Chapter 190 The Manufacturer (3)


“If Chain’s not human, can he affect the magic stone?”

[It’s not that. I’m saying that humans cannot affect your magic stone. Maybe if the human has a relevant SSS skill…But Chain does not have a skill like that…]


The volleyball quickly shut its mouth. Wait.


“You know Hyunjae Sung’s skill? Well, you did know mine and Myungwoo’s…]

[No, not that.]



I shook the volleyball for information. I still needed to know more about Hyunjae Sung, and there were other information that could be used to help make things better.


[We don’t know all! Only a few special people and skills! Those need a price, as the system has too much information! I would have told you about other S classes if I could!]

“Maybe you know all of them since you guys are so secretive.”

[What I meant…]

“Just tell me about Hyunjae Sung. Is he human?!”

[Yes, he is. I can confirm that.]


While I believed this volleyball was the most trustworthy of all depraved, I still could not trust it much.


“Then, why does the magic stone swallow Hyunjae Sung’s magic?”

[I don’t know. Maybe there has been…a change.]

“What do you know?”

[I can only say that Chain met the Crescent Moon. But I heard that Chain did not like the Moon so much.]

“Be more specific.”

[That’s all.]

“You really don’t know much.”

That was not anything new, as Hyunjae Sung’s personality would not be compatible with one of the depraved.


“Are the Crescent Moon and the Mermaid Queen still asleep? You really can’t tell me about Chain’s skills?”

[Yes, they’re still sleeping. Also, privacy is important! Your skills will be known if you know others.]


I understood that logic, but then won’s Hyunjae Sung’s memories come back alive faster?


[I’m making your dungeon so that each member can get an item of their choice from S to L class!]

“Really, L class?”

[It’s possible, but an S class would be easy!]

“How many can enter?”

[Up to four, but I will try for more!]


The volleyball was the nicest of them all, at the least.


“Thank you for all that.”

[It’s nothing. However, give me two weeks to increase the size.]

“All right, then.”


The volleyball smiled, and it did look cute somewhat.


“If you can make a dungeon like this, then other dungeons…”

[That’s not me.]


The volleyball’s voice grew cold.


[I am the system manager, and our help is up to here. You will return to your original dungeon in three minutes!]


Myungwoo came with Blue and Peace.


“I’m curious what you guys talked about, but I shouldn’t know, right?”

“It was nothing for now…How did you know that this dungeon was made by someone?”

“I got to know the structure of items after making them.”


Myungwoo stepped aside to touch a snowy branch, and his finger brushed the brown bark.


“I can see how…this branch is organized. While I cannot imitate this, I can intervene like this.”

I saw the branch shake and a small pink flower blossom. I stared at the scene for a moment.


“How can that be possible?!”

“No, it’s because the creator is amazing…”

[You cannot do this! It’s against professional etiquette!]


The volleyball came rushing in, and Myungwoo hastily bowed.


“I’m sorry, but I did not know.”

[You cannot touch another’s work if you don’t want to pick a fight!]

“I’m sorry, I did not think deeply.]

“I’m letting you go just his once! Be careful next time.]


The volleyball disappeared again, and it was a hot, barren desert-like field.


“I touched it without thinking and wasn’t careful.”


Myungwoo spoke while scratching his head.


“I still see it as a forest. Well, one should be careful.”


Then, Peace jumped to a boulder and bit off a monster’s head. It was the size of a dog, but the full-grown version that came out hearing the baby’s cry was that of a calf. It seemed a mix between a wolf and a boar. It was a Digging Oplo, a common monster that waited for its prey in a hole to ambush.

However, Blue and Peace did quick work out of that monster. However, I could see that others were approaching, and they looked at me.


‘My magic stone…’


It seemed that all monsters in the dungeon would come out if things went on like this.


“We can let Peace and Blue take care of them, but you need to raise your level. Can you take care of them?”


I knew that Myungwoo did not like hunting monsters, but he nodded.


“Can you lend me your Grace? Try changing it to a bow and keep the damage resistance to A class.”

“A bow?”


I did so, and a blue crystal bow emerged in my hand. Myungwoo called his fire fairy, and a flame came out from somewhere and rested on the bow. It changed to an arrow.


“Have Blue step back.”


I called the two monsters to me, and Myungwoo’s fire arrows burned through the monsters like a wave crashed over rocks. I smelled fire and ashes.


“You can send Ismuar outside?”


Myungwoo shook his head.


“No, I can only use some of its flames. It’s probably an A class skill at most.”

“That’s amazing still. You have an attack skill!”

“No, that’s not it. I can only use this power through weapons, but since Ismuar can melt down items, I need at least an SSS class weapon to not damage it…Wait. I got a new skill.”


Myungwoo looked at the air like he was looking at the skill window. So, he got it now.


“What is it?”

“Hammer Mastery. It may be usable on an attack skill.”

“Do you like it?”
“Yes, it’s going to make things easier.”


I sent Blue and Peace to hunt down the rest, and Blue went out flying like the wind. I would not be able to see them at all if they grew.


“Do you see this dungeon as a construct?”

“Yes, but much more complicated. I would not be able to touch it.”


Who created this dungeon then if Myungwoo found it so? Some entity much more powerful than the volleyball? I was thinking such thoughts when I saw the boss monster, and Blue seemed jubilant as it jumped at the monster to play.

I glanced at Myungwoo before murmuring a question.


“…You know, if a family member tries to buy me a gift after his first paycheck…”

“…Are you talking about your brother?”

“He seems to have prepared something, but for some reason, keeps delaying giving it to me.”

“How about asking him?”

“Asking him why he’s not giving me a gift seems…”


Maybe me saying let’s eat out first had been the problem. That means I should wait.


“…Do you want me to give your brother a hint?”

“…Just a little longer.”


I should plan for a night the next time Yerim goes to a dungeon.


“All right, tell me when you need me.”

“Thank you.”


It would not take long, and Blue finished taking care of the monster. The gate appeared, and we went out. Hamin Do called me the next day.

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