S Classes Chap 196 Faculty Head (6)




One could see Yoojin Han was intimidated on all accounts, and the Japanese hunters were convinced.


“Our guild, Amaterasu, is very interested in Mr. Han’s breeding skills.”

“Thank you.”
“We assume you want the Black Cow dungeon for the beasts.”


Nakasima noticed Yoojin Han glance at Hyunjae Sung as the latter spoke,


“We do not need to speak long as the basics have been agreed upon.”


Nakasima answered in a light manner.


“As Haeyeon owns the Slime Dungeon and Mr. Han had requested the Black Cow Dungeon, we would like to take in his opinion.”


While he seemed to favor Yoojin Han, Nakasima tried to manipulate the weaker partner by placating him. Since the rumors said Yoojin Han was oppressed by S Class hunters, it may be possible to take him into their guild.


“What do you think?”

Yoojin Han’s gaze dropped to the table at Hyunjae Sung’s question.


“Please speak freely, Mr. Han.”

“You are right on both counts.”

“Of course.”


Nakasima saw that Yoojin Han seemed to be gaining confidence with each word. Hyunjae Susng surprisingly did not interfere.


“Therefore, in this negotiation, I want…”


Yoojin Han’s voice became smaller, and Nakasima looked at Hyunjae Sung. He spoke carefully.


“Mr. Sung, may I talk alone with Mr. Han? He may speak easier.”


Nakasima had to brace himself to speak this way. However, this was for his guild’s benefit.


“I can’t allow that, as Mr. Han is too valuable.”

“How could I do that? I will slit my throat if something happens to him.”
“That is too much…”

Nakasima smiled at Yoojin Han’s murmuring.


“I ask you again. Please give Mr. Han a chance.”

Hyunjae Sung stared at Yoojin Han.


“Mr. Han, what do you think?”

“Please speak as you want.”

Hyunjae Sung and Yoojin Han conferred separately at a corner, and the two Japanese hunters could not hear them. Nakasima barely overheard some words.


-Please…Thank you very much…


Hyunjae Sung left while Yoojin Han looked forlorn. It seemed that he had given Hyunjae Sung something for this private conference, and Nakasima made himself look concerned.


“I hope it was not too much.”

“It is all right. He is a logical person.”


Yoojin Han spoke after a moment.


“To tell you the truth, I do not want the Black Cow Dungeon.”


The two Japanese were surprised.


“It takes a long time and much effort to raise baby monsters. However, Mr. Sung asked me to raise normal riding beasts as fast as possible, and this Black Cow Dungeon would make it easier. He even asked Haeyeon to give up their dungeon. While Mr. Sung poses this as a benefit for both parties, he is actually trying to eat me up to create an S class team with riding beasts.”

“Is that so…”

Nakasima and his comrade were not happy to hear that the Black Cow Dungeon was not welcomed.


“Wouldn’t getting A class beasts make things easier in the future?”

“I have more than enough and wanted to ask you to stop this negotiation.”

Yoojin Han seemed earnest, but Nakasima could not accept that. His guild needed this dungeon, as no Slime Dungeons existed in Japan.


“I do not think Mr. Sung will agree to that…”

That was when Yoojin Han squared his shoulders to look up at Nakasima.


“I cannot stay like this when you two are on my side.”


Nakasima was torn between the Slime Dungeon and taking Yoojin Han’s side. He decided to nod.


“Of course, we’re on your side.”

“Thank you. Then, please help me.”

“Absolutely. However, it is not a bad move to proceed with the negotiations, Mr. Han.”


Nakasima spoke in a small voice.


“Since Mr. Sung is a high hurdle, we advise you to take on some extra benefits while posing on the surface.”
“Yes. Hunter Harada.”

The other hunter laid out documents and contracts at being called.


“We have brought some extra gifts, as the Black Cow Dungeon is of little value without you.”


It was for when negotiations did not go well.


“Since Mr. Sung is satisfied with the one-on-one trade, I hope you will like it.”


Yoojin Han looked at the item list, which was written both in Korean and English.


“Will you check each item with me when I sign?”
“Ah, of course.”

Nakasima was a bit surprised at Yoojin Han seeming efficient at this, as that question hit the mark. However, as their talk continued, he could see that Yoojin Han was an F class.


“I appreciate your offer, but Haeyeon is a problem.”

“What do you mean?”
“Haeyeon will suffer losses due to this, and I still do not want this…”

Nakasima pondered for a moment, but his eyes soon turned sharp.


“How about this? In such cases, Japan decides things on a one-on-one fight between same class hunters.”

“A fight?”

While Yoojin Han pretended to be surprised, he smiled inside. In Japan, a country where hunters ruled and their classes were deemed as social status, hunters and guilds fought for items. The strong took all. While Yoojin disapproved of this method, he welcomed it now.


“As Haeyeon owns this Slime Dungeon, one of our hunters, and Haeyeon’s hunter fight for both dungeons.”

“Who do you want?”
“Hunter Yerim Park would be the right candidate. Since she is still young and inexperienced, this will be a good event for her.”

The Japanese hunters would want her, as she would seem an easy opponent.


“Then, Haeyeon would lose both.”
“We will, of course, pay the price. You and Haeyeon will receive them, while Sesung gains nothing. How about it?”


Yoojin smiled, thinking things were going too easy.


“What will you give Haeyeon for the Slime Dungeon?”


Nakasima took out a black robe from his inventory. Yoojin had to suppress a smile as he recognized the item.


“This is the Blue Thunderbird Artifact, an SS class equipment.”
“SS class, really?”
“Yes. See that with regular options, defense increases with damage, and there’s even an S class thunder resistance spell.”

Yoojin smirked inwardly as he knew that the Amaterasu Leader had used it often before. It would be a good fit for Yoohyun.


“Something like this would be very rare.”

“Yes, but our Guild Leader has another SS class equipment. It will be useful for Haeyeon when you clash with Sesung.”

“Will you really give us this?”



Yoojin wanted to shout for joy, but he kept calm.


“Thank you for making the decision.”

“It is merely a gift for a joint future with Haeyeon.”


Yoojin was joyful at having received an SS class equipment when he expected only S classes. It seemed that the Amaterasu Guild Leader wanted the Slime Dungeon quite badly.


“Who will come from your guild? Yerim is very young…”

“We will bring in a hunter with two years of experience. Do you want a contract?”

“Right. Could the fight be near the sea? Losing too badly may hurt her spirits.”

“We will do our best.”


Yerim would be in her element there, and I did not think I needed to worry. She already knew this and would enjoy a battle she could fight to the fullest.

I also received an S class bracelet with the contract, which sealed the deal.


“Would Mr. Sung be all right with this?”

Nakasima’s voice seemed worried, but Yoojin knew that Japan would prefer the friction. He had to admit Japan had tried as Nakasima gave him a name card.

Yoojin Han sent a text, which brought Hyunjae Sung. He was holding something in his hand.


“You wanted this iced latte?”

“Thank you very much.”

“For my partner, of course. It’s not a problem.”


The Japanese hunters looked flabbergasted as Yoojin Han looked over his latte and spoke again.


“I thought I asked you to take off the toppings. This is way too sweet.”

“Isn’t it still delicious?”

“It is.”


Yoojin Han turned around to lay his name card on the table in front of the Japanese hunters.


“We will wait for the specific date.”

“Wait, Mr. Han!”

“I mean…”

While Nakasima looked at the two back and forth, he did not continue.


“We will contact you soon.”

Nakasima just took the name card, like he thought that they just needed to beat Yerim. They could try.


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