Chapter 180 A Class Ranking Round (2)


MKC’s hunter Eunha Ha was racing on a metal beam stuck on the ground to jump in the air. Inmod Guild Leader Juho Park took that moment to raise his sword, as it was difficult to avoid attacks in mid-air.

However, it was then explosives went off around Juho Park. Since explosives made of dungeon items were still weak in this ear, they could be used in ranking rounds. Eunha Ha had used that to her advantage.

While they did not hurt an A class hunter, Eunha Ha had aimed to obstruct Juho Park’s view. As dust filled the air, Eunha Ha charged with her spear. Juho Park blocked it with his sword, but it cracked with a clash. He struck out with his other knuckled hand. It was evident that Juho Park attacked with power while Eunha Ha was more technical.

Juho Park chased after Eunha Ha as she stepped back, but it was then a thin string wrapped around his ankle. While the string ripped in seconds, it triggered a stone wall in front of him to crash down. Juho jumped back while Eunha Ha took out her bow.


‘She uses various weapons while her main is a spear.’


Eunha Ha was clearly an experienced hunter despite lacking in stats a bit. She had become an awakened early and had conquered many high-class dungeons. It seemed her skill was setting up traps, which would be useful.


‘She could teach Yerim how to use a spear.’


She seemed a good choice for Yerim’s team. I could not use a skill to analyze her now since she was too far away, and I saw the fight through Noah’s eyes. I saw him fly in the air with a scarf from a famous brand around his neck. Many brands had contacted us yesterday. One of the more interesting offers was to dress Noah with rubies in his dragon form.

Anyway, that was that. I was now more interested in bringing Eunha Ha to Yerim’s team. I had not decided which hunters I should recruit from MKC, as it was too soon after the guild leader was missing. Therefore, we were discussing conditions in secret and would decide after the ranking rounds.

Eunha Ha was on Simyeong Seok’s list, and she was known to be amiable and a team fighter.


‘Doing ranking rounds in teams may be a good choice.’


Actually, it may be better, as the discord between S class hunters had been a major problem as the dungeons got tougher in my past life. However, the premise of deciding the best hunter team in the world would make them more cooperative than just asking them to work as a team as the monsters were becoming tougher.

Setting a goal and ranking them did make people more aggressive. If we did the ranking rounds on a deserted island, the damage would not be a problem. I would need to think more about the participant’s safety, though. Maybe a different way of ranking them?

The fight was now almost over, as Juho Park had endured long enough to beat Eunha Ha. His knuckled fist landed on her side, and she raised a potion in a sign of surrender.

While Noah had announced that the fight was over, Juho Park still saw red as he went after Eunha Ha. That was when Yerim blew on her whistle to teleport, so she stood between the two.


“Calm down.”


Yerim blocked Juho Park’s fist and froze his leg while Noah healed Eunha Ha. She dumped cold water on Juho Park, who had no choice but to step back. The broadcast was now showing Juho Park’s win.



Yerim and Noah took Eunha Ha to the healers in the waiting room while Riette and Soyoung stood up.

Riette turned to her dragon form as Soyoung Kang placed the debris on the battleground. Riette’s price for her riot was to organize the fighting field. The black dragon flattened the ground while Soyoung Kang placed various boulders, metal beams, and concrete blocks to make the field more similar to real dungeons.


“People would have been hurt badly if it wasn’t for me.”


Yerim spoke as she sipped at her juice. Many hunters could not control themselves after their opponent surrendered, and Taewon Song thanked Yerim with me.

Taewon Song would feel more relieved than me, as there would be protests against the Association if hunters were hurt too bad. He was not someone who could ignore that despite not actually belonging to the Association, and I felt sorry for him coming out on weekends to work.



I asked Yerim for ice for a cup of lemonade I was holding and thanked her as I went up the stairs to where an easel was set up in front of the audience seats. Myeongwoo was its owner, as he had come with us to observe how weapons were used in real battles. He said he needed to study more about weapons because he did not like making them.


“Drink this. Isn’t it hot?”
“No. Haven’t I said that I got heat resistance after my contract with the fire spirit?”


I remembered Myeongwoo grabbing hot metal with his bare hands, and Yoohyun had fire resistance from the beginning. Myeongwoo took the lemonade from me, and the easel held a sketchbook. I saw a spear drawn quickly with a pencil, and the skill was masterful.


“Do you do everything well?”

“If I use my hands, yes.”

“Can I see other drawings?”

“…I guess so.”


Myeongwoo hesitated a bit before nodding. I saw other weapons as I flipped the pages, including how a longsword could be used as a shield. There was another page about several ingredients, and while I knew quite a few dungeon items, most of the names were strange to me.


‘Oh, it’s Noah.’


I saw that Myeongwoo had drawn Noah flying and his human form. He had also disassembled the harness in a drawing to perhaps make it better. Also, I saw Riette in her dragon form, and then…


“This is…”
“You guys seemed happy, so…”


It was before the fight. Yerim and Yoohyun had been arguing about whether Yoohyun could make popcorn like Yerim could make ice drinks. He actually did it well with microwave popcorn, and Yerim had laughed.


“It really is a nice picture.”

I looked happy as the other two, which seemed strange.


“Do you want it? It goes in the inventory as the sketchbook, and the pencil are made with dungeon ingredients. A Breaker’s hunter gave them to me as a present.”


I hesitated but put the drawing in my inventory. I had fun recently, really, I did.


“Oh, and…should I prepare a birthday present for the Sesung Guild Leader?”


“I got an invitation. I heard that he remembers those who did not give him one.”

“Yes…just prepare something. You only need to show you prepared one.”


Myeongwoo got an invitation? But why doesn’t he give me one?

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