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S Class 197 Breaker Guild (1)


I explained how the negotiations with the Japanese went as we walked the corridor. I did not explain in detail what I had gotten from them, and Hyunjae Sung surprisingly, did not press.


“They will believe Yerim will be beaten easily. Do you know Iwahata Gakuto, an S class hunter in his second year.”


I had not heard his name, which meant he was not high in the rankings. I knew that there were five S class hunters in Japan currently.


“I heard his name.”

“Do I need to worry?”
“If the fight is near the ocean, she will win.”


I was still worried and thought I would cast a buff skill on her secretly. She was young, and I just did not need to get caught.


“I need to prepare to go to Japan…”
“I can advise you.”

“I can manage myself.”


I would need to report to relevant departments after the date was fixed. I would need to coordinate details with Yoohyun if he wanted to come…

I looked at Hyunjae Sung as I thought things over.


“Will you go?”

“This warrants my presence, but I start on a dungeon tomorrow.”

“Well, come if you can.”

“I will try.”

People would think I was in charge at this rate. Anyway, enough about him. I needed to take care of the breeding facilities and learn about Hanshin and Breaker.


“I will give you a warning instead of advice, then.”


“Do not contact Taewon Song, and do not meet with him alone.”

“Having many low-class hunters will be better than a small party of high-class ones. He would be able to hold himself back then.”

“…You make Director Song sound like my enemy.”

“I am telling you not to aggravate him. While he does not sway easily, he will break hard. If things go smoothly, that itself would also be interesting.”

“Why would he change positions?”

“I cannot read his mind, but I know he will be uneasy.”


I thought he would actually be glad that Hyunjae Sung took me on as his partner, as that meant I had someone reliable to protect me.


“Director Song is a difficult person.”

“He does not hunt despite being a predator. He may begin to question himself.”


I was curious why he repressed himself so hard. While I wanted to ask…

It was then Yoohyun sent me a text message.


“He is coming to take me home.”


I had to suppress my smile as I thought of the items I could give him.

He was already in the lobby with my attache.




My greeting was louder and usual, as making him rank first was now almost possible. If I got another SS class equipment from the newbie…





He whispered so only I could hear.


“Are you drunk?”

“Of course not!”


Was I not my usual self?

“I just had something good happen to me.”


Yoohyun glared behind me, probably at Hyunjae Sung.


“Was everything normal? There may be drugs that overrule poison resistance.”

“I am quite all right. Let’s go home.”


I rushed him since I could not give him the items here. I said goodbye to Hyunjae Sung and grabbed Yoohyun’s arm.

At the car, I explained to Yoohyun the specifics of the negotiation. He was even more certain Yerim would win. Since Hyunjae Sung and Yoohyun saw her fight in Hong Kong, and Yoohyun even fought with her, he would know. I felt a bit relieved.


“She will win, right? Without being hurt?”

“Of course.”
“You seem sure.”

“She’s nearly unbeatable when she’s close to water.”


I looked out the window to hide my smile. The lights were still on despite the late hour.

“Will you go?”
“Yes. I want to go inside the dungeon. I will say that the monsters I brought discovered the items.”

In my past life, the ingredients were discovered by monsters eating the plants, as they were effective raw. I would take Chickie and Peace.


“When will you go?”

“As soon as possible, I do not want them to discover the fruits.”


It was better to hurry things up, as the chance of discovery increased with time.


“I will need to prepare.”

“I thought so. Prepare well.”


Sunghan would manage things well here during Yoohyun’s absence.

I went to the soundproof drawing room on the first floor. I proudly took out the items from my inventory, especially the Blue Thunderbird Artifact.


“This is an SS class equipment!”
“SS class?”

“Yes! The second SS class item in Korea!”

I felt satisfaction well up as Yoohyun widened his eyes.


“The options are, of course, amazing. Try it on.”


I thought of the past as I handed him the robe. The black cloth gracefully rolled off Yoohyun but yet kept its shape. It suited him perfectly.


“It’s thunder resistant?!”

“Yes, and that option is S class! It also has a skill that increases short-term speed. Isn’t that perfect for you?”


I remembered that the Japanese Guild Leader was close to a Defense hunter and would not move easily in battle. This skill would suit Yoohyun much better.

Yoohyun murmured happily about the other options and looked up at me.


“Thanks so much!”

“It’s nothing. Just win this time!”

“This time?”

Yoohyun seemed surprised, and I hurriedly spoke further.


“I thought you would have fought with Hyunjae Sung at least once. Director Song told me that happened often, and since he is…extraordinary…”


Yoohyun looked depressed, but I really thought it would have been impossible before.


“It’s the past. Forget about it. You were at different levels then.”


“Would you have depended on me more if I was older?”


“I am jealous, you know. Because you depend on him.”

“Yoohyun, you should know that I depend on you the most. It’s because I have you I can ally with others.”


I would have never stood on my two feet if it had not been Yoohyun.


“I’m also jealous, you know.”


“I heard Hyunjae Sung helped you when we were apart.”

“It was nothing. I paid him back.”


However, Hyunjae Sung was an adult figure in Yoohyun’s life at that time, which I had not been able to fill.


“I envy him because I couldn’t have done those things for you. I wanted to be in his place, you know.”
“He and I were really nothing. Also, you’re the best for me.”


Yoohyun hugged me, and I hugged him back. I was going to prep him so he could really beat Hyunjae Sung in the global-wide S class ranking fights.

Yerim was extremely excited that she would be able to fight the Japanese S Class hunter and broke a table in half as she promised me she would win.

The next day, the Sesung Guild Leader went inside a dungeon, and Hyuna Moon visited the breeding facilities.


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