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S Classes Chap 194 Faculty Head (4)


It was now completely dark, and the city lights glowed. While I remembered Simyung Seok’s advice not to focus too much on the food, the dessert was amazing. At least I knew that Hyujae Sung did not mind such little things. He also told me to not let others control me.


“Did you give Yoohyun such advice?”


It came to me that he would have influenced Yoohyun in his early years as an S class hunter.


“There was no need. It is the same for other S Class hunters, who all trust themselves with a few idiotic exceptions.”


He then grabbed a wine back in a rough manner and then hit it against the table to knock the neck off. He threw the cork out.


“As the foundation is firm, even if I acted like this…”

He then poured the wine into the glass until it overflowed and set the bottle roughly. It seemed what a drunkard would do.


“People would think it natural.”


Hyujae Sung’s finger tapped down the wineglass so the golden liquid spread out. He then smiled.


“It’s difficult to act by one’s rules. It is easy to feel nervous, and nervous means cowering, and cowering means shabby.”


I saw that Hyujae Sung felt anything he did was something that had to happen.


“I see how one looks would count.”

Hyujae Sung laughed lightly.


“That is a factor.”


I knew Yoohyun made a sight.


“Yerim Park, the youngest, is firm in body and mind. She only needs help in how to be a social being. But…”

“I know I’m not enough.”


I only trusted my skill, and even that was not mine.


“I don’t think I can change too quickly. I’m even worse than you think and cannot walk around without those I trust.”


I could not act by myself just yet, but needed others and fear resistance to stand up and walk about.


“I hope you give me time, as I do not want us to fall apart. I do like the word partner.”

I was a cat among tigers, and it was a miracle I had not been eaten up yet.


“Don’t worry. I do not rush things.”

I wanted to know whether he was sincere or playing with me. I could think of no one more trustworthy to have my back, even if that was a dim possibility in the far future.


“Don’t we need to call someone to clean this up?”
“Let’s move.”

Hyunjae Sung stood up. He really did act like someone who owned everything. I stood up as wine was still dripping.


“I was not going to pay attention to overseas yet…”


The suggestion I should start on the foreign market had come out during dinner. I had thought things were growing bigger as it is.


“We cannot slow down the process with only conquering domestic dungeons.”

Hyunjae Sung looked at me as we walked. I did understand what he meant. Foreign dungeons would need to be conquered to stop the world from being swallowed up by broken dungeons.


“I thought supplying beasts would be enough as strong people are out there.”

The depraved told me I needed to set only fifty with the nurturer keyword, but that was not trustworthy anymore. Maybe I should unlock the keyword if things got fishy after getting forty, even if the skill effect was this good.


“You are planning to go overseas, right? Noah and Evelyn will set you up.”
“I do not need to stay in a stable area.”

The reason this time seemed to be due to boredom. I wondered what had driven him in the past life. We sat down.


“Were you planning to leave Korea to Haeyeon?”

“I was undecided between Yoohyun and Hyuna. Your brother has a serious problem.”
“What problem?”

I asked on reflex and regretted it, but could not help asking. It was my brother.


“You should not be so sensitive about him.”

“…It’s not going to be easy.”

“I can see that.”


Hyunjae Sung did not seem to mind all that much.


“Haeyeon has the potential to grow big, but he seemed the type to leave things behind the moment he had a reason to. Hyuna, with some help getting away from her sponsors, is a suitable candidate to have her own guild.”

“…You did not think to bring her to Sesung?”


I had been thinking of getting her into Haeyeon.


“She’s better as a Guild Leader.”


Is that so? I had not really searched about Breaker and Hyuna Moon, as I knew that the guild would fall later. She seemed a good person, and I knew she helped out female hunters.


“What do you think of Hanshin’s Mingyu Park?”

“He’s trustworthy with dungeons and related items. I suggest you visit him at his home.”


He only gave me hints, and I thought things were growing even bigger than I had expected. I turned back to the original subject.


“What would you do if you did not know the reason Yoohyun had built Haeyeon.”

“I would have switched to Breaker.”


I knew that Breaker fell and Haeyeon led Korea in my past life, which meant Hyunjae Sung had known the reason why.


“How about now? What if you knew why Yoohyun wanted to protect me?”

“Well, it would be perfect. He will maintain Haeyeon and protect Korea as a guard dog.”
“Don’t speak of him as one.”


His answer confirmed that Hyunjae Sung had known about me in the past.


“One more thing. Why protect Korea?”

“Do I need a reason?”

Hyunjae Sung continued in a languid voice.


“One could say I did it because the country has a high rate of survival. The government acted quickly, and Taewon Song is an anomaly.”

“You believe having Director Song here is the better choice?”

“Another Association can be built. However, he is unique.”

His answer made me certain that he would not have killed Taewon Song unless there had been a dramatic change. What had happened between them? However, I remembered now was not the case.


“What is the progress on the Japan dungeon? I will tell you its value if you tell me what is going on.”

“I forgot.”


Hyunjae Sung looked at his watch.


“They would have been waiting for two hours.”

“Those from Japan.”



Hyunjae Sung seemed nonchalant as he stood up, and I made a note to tell Simyung Seok that the Sesung Guild Leader was fickle in keeping appointments.

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