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Chapter 181 What About Mine? (1)


[The First Korean A Class Ranking Round’s Winner has been decided just now!]


Hyoyeon Lee, who used a longsword over two meters long, had won. She was Woods Guild’s leader and aptly used her weapon in offense and defense. She used her sword like it was her hand, and her prowess was enough that she would have led a lower S class dungeon team in a big guild.


[I won against A class hunters in big guilds who conquered S class dungeons.]


Her victory speech spoke of the reality in which big guilds with S class guild leaders monopolized S class dungeons.


[I believe I proved myself that guilds with only A class dungeons should have S class dungeon management rights if they have the ability.]


The third place hunter, Wave Guild Leader Bora Park, also agreed with Hyoyeon Lee, and they announced that they would together join to gain S class dungeon rights. In my past life, A class guilds got S class dungeon management rights after two years from now. One reason was that there were almost too many S class dungeons, and another was that A class hunters had proved their skills to the public through ranking rounds.


“What do you think?”

Simyeong Seok, who was organizing candidates for Yerim’s team, asked me the question. After the semi-finals, we had been doing that, and I had been in Haeyeon organizing things with Simyeong Seok.


“I think it’s a good start, as the number of dungeons is increasing, and they’re getting harder. It’s better to strengthen middle class guilds rather than doing last-minute improvisations.”

It was the same for small guilds with low class hunters, as low-class dungeons also needed to be taken care of. Therefore, low class hunters should not be seen as disposable. There should be standardized education, cheap basic equipment, and laws for their safety.

Of course, that was for the Hunter Association. I would only just push them a bit if necessary.

I placed battle details in the candidate list.


“Don’t tell me I wrote this, as Yerim needs to choose on her own. She will just go with my choices if she knew.”


Yerim needed to learn how to choose independently from now and believe in her choices as she led her team.


“It would be better if we sent her to a few A class dungeons to test out her team.”

“Yes, since we need new equipment for S class dungeon conquests, it’s better for her to go in A class dungeons.”

“There’s too few ice resistance equipment in Korea…maybe we need to confirm foreign auctions.”


Since there were no high-class hunters with ice skills, such equipment had been sold to foreign markets. Come to think of it, I remembered that Hyuna Moon was coming back with a high-class monster infant.

I needed to make those stamina potions soon, as the numbers only increased. Those from Sesung, including Evelyn were in Japan, as the negotiations were going too long.


“By the way, why don’t you wear your watch?”

“Haven’t you received it from our guild leader yet?”


I then remembered that Yoohyun said he would order a wristwatch after seeing that Hyunjae Sung had sent me one. I mumbled something, as I thought Yoohyun had not given it to me because we had been too busy, and he may give it to me soon. I would need to act surprised.



I went to the airport as Breaker Guild’s private plane landed to see the monster and become closer to Hyuna Moon. She waved to me near the cargo bed.


“Hey, you seem busy. I heard about the ranking rounds. I couldn’t come before, but maybe I should have come after Hyunjae Sung’s birthday.”
“I haven’t gotten an invitation.”


Noah looked sorry, as he had gotten an invitation and I was the only one not invited. Hyuna Moon spoke up.


“Why didn’t he invite you? Is it because it’s dangerous?”


“For you. While you know Korean hunters, things are different for foreign hunters.”

“Aren’t they Sesung Guild Leader’s guests? Would they cause problems?”

“That’s not the case. The party is mainly for networking, as hunters like us need an excuse to gather around in large numbers. Also, since Korea had some interesting issues, I believe more would come.”


That was true, as riding beasts, Myeonwoo, ranking rounds, and the increase in S class hunters… They were enough for hunters to come, but why wasn’t I invited? I did prepare a present, and that fact annoyed me.


“Oh, the monster’s coming.”


I saw that it was quite a large cage, which held a baby monster lying down on soft bedding.


“Is it a deer?”

The deer was pure white with only black dots for its four feet, nose, and two eyes. The eyes were big, and while it was the size of a calf, the deer was cute.


“They said it was a snow reindeer, but it looks like a deer to you too, right? It looks like a mix between a deer and reindeer when it grows up.”


I used my analyzing skill to see if it had ice resistance like its name.


[Class 2 Snow Reindeer (Infant)

Current Stat Level: C

Possible Stat Level: A~S

Basic Skills

Sliding Charge (S) Gained after Growth

Antler Spear (S) Gained after Growth

Ice Resistance (A) Gained

Pace Increase (B) Gained after Growth

*Grows under Pack Leader]


It did have ice resistance, but the other skills did not fit Yerim and suited Hyuna Moon.


“Please do well, as quickly as you can.”


Hyuna Moon spoke with a smile. That deer would be active, and I really needed those stamina potions.



I did not get an invitation to Hyunjae Sung’s party even the day before his birthday. The only news I got was that Hyunjae Sung seemed unhappy and irritated. Why?

I had Myeongwoo buy an expensive new suit, which suited him well.


“Have others fitted. You only have work clothes and casual ones.”

“My stats increase too much. I won’t be able to wear this for long.”

“Money’s not a problem now.”

“Yeah, but while I can easily buy ingredients and equipment, I still check the price tags when I buy my own stuff.”

“It’s the same for me. Right, just introduce yourself to foreign S class hunters. Be confident.”

“It’s going to be uncomfortable without you around.”

“Who knows? Maybe I will get an invitation tonight.”


Of course, I did not get one until the next morning. However, I was more curious about why Yoohyun did not give me the watch. There were many chances, but he did not even say anything.


‘Maybe the present is not for me.’


I thought about mentioning it myself but gave up on that idea. I would just go and give Hyunjae Sung his present.

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