Chapter 183 Sung’s Birthday (1)


“Wasn’t that blue dress cute? I thought you would like it.”

“That was cute for my doll, but I prefer clothes like this.”


Yerim wore a customized tuxedo she had ordered after Hong Kong. She wore a blue brooch that went with her earrings instead of a bow tie, which suited her.


“Why, you don’t like this?”

“I think you look amazing.”

I decided not to think about how I looked as Yoohyun had also come with me. The other men were all movie-star handsome in their suits, and Hyuna Moon looked vibrant in her evening dress. The six of us went to the helicopter pad.

Hyunjae Sung’s party was being held on a cruise ship due to safety issues, as the idea of S class hunters gathering in one place was enough to make hotel managers faint. He did hold his party in a rural hotel last year, but there was some damage around. Afterward, S class hunters had been notified that their gathering should be held in a dungeon or somewhere that did not have civilian houses in a 1-kilometer radius.

As this notification would be reinforced if things went awry this year, we were now at sea. The helicopter arrived, and Yerim held her carefully wrapped present tighter.


“I bought books like you said. They’re all how-to-knit guides.”

“He will like them.”


It was a fitting gift, as I sent enough wool to not bore him until next year. I turned to Yoohyun.


“What did you prepare?”

“I don’t know. My secretary would have chosen something adequate.”


He seemed indifferent, and Hyuna Moon also was not holding a gift. Myeongwoo had prepared a disposable capture item and a flying item for his and Noah’s gift.


“How was last year?”


I whispered to Yoohyun as we waited for the helicopter to arrive, as I had never been to such a birthday party. Actually, it was a long time since I had been at any.

“Hunger Sunghan Kim went in my place.”

“You didn’t? Why?”

“I had told others that I was at an A class dungeon…”


Yoohyun lowered his voice, and others could not hear him due to the helicopter noise.


“You were hurt then. People were still after me to see if they could get anything from me at the time.”


While it was only a year ago, it felt like six to me. I remembered some violent swindlers who had approached me to see if I had any value and had hit me when they found I had none.


“It’s common. Why didn’t you go?”
“I would have lost more than gain in that mood. I’m sorry, you know.”

“Don’t. You did enough to protect me. I’m the one that should be sorry.”



Yoohyun looked baffled. While I had been wounded due to my brother being such an amazing hunter…


“Well…are you all right these days?”


Black eyes looked up at me.



“I mean, don’t you feel stuffy or anything?”

Yoohyun thought for a moment before replying.


“Now is all right.”


It meant there was something. I wanted to know and not know at the same time. If it had not been for my fear resistance, I would have not been able to ask even this question. Was he bearing all this for me? If so, I…


“What are you guys whispering about?”


Yerim came to us and looked suspicious at my mumbled reply. Hyuna Moon shook her head at us.


“I never thought Yoohyun would stick to someone like that.”

“He had been affectionate from childhood.”

“Do you know what he did to Gyeongsoo Yoon for patting his head at their first meeting?”

“He was careless.”


Yoohyun looked annoyed as he stared at Yerim, who was trying to hide her laugh. If she failed, the helicopter would crash before it even flew.


“There were no other incidents like that.”

“Your brother lashed out with his sword, and Gyeongsoo Yoon barely managed to survive.”


Hyuna Moon laughed as she continued.


“Gyeongsoo Yoon was humiliated by Yoohyun, and the fact your brother went after him was a major reason Sudam did not grow big. He was beaten too hard, and Yoohyun was seeing red.”


So that was why he had been so livid at Yoohyun. Well, it really was his fault from the first. The helicopter flew then, and I saw a ludicrously expensive cruise boat lit up in the ocean. It really was a waste of money.

Yoohyun spoke to me as the helicopter was about to lend after receiving a signal.


“Turn on your skills if they’re charged.”


…Wasn’t this Hyunjae Sung’s birthday party and not a beta test of S class ranking rounds? I used them anyway and turned my teaching skill on Yoohyun. I saw Taewon Song on the landing pad, and while he still looked handsome in a moderate suit, he looked like someone who was doing overtime work. While he knew that this was the ocean and there were no civilians around, Taewon Song would not be able to ignore a meeting between S classes.


‘That would be why Hyunjae Sung is interested in him.’


While other S class hunters belonged to their nations, there was only one hunter like Taewon Sung, as far as I knew. Those in other nations did what they wanted and protected others according to their free will, especially in America.

On the other hand, Taewon Song followed orders, which made the difference. Also, he was changing a bit recently, which would interest Hyunjae Sung more.

Another point was that Taewon Song had died before I went back in time, which would make him even stranger to Hyunjae Sung’s eyes.


“You’re working hard again to come all the way here.”


Taewon Song gave me that stare that made me think he may be looking through me before he spoke.


“You came.”

“I’m really irrelevant this time.”
“You should think more carefully about how you might seem to others.”


I thought as only my riding beast breeding skills and level confirmation skill was known, Myeongwoo would be the center of attention.


“Don’t worry, Director Song.”

Hyuna Moon broke in with a wide smile.


“I’ll throw those that cause problems into the ocean.”
“You can’t do that. Just alert someone, or tell me the details after using violence. We’re planning to ban or mark foreign S class hunters who seem dangerous.”


Taewon Song spoke with a sigh and then took out a list from his inventory. He ticked off all of us and looked at me again.


“Be careful.”

“I will.”


We passed Taewon Song and were walking in the corridor when Hyuna Moon spoke to Yerim.


“Yerim, take your weapon out!”

“All right!”


Why? Hyuna and Yerim took out their spears, and I saw Yoohyun wield a sword.


“Are you guys going to fight?”


Yoohyun shrugged his shoulders as he answered me.


“While I had not come last year, there’s little chance that things will go peacefully.”


Hyuna chimed in.


“Yes, rabid dogs don’t become sheep just because they came to someone’s party. They just go about it more quietly.”

“What if the boat sinks?”
“An S class with that little control isn’t fit to live.”


I looked around to face Noah and Myeongwoo.


“What about Myeongwoo?”

“Don’t worry, I will protect him. He has a protection item, too.”

“Yes, I will escape to the blacksmith if necessary, and we should remember who will try to pick a fight with us.”


Myeongwoo added that he would be polite and would send others to sign things. While I did think safety was foremost, I could see that the S class hunters in my group were all a bit excited. So, it really was a party for them.

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