Chapter 185 Sung’s Birthday (3)


How long did I have until Sung’s memories before my return came back? It was certain that he was feeling déjà vu and probably had shown goodwill to those who he found new and interesting. If he got his memories back, my value would fall. I would interest him less, and he may get more information about the crescent moon.

As I was still connected with the depraved and had my skills, he would not throw me out instantly. However, I had to be careful, as he would be even more difficult to handle than he is now.

Therefore, I thought about giving Hyunjae Sung’s skill I had experienced in the mental world before making the first move and reaching an agreement. I had planned on giving it to him after the S class ranking rounds, but…




Yerim came flying to me, and only her shawl fluttered as she was drenched. She now looked around.


“…They won’t ask me to pay, right?”
“Hyunjae Sung’s not that cheap.”

“Really? I mean, he was trashing about Yoohyun acting like an S class! I had to dump him in the ocean.”

“You did well.”


Had I acted like an S class? Yoohyun did go and get me food from the buffet.


“I argued, but he told me I was too young to know and even compared you to Myeongwoo!”


While Yerim seemed angry, that was reality. S class hunters had money, fame, and power. Ordinary people would seem like ants. Korea had formed a system quicker than most countries, and there were many where S classes acted like kings.


“Aren’t you mad?”


I laughed it off, as this was child’s play compared to before my return.


“What is Sesung Guild Leader doing there?”

I looked at the birthday boy standing at the broken swimming pool. Two men were lying nearby.


“They rushed at me after I dumped the first guy. Sesung Guild Leader came to take care of them, saying that some sort of order needed to be maintained.”


It seemed exactly what he would say. So, what now? Do we move to a different location? I looked around to see Taewon Song writing something down.


“Director Song, will Yerim…”


Taewon Song spoke instantly. Damn, will there be a fine? S classes paid a hefty price.


“Come on, he picked the fight first and aggravated her, although he is like twenty years older than me.”

“He’s lived twice longer than her! Please, spending a day grounded will be enough for Yerim to learn how to control her anger.”


I ignored the looks coming around me and Hyunjae Sung’s voice from the speakers.


[The broadcast system seems to work. First, thank you all for coming.]


Even though the deck was a disaster and people had fainted, he made it sound like we were at an elegant party still.


[As your host, I am happy to see…I’ve said this before.]


I heard Hyunjae Sung sigh.


[It wasn’t a swimming pool then.]


Only I could understand what he was saying, as he was talking about his déjà vu. Since Yerim would have not been there, he said his greetings in the banquet hall. It seemed that his mood had fallen deep down at feeling like he was repeating things.


[You may remember, Yoojin. There’s a lot of water here.]


Of course, there’s water in the ocean. Wait…could hydrogen make by seawater by electronic disintegration? That meant everything on the ship would blow up. I grew cold inside at thinking some of his battle memories may have come back. Was he serious? The explosion with magic would probably kill us all.


“What are you talking about?”

[I cannot hear you. You know, I liked your gift.]


I saw Yerim murmur that he knew how to knit. Her gift would be somewhere in the ocean by now.


[How about coming here to give me the actual one you prepared?]


I took a breath. While I was not certain what he was about to do, I could prepare in advance. I approached Myeongwoo.


“Myeongwoo, the workshop will block outside attacks, right?”

“Unless the attacker can intervene in space. I heard that such a being does not exist yet.”

“How many can go in at once?”

“While I have to be in contact, I can use a line…Wait.”

Myeongwoo disappeared and came back after a moment.


“About fifty people is the max.”


That meant it would be enough. Since they would teleport in an instant, they would be moved before a riot occurred. I asked Myeongwoo to take out a rope and gave it to Yoohyun and Yerim.


“Move if Hyunjae Sung uses anything dangerous.”


I shared Yoohyun’s senses since he was quicker.


“Thanks for your help.”

“What about you?”

Myeongwoo’s features hardened, and Yoohyun’s brow furrowed.


“I have my skills. I need to talk to him. Don’t worry.”
“You’re not going there alone.”


Yoohyun grabbed my arm. Wait, I need you here.


“I’m a better choice as I can teleport!”


While Yerim had a better possibility to avoid, I wanted her safe in the workshop. Hyunjae Sung rushed me as Noah came to worry.


[Should I have escorted you?]


I needed him apart from everyone, especially Myeongwoo.


“Yoohyun, don’t worry. I’m only going to give him my gift and talk. There’s nowhere to go since we’re in the middle of the ocean, and Noah can fly.”

“Why are we preparing to evacuate?”

“It’s just a precaution since he seems bored. It really is.”


While Yoohyun looked dissatisfied, he had to nod. I explained the situation to Hyuna Moon and Taewon Song, who then relayed the information to other hunters. They seemed to know Hyunjae Sung well.

His chain lifted me as I looked around for a path and delivered me to him.


“Let me go.”

“As you wish.”


I was standing on two feet. Now then,


“What was that talk about water?”

“I heard you had seawater allergy.”

“No other meaning?”

“What meaning do you see?”

I looked at Hyunjae Sung, but he was still smiling. Should I give it to him? I hesitated a bit, but realized that he was a danger anyway.


“Give me your hand.”


I can at least give him a hint. I gave the information I knew and brought out his magic, but that was the last thing I remembered.

I woke up to find Yoohyun helping me walk.


“I told you not to come.”

“Hunter Myeongwoo Yu gave me a damage negation item.”

I silently thanked Myeongwoo, and tasted the mana potion in my mouth. I saw Hyunjae Sung wave an empty bottle at me. Had I lost consciousness for using up all my mana? I felt my stone fragment move in my chest.


“Does that have to do with me?”

“What is he saying, brother?”


I was the one who wanted to know how it swallowed magic on its own. Was it true that he could not affect the magic stone?

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