Chapter 191 Facility Head (1)


“He’s called the Wild Goose, and I can vouch he’s skilled. He comes to me for help, mainly finding children, and I believe him to be a rich guy doing this for fun.”


Hamin Do spoke as he straightened his glasses.


“So, it’s unlikely he will sell information. He also would not want to cut ties with me.”


As the people I wanted to find through this guy, despite putting a few fakes, may cause rumors to circulate later if revealed, I wanted someone who would not blab.


“He’s trustworthy?”

“He knows my skill but has not said anything.”

I knew that Hamin Do did not say anything about this Wild Goose guy betraying him in his past life.


“Then, please tell him to find out about these people as broadly as possible.”

While they may be different people living different lives, I was going to offer them trust and safety for their own sense of protection. I believed that finding the risks in their lives, removing them if necessary, and placing them in a safer environment if they desired would be an acceptable process. My job offer would do all that, even though they would have to work hard if accepted.


“What happened to my Golden Hamster?”

“A foreign guild tried to tame it but accidentally killed it.”


Hamin Do looked astonished.


“Wait until it’s tamed. They will probably next time. We need the dungeon to reset.”

It would not take long as it was a low-class dungeon. Then, it would be my first foreign commission to raise a creature. Those I was already raising were getting bigger, and I was already getting complaints. Maybe I should build a breeding area for them near the high-class hunter training grounds, as that was a rural mountain range. The best-case scenario is that they got good partners and went to dungeons or turned smaller like peace.


“Then, please go ahead.”
“Right…Minyui, I said not to take her out!”

“She was giving me a sign…”

Why was Minyui working here when no one asked him to? I heard that raising hamsters were becoming popular among hunters here, and even Hayan Seok had taken one. Hamin Do had taken another room to babysit hamsters while their owners went into dungeons. While that was all right with me…


“Stop threatening that those who cannot raise hunters will not get a riding creature nor equipment from Myungwoo.”

“It’s not a threat, but advice! They do need to realize their responsibility as owners!”

The list may be a good place to check how hunters treated little creatures.


“You kept a full list, right?”

“Along with how hamsters are doing when they come here to stay for a while.”
“That’s scary.”


I may refer to that when picking hunters for the breeding facilities. I went to Haeyeon to meet Simyung Seok since I had asked him to take care of the legal problems regarding the breeding facilities. I was surprised that he seemed happy when I told him I wanted to keep the facilities separate from Haeyeon.


“I’m sure that Haeyeon will retain a good relationship. I have registered your enterprise as a riding beast facility rather than a monster breeding one.”
“Is that so?”
“There are several of the latter. Also, I advise you to sell a friendlier image to the public.”

He told me there had been character goods made in such a way in Japan, and I thought that was not a bad idea.


“However, we need a name card. You will be Facility Head now, and the name cards will come out from a specialty firm using dungeon items tomorrow.”


The name placed a weight on my shoulders.


“Also, you will need several employees.”
“I have a few in mind, while I do need specialists>”

“Haeyeon will cooperate, so take your time to check whether they are trustworthy. Also, now you need to be managed.”


“Yes, I’m talking about your appearance. Your skin is clean enough, but as a leader now, you need to make sure you send out a good image. Hire a specialist, as the important thing is that others know you take good care of yourself.”


While he was right, hearing those words made me feel tired already.


“You’re planning to meet Sesung’s leader the day after tomorrow?”

“While Haeyeon will support you now, you will need your own vehicle and entourage. Have one made from a specialty firm, and place at least two high-class hunters. Noah is a good choice, but you need others.”


“Don’t be so tired. Once you have secretaries, they will take care of it. However, you need some basic knowledge to keep abreast of what is going on.”

“…Yoohyun is lucky to have you. May I ask how you came to work for him?”


I had been curious before, as Yoohyun was different from other adult hunters who had received backup from firms and other methods.


“I had gone to other S class hunters before going to Yoohyun, as I could not stand by and do nothing.”

“Why did you choose him?”
“First, possibility. He needed my help the most, and I could make myself useful. Also…you were a factor.”

“Me? Why?”


Yoohyun and I had been distant from one another at that time.


“He was stronger than almost anyone and could use his power easily, but he looked…lonely. He used to stare at his phone, you know.”


He smiled sadly as he spoke.


“He was…human in that way, which was a plus. Pure fear does not make a healthy organization. Also, he was young, but that worked as a plus as people here wanted to look after him. That was why we were hostile to you at first.”


He was saying that since he was able to sympathize with Yoohyun humanely, he was able to help him. Simyung Seok bowed to me.


“I sincerely apologize for that.”

“No, you were only thinking of him. I should thank you for taking care of Yoohyun.”

“You’re the one. Also, he seems happy nowadays.”

“You think that?”

“I have never seen him smile that much. How you managed to stay away for three years is a mystery.”

While he smiled, I became downcast. It was a total of eight years for me.


“There would have been…difficulties.”
“It has not been easy, but you will also be a support for us.”


Simyung Seok stood up to ask me for a lunch meeting, and I agreed. We went to the cafeteria and talked about Haeyeon as we went on. I asked about Taewon Song, but Simyung Seok only said that he would be busy making sure foreign S hunters left the country.

It was then Yerim and Yoohyun came forward. Yerim ran up to me.


“You’re here? Let’s have lunch together!”

“I was going to have…”


However, Simyung Seok had already disappeared. Yerim smiled as she and Yoohyun flanked me.


“Let’s have lunch!”

“All right…you guys keep me in the center all the time.”

“It’s disturbing to see you in contact with other S classes.”


Yerim nodded.


“You’re vulnerable. While those I can trust such as Hyuna is acceptable…”
“Maybe her, but not me.”

“She’s all right with others, but there’s only you for me.



I intervened before they could start a fight.


“Let’s go. I’m hungry.”






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