S Classes Chap 195 Faculty Head (5)


“You’ve kept them waiting for two hours? I thought we were asking for their help.”
“It depends on that dungeon’s value. I would like to know beforehand why you want that dungeon.”
“Don’t try to pry information out of me.”
“I can’t negotiate without prior knowledge.”


I stopped in my tracks. Was he doing this on purpose so I could not think straight?”

“Then, let’s finish our talk first.”
“I thought you didn’t like the fact I kept them waiting.”
“It’s already two hours. Tell me more about this negotiation first if you want more.”


Hyunjae Sung stared at me, and he was formidable as always despite my fear resistance.


“First, officially giving dungeon rights to a foreign individual is something that has never happened.”

“It’s only three years. There may be dungeon negotiations already going on in unstable countries. Korea has illegal dungeons, and official transactions may well occur in the future.”

I knew that dungeon transactions would become common twenty years ago, and some normal ones were even thrown out.


“Japan is stable.”

“Not that much. Hunters there have too much power.”

“It was still difficult to start negotiations, as specifying the dungeon was a suspicious move.”

His explanation told me Sesung had worked hard for this.


“Future management will also be difficult since they will want the dungeon back when they know the true value. Now, your turn.”
“6 to 4. Ours being six. Only if you manage the dungeon perfectly afterward.”

“Even though we do all the work? I want the six.”
“The dungeon appeared on my request. That is, you can get ingredients for a stamina potion from the said dungeon.”
“A stamina potion…”
“It’s a potion that gives you the best condition on short rests. In dungeons, becoming tired or weak may be fatal during a long conquest. It’s hard to rest in a dungeon.”

Hunters needed to continuously go through monsters and battles, and even high-class hunters became tired. Having a deep sleep was out of the question.

Middle to low-class hunters had it worse. While their conquests were short, they healed slower. Also, they could not rest easily in such an environment and tended to be more anxious in a dungeon than high-class hunters.


“However, stamina potions bring a full night’s rest only after an hour or two of sleeping.”


One needed to sleep even after taking the potions. An F class hunter could last a week without rest on the potion. After seven days, the potion would not work, and their condition would worsen. One needed at least some rest and act placidly outside dungeons.


“It may also work as a stimulant with different ingredient ratios, irrelevant to poison resistance. Also, it makes hunters focus and will become a must for hunters. Also, we can monopolize it for up to a year.”


The next stamina potion ingredient dungeon appeared after a year and a half. I would at least have six months at worst.


“It’s not a monopoly.”

“A simple agreement with Haeyeon? It’s almost that.”


I gave Sesung forty percent since they would have to block Japan after the stamina potion was revealed.


“I can make the dungeon disappear, so please do not think of trying to take it.”


The depraved erased the dungeons Noah and Riette had conquered, and it would work this time too.


“This would be impossible without me, and while I appreciate your hard work, please do not be greedy.”

I took out the contract. It was a set of two to be shared by each party and authorized by the Hunter Association.


“It’s a good offer, and you know it.”

Hyunjae Sung reached out with his hand.


“It seems tiresome.”

“That makes the results just sweeter.”


He smiled on seeing the contract.


“You’ve given me forty percent already. I thought you would push for thirty.”
“It’s because we’re partners for the long haul.”


I could see Hyunjae Sung smirk.


“Who came from Japan? Director Song cannot do more work.”


An S class hunter will not wait for two hours.


“An A class.”
“It’s all right then. However, pay more attention. Director Song is not answering me after your party.”

“He does not?”

Hyunjae Sung stopped walking on that remark.


“He seems very busy.”

“That’s not plausible.”

“What do you mean? You are half of the reason he is so busy.”

“Well, well. He is quite quaint.”


I did not like how that sounded and wanted to tell Taewon Song to run.


“Stop whatever you’re thinking.”

“You have a soft spot for Director Song.”
“I just have a conscience.”

I owed so much to Taewon Song that it was not even funny. I thought of what I could do for him, but laws and social rules stopped me.


“You said Japan was suspicious about why we wanted this dungeon, right?”
“They think we want a riding beast here.”

“Is there?”
“While their stats are average, they saw infant beasts here.”


Japan hunters had seen seven infant monsters during their conquest. While they were B class, there was a possibility some may evolve to an A class.


“Since they looked like cows, Japan seems to think the dungeon is a good place to get beasts.”

It was tempting, but I was grateful I could use this as a cover.


“What do they want?”
“The slime dungeon.”

“I see. That’s within range. How do you want me to work this?”

“I am not asking you to change overnight. Also, you have an image you showed to the world in general.”


My public image is a weak and innocent civilian. That had been useful and difficult to change.


“I will use that one more time. Also, next time, please inform me what is going on beforehand. I would have liked to know that the Japanese hunters had come.”


Hyunjae Sung’s smile seemed wider than usual.


“I seemed to have been impolite. I will make sure next time.”


It had been close to three hours since Nakasima, an A class hunter from Japan, had been waiting. While he was annoyed, hunters valued class, which meant he was polite to Sesung’s Guild Leader.


“I have kept you waiting.”

Hyunjae Sung spoke only those words, which were enough for both of them.


“This is Yoojin Han, Head of the Breeding Facilities.”


Nakasima saw a demure F class awakened next to Hyunjae Sung.


“I have heard of him.”

Nakasima smiled at Yoojin Han, who seemed easy prey.

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