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Chapter 189 The Manufacturer (2)


“I need to visit Hunter Gang late in the afternoon…is that all right?”


Noah hesitated before entering the building. Come to think of it, today was Soyoung Gang’s birthday.


“Yes, of course. There are other hunters, so don’t worry.”

Yoohyun and Sunghan were in the next building.


“Will you be all right? Riette will be there.”
“We won’t be able to gather together due to what happened yesterday. Since most of Hunter Gang’s guests are high-class hunters, we’re planning to visit by shifts.”

Yerim and Hyuna Moon seemed to be friends with Soyoung Gang, which meant four S class hunters. That may raise some questions.

Another question was that if Noah was going to visit Soyoung Gang, was that a date? Soyoung Gang seemed very willing…


“Wear something nice when you go.”


“Buy some flowers if you can.”
“She would probably like that.”

I sent him out saying that he could get Haeyeon’s help if he wanted. I tried calling Myungwoo, but he did not answer. I could not go straight to the residential floors of the building, which were the top three floors, with the elevator. There was a security area in the middle. More than half was still empty.

Myungwoo’s home was on the top floor, and it was not very big. His only request was a large kitchen. I hesitated at the front door, thinking how to enter when it opened by itself.


“Come in.”

“Oh, thank you.”


He did not seem to be in a bad mood. I held Chickie in my arms, as Myungwoo’s house was filled with magic stones, which were Chickie’s food. The bird started fluttering on seeing an A class magic stone, and I hastily placed a D class magic stone fragment in its mouth as I sat on the sofa.


“About yesterday.”


I watched Myungwoo as he brought snacks.


“Did other hunters bother you in the workshop?”

“Not much.”


I saw that he had brought dried fruit and sliced dried meat, which looked a strange red.


“That’s a fruit from a dungeon. It has been proven edible and can go inside the inventory.”

“The meat?”


There are low-class monsters that were actually delicious. While people still found monsters repulsive to eat, they would become luxury foods in the future. Now, water was still drunk from dungeons, with the bottles made from dungeon ingredients.


“They’re delicious.”


Myungwoo could make dried food taste like an expensive dessert.


“However, Noah was worried that you were in a bad mood.”

“Of course I was.”

I stared at Myungwoo, who looked downcast.


“I was regretting making that Grace for you.”


“I made it to protect you, not for you to throw away your safety.”


“You have gone to the workshop without that.”

I agreed with that since I would not move without protection.


“It was…an unwelcome situation to think you were outside.”

“It’s not your fault! I did use your item for certain activities, but I would not be sitting like this without it now.”


Even if I stayed safe, Diarma would not have let me alone since it knew how important I was to Yoohyun. I would not have been able to defeat a dragon without Myungwoo’s help. Myungwoo sighed.


“I know that, but I can’t help thinking what it should be you.”


“You can stay protected in the breeding facilities, and there are many who would prefer that…”



I did this because there were things I needed to gain back, and the skills I received were mostly useful for doing so…


“…I told you. Dungeons will become stronger, and we need to prepare for that. Also, I mostly want to raise monsters.”

“I really hope so.”


Myungwoo was about to say something but stopped seeing my expression. After a moment’s silence, I spoke lightly.


“How about coming to a dungeon with me?”

I wanted to see what the volleyball was doing and had some questions about it. It would be nice for Myungwoo to meet volleyball in person. Since the jellyfish told me that the blacksmith was to be rescued, it would be nice to know for sure.


“A low-class dungeon…”


I contacted Haeyeon to get into a low-class dungeon under its management, as we could go directly. I asked for an E class dungeon to be conquered when Yoohyun called me.


[You’re going to a dungeon?]

“Yes, with Myungwoo to meet that volleyball.”

Since the dungeon was an E class, it would be all right if we took monsters.


“I’m going to take Peace and Blue.”


I would not take Velare, as it was still young and quite volatile. Myungwoo may get hurt, and it would be better not to take unnecessary risks.


[Should I go?]

“No, aren’t you taking care of MKC?”


“I will be back before dinner.”

Yoohyun hesitated but said yes. He still seemed worried, which was the same for me. Haeyeon contacted me to say that the dungeon and the car were ready. The vehicle was large enough to carry blue.

‘Maybe I need to hire a car and a chauffeur.’

I could make a contract with Haeyeon for that, and also someone to manage my accounts and my breeding facility…I needed people.

I had asked Hamin Do to find some people, who said he would contact some people he knew. I would also need to hire others who were credible.

I went to the E class dungeon building and knocked three times. Blue jumped inside at the snowfield, and Peace seemed embarrassed by its antics. I entered the familiar snowfield with Myungwoo in tow.


“Are you cold?”

“This is all right.”


Myungwoo spoke without putting on his jacket. It seemed his skill enabled him to retain his temperature.


“This…is a strange place.”

“It’s not a normal dungeon.”

“No, not that.”


Myungwoo narrowed his eyes as he looked around.


“To think one could make a dungeon like…a building or an item. I can’t see all, but…”

I did not understand what he was saying, but before I could ask, the volleyball came rolling in then.


[Hello honey! You brought the blacksmith today!]


The volleyball rolled around Myungwoo.


“You are…”

[I’m new and also made this place.]

“Ah…you’re quite an artist.”

[I know.]


I looked around, realizing that the volleyball had made this snowfield for me. It was strange that this snowy forest was a creation. How did Myungwoo know that?


[Honey, why did you come here when the due date is still far away?]


The volleyball looked downcast, and it did feel humane compared to others. However, I still remembered how it reacted when I asked about Yoohyun.


“I have a question to ask about the magic stone in my chest. Hyunjae Sung…Chain’s fragment has entered it, and will there really be no effect?”


The volleyball rolled a bit.


[Yes, it should normally, if Chain is a human being.]


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