surroundings were full of obstacles.




It was dangerous! I remember seeing this kind of battle before.


At the same time as crying out Noah’s name, I used the Teacher skill on the nearby Riette. Although I couldn’t see her, it was possible to apply the skill – maybe it was because she was close by or because I was using it after confirming she was in the area.


Immediately after unilateral conveying the sense of Riette’s presence to Noah –




Strong rejection made my eyes dizzy.


However, before that, I had felt her, she was nearby, hiding herself between the debris in human form. As I expected.


Thai time, the blade flew quietly, without any foreshadowing or even the air trembling. Noah, who had understood she was nearby, was one step ahead, but the blade narrowly passed by the golden scales at the width of just a sheet of paper. And that was enough for his blood to spill.


And this was just the beginning.


The sword danced as some of the debris that had soard high began to fall like rain. Whenever Noah narrowly succeeded in avoiding an attack, rocks and trees around him would crack and break.


The surrounding area was messed up so it was impossible to grasp Riette’s movements with just the eyes. The only way was to rely on the sense of the Teacher skill and barely avoid it.


Scratching the golden scales, the flashes of light that were Riette’s sword strikes continued as for what felt like forever. In reality, it was just a short amount of time. Noah’s panting grew heavier and finally, almost all the floating debris had fallen to the ground.


Riette, who no longer had a place step, also jumped to the ground with a cold look.


Once I saw that Riette had descended, returning to the form of a black dragon, I quickly pulled back the Teacher skill from her.


Like Noah, I was also breathless, despite having the natural enemy effect of Lautitas, it was difficult to handle when Riette properly refused. Without the title, I would probably have fainted almost immediately.


  • Are you okay?


Noah asked while using his healing skill for the small wounds that had appeared throughout his body. He had been too busy with avoiding attacks so he didn’t even have the time to heal minor wounds.


“Yes, I’m just a little dizzy,”


Noah opened his wings wided and hovered above Riette. The black dragon revelaed it’s teeth fiercely, like a wolf stalking its prey.


“Since Riette is starting to feel a sense, she’ll try her best to attack again,”


The reason she had turned back into a dragon was probably because it was easier to endure the decline in stats in that state. Noah’s overall stats also rose slightly when he was in dragon form, the same must be true for Riette. Especially her physical strength and stamina stats were likely to gain a boost.


“What about the stat decrease?”


  • It’s just at 20%


20%….If, excluding Magic and Agility, we conclude that Riette’s stats are higher than Yoohyeon’s – it was still a little too much for Noah to deal with.


“We’ll take another warning,”


  • Okay!


Riette, who had been crouching as if she was going to jump and catch Noah at any moment, let out an angry growl.


The sound of Yerim’s shout soon followed;


“That’s the second warning! If you get another warning, you will lose!  Be careful!”


The wind passed by their ears sharply and the summer sun beat down on them, blocking their sights – come to think of it, dragons don’t really sweat do they?


Noah descended quickly before they could receive the last warning.


Riette, who came after them in an instant, attacked Noah but he was definitely avoiding them a lot easier than before.


The power that could dig up mountains and break trees was down like they were made of straw was still there – but the decrease in stats was starting to become clear to see.


  • It’s -30%


“The stat rental is still maintained, right?”


Noah confirmed it was. We could wait for her stats to fall to 50%, but it would be better now, when Riette’s power was still threatening – that was when it was more…


“Noah-ssi, let’s wrap this up,”


Noah kept his mouth closed. His gaze filtered around and saw the light grey snow on the sheer cliff sides of the mountains.


Noah, who quickly reached the cliff, turned around to face Riette.


Her four legs overcame the cliff, her limbs were still full of strength. I stuck to Noah’s back as close as possible.




With a strong kick that broke the solid stone wall, and at the same time pushing forwards with all the air his wings would allow, Noah shot forwards.


Riette aimed towards Noah, who was shooting towards her, like an arrow shot from a bow, with her claws pointed towards him.


As soon as I saw that viscous appearance, I used my Teacher skill towards the black dragon once again, unilaterally communicating the senses towards Noah.


The tips of the golden wings moved delicately. Naoh turned using the smallest of movements and narrowly avoided the claws that reached to rip his body to shreds.


The blade-like teeth bit into the air and with the added force of all of his speed, he hit the thick neck of the black dragon.


The black scaly leather, which had once felt like an iron wall, was pushed back. Noah’s power was pushing Riette back.


  • Kuh-!


It was like the sound of being strangled along mixed with;


  • Noonim!


The sound of Noah’s cry.


And eventually;




Riette’s body collapsed to the floor. She had crumbled, unable to endure the blow that had enough momentum to break her neck.


The four legs twitched weakly, perhaps remnants of a momentary paralysis.


Noah still pressed down on Riette’s neck – she was still growling energetically – and looked into her trash-bag like eyes.


  • I won.


  • …You did. What now?


  • Because of the show?



Noah exhaled for a long moment, before continuing.


  • Both you and I, we don’t care about things like that right? Of course, I hate my sister. I hate you. I want to kill you. That’s what I wanted. But it doesn’t matter now. I’m not saying I forgive you.. forgiveness …


Because neither one of them was willing to give forgiveness nor receive it.


  • Of course, because I don’t think I did anything wrong.


Noah laughed, as if he knew that well. It was a light smile, as though this was just a casual conversation about nothing.


  • Then why are you letting this chance go? It’d be hard to come by twice.


  • Well, since there’s no need to keep continuously hating you.


It didn’t matter. He didn’t need something like that. Noah said that if he was completely trying to cut away the things that had happened in the past.


  • Right now, I’m loved enough. And I like living that way a lot more. In the time I would spend hating you, I would rather do far more important things and fill that space in my heart with warmer things. I will live regardless of my sister.


Riette narrowed her eyes. She wriggled around a little and soon returned to her human form. She took out a potion with a slightly trembling hand and shook it towards the drone facing their way.


“I lost. I’m using the potion,”


Yerim’s voice announcing Noah’s victory could be heard. Riette, who had used the potion, stood up and looked at her younger brother.


“I see, Fable,”


“I’m Noah,”


“Yeah, Noah,”  Riette nodded, then laughed.


“Sure, that’s good too. But Noah, I can bite your wings off at any time. You know my personality don’t you? Don’t let your guard down,”


  • Yes, Noonim. If you interrupt my life, no matter what it takes, I will bite your neck off.


“Hey, now that’s disappointing,”


Riette scratched the back of his dragon head roughly but there was no hesitation when she turned around and walked away.


I got off his back and Noah also returned to his human form. Even before I could ask if he was okay, Noah smiled first.


It was a face without a single shadow.


He paid no attention to the older sister who was getting further away and I figured I wouldn’t ask anything that might bury that bright smile.

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