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S Classes Chapter 193 Facility Head (3)


I like comfortable clothes that have room, unlike this suit. Someone had it tailored for me and mentioned all my clothes should be like this, in case anyone noticed me. Also, it was still hot for September.

I kept thinking things like this as I sat in the back of a heavy-set vehicle. My driver and guard were all Haeyeon A Class hunters. Noah could not come, as Simyung Seok told me such a move may seem like a taunt if I met another S class hunter.

The car was awkwardly silent, and I checked the time. As Hyunjae Sung was levels above me, I had come forty minutes early. I heard that Hyunjae Sung came on time, but Simyung Seok told me that if he came late, it was to make a statement.

Simyung Seok seemed to think that the Sesung Guild Leader would not take me seriously, and I agreed mostly. He may or may not blow me off.

I entered the hotel where we were supposed to meet, and I could only see hotel employees lining up to greet me. I looked around as I was escorted to the elevator but could not see a single guest. It seemed like the entire hotel had been rented. Was he sane?


“Only Mr. Han can go from here. Please, wait.”

A Sesung Guild member stated that when the elevator opened. Even they did not go farther from here, and only a few trusted employees could go in. I still had twenty minutes.

The carpet was so soft that I could not hear my footsteps. I thought over what Simyung Seok had told me, that I should go in first to wait to greet him.

I opened the door to a large and quiet lounge and saw the sky growing dark through the windows. However, I had not expected a man would be sitting at a chair near the windows. He was relaxed enough to irritate me, as I had to think of what to do now. I mean, I had come early.

I arrived at the table, and Hyujae Sung looked up at me with a smile.


“Do you have too much time on your hands?”

I could not help myself, as it was a reflex. I regretted the sentence the moment it left my mouth. I should have greeted him normally.

“Have you been well?”

I waited for Hyujae Sung’s response as he stared at me.


“I did not know you had a habit of coming early.”

“I could not let this first meeting go demurely.”

“So, you rented the entire hotel?”

“It’s a small gift.”


I repressed the urge to bicker, as I had become too used to it. At least, I was not dismissed at first sight. I sat down on the opposite chair, and Hyujae Sung straightened.


“…Here’s my name card.”


I could not think of anything else to say, as this was an unexpected change of plans. I apologized to Simyung Seok inwardly, but I could not imitate a businessman in one day.


“Facility Head Yoojin Han.”

“May I have yours?”

Hyujae Sung handed me his, and I could see his phone number was different from the one I knew.


“As you know, I am planning to refurbish the breeding facilities and wanted to modify some of the contract conditions.”

As Hyuna Moon said yes and Haeyeon was not a problem, only Sesung and Hanshin remained. Hanshin would agree if Sesung did.


“The major point is that the breeding facilities will have their own security.”

What I really meant was that I was going to reduce the guilds’ influence there, as having hunters around meant information leaks.


“No. I have no reason to do so.”


I did expect that. The problem was that I did not know what he would want after brainstorming with Simyung Seok.


“Is there anything you want?”

“You’re still in the making.”


“Sit tightly.”

I straightened my back as he spoke.


“You have shown six moments of weakness once entering this lounge.”

“Did I fail?”

“I’m not that harsh since you’re still young and immature.”


His smile seemed benevolent, but I knew better.


“Yoojin, my possessions can be weak and shabby. People will not think me low for holding a pencil instead of a fountain pen, as they know what I can do. The pencil may even become valuable.”

Hyujae Sung’s finger moved gracefully to point at me.


“However, a partner is different.”


The chair went back, and he stood up to look down at me.


“We’re on equal terms. That means if you seem weak…”

Hyujae Sung moved toward me, and I forced myself to look straight. I felt his hand on my shoulder.


“That will reflect on me. Since you’re my only partner, even more so.”


I felt faint imagining myself next to Hyujae Sung. Without fear of resistance, I may have shouted out loud.


“If you don’t arrive at the minimum level of acceptance…”

His finger tapped my neck.


“I will have to pull you down.”


I breathed in sharply. His pressure was immense.


“Should I be worried about my life?”

“Do not misunderstand me. I will care for you. Only the positions will change..”

“Like before, or worse?”
“Some changes may be made.”

He seemed to say he would crush me. I knew I would look like a pet, suddenly saying that I am a person. However, I looked up to meet his eyes.


“I apologize, but there’s no turning back.”


His golden eyes narrowed in a smile.


“There are many who would help me, so considering me yours may hurt.”


I did not want others to be hurt because of me, as going against Hyujae Sung would certainly mean damage. It was a stupid idea to fight among ourselves, and I did know me obeying Hyujae Sung was the easiest and the fastest way.

However, I knew they would fight for me, and that meant I needed to fight to the end. My mind may change, but not now.


“You will not get me whole.”

“…That was alluring.”

I did not know what he meant by that, but now I wanted to say how nice peace was.


“Well, I suggest you go to a university first.”

“It’s always better to erase your weaknesses.”

Hyujae Sung spoke as he went back to his seat.


“…Going in using special favors will not look good.”
“That is a weapon you can use and your own power.”


He looked at me for a long time and spoke like a strict teacher.


“Well, let’s confirm where you stand first.”

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