Chapter 192 Facility Head (2)


A knife came flying in through the night sky. Lucas, an A class hunter turned his ankle to avoid the blade slicing through. A mere glaze cut off the heel of his A class boots, and the knife shot into the wall.




He cursed and pushed his arm forward to summon a protective barrier, but the man punched him. A loud crash rang in the air, and the barrier that would protect most S class monster attacks broke.

Lucas clenched his teeth at seeing Taewon Song come up at him, and even as he crouched, the S class hunter punched his upper body.

Lucas felt a hand grab the back of his head and pull him towards Taewon Song. He felt a punch, and then his spine cracked, which would have killed an ordinary person, but merely made him immobile.

Taewon Song tied the hunter with wire as Lucas spat out blood and glared at him.


“We just played with an unawakened. It’s legal in my country-“

“This is Korea.”


Taewon Song spoke in an indifferent voice.


“Such an incident is forbidden, and you trying to escape capture is considered a serious crime.”

High-class hunters trying to go against the law were serious in a world with no adequate way to control them. One wrong move may be disastrous. However, Lucas went on a rant.


“We’re the reason everyone’s alive! Also, you- how can an S class hunter bow so low and follow orders?!”

It was then there was a big explosion nearby. Taewon Song frowned as he looked and saw another foreign A class hunter drop next to him.


“He’s alive.”


Yoohyun Han came down from above and glanced at Lucas, making the A class hunter flinch.


“Thank you for your help.”


Yoohyun nodded as he took out his phone. His entire demeanor changed to a meek cat when the call went through.


“Yes, I just finished. No, you don’t have to wait. I’ll go straight home.”


Yoohyun smiled at the reply and hung up. His expression was flat when he turned back to Taewon and spoke.


“I can give you a ride.”


Yoojin would have made him ask, which was an amazing feat. Taewon refused, and Yoohyun did not look back twice.

As Yoohyun retreated, Taewon felt his phone ring.


[Director Song, thank you for your hard work. You don’t have to reply, but I would like to know if anything happened to my brother. Please rest.]


Taewon thought of that night when Hyunjae Sung handed Yoojin his cell phone. While he did not trust Hyunjae Sung and thought him fickle, it could not be denied that he had made a gesture first.

Taewon hesitated but did not reply.


“Here, my name card.”


I handed Myungwoo my name card, which Yoohyun, Yerim, and Noah had also received. The phone number on it was a new one for work, and I now had three phones. Maybe I should cancel the first one.


“It’s quite formal, isn’t it?”


I was a bit embarrassed to see my name on such an official card.


“Faculty Head Han…”


I changed the subject when Myungwoo read my name card.


“…How about organizing how the blacksmith operates?”

“Maybe it’s time to do so…should I make a name card?”

“Do you want the firm’s phone number?”



I sent Myungwoo the number and asked him a question.


“I heard you didn’t get the Shalos’s orb back.”


Yoohyun had told me that he still had the orb because Myungwoo said to keep it.


“Yes, for safety.”

“However, isn’t there only a few left? I cannot be created…”


It was made with an L class magic stone, but Myungwoo only handed me another orb.


“You, have one.”


“For safety.”

“What about you?”

“There’s still one left, and I don’t go into dangerous dungeons. I also have my blacksmith.”


While Myungwoo said that anything could happen in this world. It was not an easy gesture.


“…You don’t have to care for my brother for me.”

“Nah, you need him. Stop being so anxious. Maybe I should have given it to you earlier.”

I felt my neck grow warm at his smile. Myungwoo may have been a gift for what I had gone through.


“Take care of yourself and keep the last one.”


I hoped not to lose anyone this time, even if it was greedy.


“Don’t worry, I’m safe. You, keep to the breeding facilities.”

“I want to, really.”


However, I thought that may not be the case. Maybe Yerim could use this orb.


“Can I lend this to Yerim when she goes in dungeons?”

“Why not? If that’s what you want…”

“Thank you, really.”


That was a huge relief. If an S class user had to use a damage negation item in a dungeon, things…would not be going well.


“Nice to meet you, Mr. Han.”

A woman in her forties, wearing a neat suit, shook hands with me.


“Same here, Mrs. Kim.”


She was the legal team leader of Haeyeon, and seemed to be stable and strong as she sat on the sofa. However, I was surprised to see her place a doll that resembled peace on the table. Wasn’t she here for legal contract issues?


“This is a fake on the market nowadays.”

“I see…”

“I heard that you are thinking of making character items.”

“…I’m not adverse…”


Hayeon seemed serious.


“Gold with a soft touch would be nice.”

“That sounds good, but you’re not here for character items, right?”

“I am.”

Her answer was sure.


“Don’t worry, as the legal issues are being covered by my team members. I’m here because I like Peace, and thought I would do something fun.”


She was someone who normally coordinated contracts with other guild teams within the law, but she was passionate about making real-size Peace dolls. Also, we talked about character items and other legal tips, and she was a good teacher. While half of our conversation was about how cute Peace and others were, that could not be helped.


“Mr. Seok seemed excited. Don’t be too overwhelmed, and just listen to him at your own pace. He will be able to help you.”

Hayeon mentioned Simyung Seok as she stood up.


“I see. I really don’t see how taking care of my appearance that much…”
“You should do that, as you will be standing next to S class hunters. You do not want to look too bad.”


That gave me a jolt, and I thought I should think things over.

The next day, I stayed in Hayeon to look over the facilities, and Simyung kept nagging me. That nagging continued until the day I needed to meet Hyunjae Sung.

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