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Chapter 188 The Manufacturer (1)


It was already past noon when I woke up since we had returned in the middle of the night. I felt tired all over as I lifted myself up. Peace and Chickie greeted me, and I patted them as I got out of bed. Yerim and Yoohyun seemed to have gone out. They would need to clean up yesterday’s mess, and I thought Yerim may get a fine. Of course, the one at fault was Hyunjae Sung.

I turned the TV on to a hunter-related channel, and they were talking about yesterday’s accident. They did not say it was Hyunjae Sung’s fault.

I stared at Yerim cleaning up the mess, and it seemed that she was drafted into volunteer work instead of paying a fine. Her ability could clean up the debris and the oil and help her image. The Association had done a nice job.

I turned on my new smartphone and saw the two had left messages for me. I replied to them and scrolled my address list. Thankfully, I had backed it up, so none of it was lost. I saw Hyunjae Sung’s number.


“Do you think I can do this well?”


I patted Peace, as while I did not regret my choice, I felt the pressure. I have done many things using fear resistance and useful skills up to now. I treated myself as a tool, as it was the easier way. Five years of being called trash by everyone I met was enough to get used to low self-esteem. I could not remember whether I had been that bad now.


“It won’t be easy.”


I turned off my fear resistance skill because I needed to face my memories. I looked at my smartphone again and shuddered. What had I tried to do?

Peace and Chickie looked up at me with worried eyes. While I tried to reassure myself that being afraid was normal, my hands still shook. Maybe I should go back. Trying to be equal with the Sesung Guild Leader was almost farcical. I almost laughed at how people would react.

My phone rang, and I almost dropped it in surprise. It was Yoohyun.


[I saw your message just now because I had been testing an item from MKC. Have you eaten?]



I cleared my throat, and Yoohyun spoke in a worried voice.


[Did you catch a cold?]

“No, it’s all right. We have cold medicine here. Did you eat?”
[Yes. Also, Yerim is at the ocean.]

“I saw her on television. Did the Association say anything to you?”

[No, Sesung Guild Leader is at fault, and he got a three-day suspension.]

“That’s cheap, even though we don’t know how much fine he will pay.”

[He’s useful active, and the Association would prefer money anyway.]

“Director Song would be more burdened anyway. I hope he pays a lot.”


I felt less tense as talking with Yoohyun loosened me up.


“Hey, Yoohyun. I’m grateful to you for sticking around.”

[The same here.]


I ended the call as the emotional talk embarrassed me. Come to think of it, this would have been the perfect time for him to give me the watch.

I felt composed enough to organize the breeding facilities. I had neglected the building, as other guilds managed the security and management. However, I would need to take one step at a time to gain authority.

I called one of the people I could trust. They had not betrayed me but left me. I remembered a phone call I had made in the past. I turned on fear resistance as the mere thought made me tremble. I did want to see them but had buried those feelings as I could not go through that again a second time. Unlike Yoohyun or Yerim, they could die so easily.

However, even if I did not involve them in my work, I would meet them. Now, who… I had not heard them meeting awakening brokers but remembered Hayeul Park. I had completely forgotten about her but thought she would be doing well as an actress as I had saved her life.

Her SNS feed was stopped, and I searched her name on a portal site. There was news of her causing mayhem at the breeding facilities and obsessed with hunters. Since the public did not know her relationship with me, they would think of her as just a strange person.

I thought maybe I should contact her now when I saw a recent article.


[Hayeul Park has signed with the China firm KBay Contents…]


China had closed itself off as much as it could after dungeons, and the entertainment industry was the same. Since China may read SNS posts, I sent her a message that I remembered her from a past meeting. I knew things would be easier with Hyunjae Sung’s help, but I would now focus on people in Korea. Since I knew them, I could ask Hamin Do or an agency.

However, Hyunjae Sung called me now. Why?

“I thought you were suspended.”

[I needed to make an appointment with my business partner.]


He was talking about the Japan dungeon. It was strange he was acting so politely.


“The shares would have to be readjusted? Why?”

[Because we’re partners now. I would need to confirm my shares.]

“Aren’t you asking too much for an introduction?”

[We’ve sent an S class hunter and will manage the dungeon from now on. Also, we need meetings to know your goal and what profit we can gain.]


He was right, and since I had not set a proper contract, I remained silent. I heard Hyunjae Sung laugh.


[We can go back you want.]

“No, I will see you in three days.”
[I’ll fix the meeting place. Wear formal. Also, you need to hire professionals since you are not alone.]

“Thank you for the advice.”

[Then, I will see you later.]


The phone call ended. How much would he want? He would try to take as much he could. I took only the chick to go see Hamin Do. Noah approached me when I went out.


“Were you all right?”


I had not been able to check yesterday because I had been so tired. Noah nodded.


“Yes, but Myeongwoo seemed angry.”
“He was?”

“The atmosphere was fierce when we were in the blacksmith.”

That was strange to my impression of Myeongwoo’s peaceful workshop.


“We were at the basement.”



I did not know there was one, and Noah shrunk a bit at remembering yesterday’s events.


“High-class hunters were rowdy and picking fights.”


While Myeongwoo had his fire spirit Ismuar, I had been worried about that.


“Myeongwoo saw them and ordered them to shut up and sit down.”


I could not even fathom that.


“People would not have like that.”

“Yes, an S class hunter showed his weapon. However, Ismuar blasted fire, and the hunter was just shot down. The fire spirit seemed an SS class, and Myeongwoo seemed scary. While we were rescued after a while, he seemed still angry.”


Noah asked me to visit him, as Myeongwoo had not come to the building’s blacksmith today. He was fastidious about coming, and that was not normal for him. I said yes before hurriedly walking on.

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