S Classes 198 Breaker Guild (2)


“Hey, Sorok. Look at me.”


A white baby deer looked at me as it lay down on the floor.


“Stand up. You can’t stay here forever.”


The deer’s ears twitched, but that was all.




I was only going to show Sorok the training rooms, but that was all. Hyuna may have been swindled. I hoped the deer slept because it was young.


“When will you grow?”


The problem was that I could not train Sorok if the deer did not want to move. I had not thought a monster could be this lazy. The others had been too active.


“Stand up. Don’t you want to go back? This is the corridor.”

The deer would not stand, and I could not push it with my strength. I should call someone.

I rubbed its limbs, and the deer flipped over like it wanted me to scratch the other side.


“You’re not going to stand?”

I did not know much about this deer yet and fed it dungeon plants that Breaker sent us every morning. It ate like a cow, and magic stones were like snacks.


“All right, let’s stay.”


I sat down, and Sorok laid its head on my knee. Sorok could take time, as Blue could work with Hyuna until the time was right.


“Just be healthy and don’t anyone.”


I liked laziness compared to aggressiveness. Since it had been a boss monster, Sorok would fight well when needed.


“What will interest you? Should I read dungeon reports on your breed?”

Maybe I should begin by testing out what food it liked best. I was thinking things like that when I heard footsteps. I looked up to see Hyuna Moon.


“What are you doing in the corridor?”
“Sorok is keeping me here.”

“The deer seems to sleep a lot.”

“It’s young…”

I stood up, and Sorok seemed despondent as it stood on its four feet. The white deer began to chew at my sleeves but did not move.


“Hey, hold this.”

“What is it?”
“Apple pie.”


Hyuna Moon handed me the box, lifted Sorok, and did not stumble as the deer flailed.


“The deer has strength.”

Hyuna smiled as we walked to the training rooms. They were connected with the exercise area, where the baby beasts could play freely under secure conditions.

Two unicorns ran up to me.


“Are they safe here even though Blue is up there?”
“I taught Blue not to attack, and there’s an A class hunter guarding them when the exercise area is open.”

An A class Defense hunter could protect himself from Blue. Also, Blue was friendly towards familiar faces. Hyuna placed Sorok down as the two unicorns, one black and one white, came to her.


“They’re not far off if Blue’s all grown up.”


“I know. I heard Haeyeon will reorganize its S class team according to the beasts. Yoohyun’s team is planning to minimize the number of hunters, right?”

“Sunghan Kim will take care of the rest. They will be the fastest S class hunter team on earth.”

Peace and Yoohyun will be the center, and there will be at most six members among two unicorns. Sunghan Kim was a defense hunter, which meant Offence hunters from Yoohyun’s team could go there. Support and Healer hunters would be brought from MKC.


“I’m looking forward to seeing them break records.”

“You can be sure. The speed will be unprecedented.”

Yoohyun riding Peace would be able to burn down normal monsters with flames. I thought they would be able to trailblaze the middle-tier S Class dungeons.


“Is that Comet’s cage over there? The covered one.”
“Comet’s nearly as big as Blue.”

“Well, they’re all growing up. Breaker should look for A class riding beasts. Work hard.”

Hyuna Moon looked expectantly at Sorok. Breaker could change as MKC had fallen early. There had been no S Class beasts before.


“Will you visit me? You gave me pie, so I could serve tea.”

“Ah, first. Take this.”

Hyuna Moon took out a mini-portal key with another key.


“You still haven’t been able to change portal keys yet, right?”
“I changed the inner door. The Association is strict about portals.”

“Well, things are complicated now.”

Hyuna Moon spoke as we walked.


“Yeoido is empty after MKC went down, and the Association wants a guild to fill that spot desperately.”

MKC was in Yeoido, Breaker was near the Blue House, Hanshin was near Seoul Station. Haeyeon was near Gangnam Station, and Sesung was near Dongjak.


“There’s word that Haeyeon or the breeding facilities would suit that spot.”

“Mr. Seok told me to ignore that, as they would not pay the price to move.”

There was already too much money invested here.


“Yes, but they’re raising hell with that as the reason.”
“Why don’t they ask Sesung?”

“Sesung would be already there if that worked. Sesung is at a secluded spot because Hyunjae Sung ignored all the pleas of old and powerful people to protect them.”


That was like Hyunjae Sung.


“Why are they so adamant on guilds with S class hunters? S classes go in dungeons, and there are helicopters.”
“The politicians at Yeoido are fixated on old and irrelevant values like they deserve to be protected by the strongest.”


The hunter guarding the mini-portal greeted Hyuna Moon, and Peace greeted me as we walked in the house.


“So, where’s Chickie and Velare?”


I felt something was wrong as Peace took me to the kitchen.




The kitchen door’s lock was melted by poison. It seemed they had entered to eat magic stones after melting the jar I stored them in.


“Chickie? Did you do this?”

Chickie flew at me, and I instantly knew that the bird was behind this mess with Velare.


“I told you not to go in the kitchen alone and not let Velare use poison!”


I checked Chickie over, and Velare came slithering up from behind the microwave.


“Velare, I told you not to use poison without my permission. Come here.”

I wiped the poison off, and Hyuna Moon clucked her tongue.


“You have a lot of work.”

“They normally don’t do this.”


It was true, but she laughed. I placed the pie on a plate and brought juice to the living room. The pie was tasty.


“Can I know about the Breaker Guild?”

“Yes, I heard that you guys are connected with many people.”
“Connected, hut…”

Hyuna Moon smiled with her eyes as she tapped her fork.


“Will you come and see for yourself?”

“Yes, I will be your pleasant guide.”

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