S Classes 199 Breaker Guild (3)


“Don’t cause any more trouble, both of you. Velare, don’t use poison.”


They seemed to understand me. While Velare would be safer in her cage, I felt sorry to separate them. They surprisingly got along.


“Peace, please stop them if you can. You know where the antidote is.”

Peace went up to the drawer and pulled it open. I smiled. That antidote would be enough for Velare at her current stats. While I was certain Peace would be all right, it surprised me that Chickie seemed quite well, like it had an A class poison resistance. If so, I should hide Chickie from the depraved in case they thought this was a problem.


“I will come back soon, so behave.”

“How about setting a camera?”

Hyuna Moon asked me as I turned back.


“It didn’t work, as they move quickly.”


Velare could hide, and Chickie flew everywhere, which meant the camera would not catch them.


“Also, they attack things that move, so I keep only a fixed camera in the living room.”


I sent a message to Yoohyun about going to Breaker Guild with Hyuna Moon, and he called back to ask whether he should go with me.


“You have to prepare for that S class dungeon.”

[I’m going to go in with Peace, so…”


Yoohyun spoke softer at my outcry.


[I want to check my condition before the teams are reorganized. It’s easy, so don’t worry.”

“You could go after Japan.”


The stamina potion would help a lot. I asked him to think again before ending the call.


“You guys are fun. Is the Japan dungeon the one Sesung has been poking?”

“Yes. You seem to have heard of it.”

“I heard there were good riding beasts there. So, what are you going to do?”

I hesitated before speaking up. I was going to tell the Association anyway.


“There is going to be a fight between S class hunters, and the winner will take all. Yerim will go.”

“When? I want to watch this time.”

I told her the date had not been fixed yet. Noah came down to greet Hyuna Moon and me. He was wary of Hyuna Moon, and she told me why.


“He promised to let me ride him if I caught him.”
“Don’t play with him.”

“It’s a transaction.”


Hyuna Moon ignored the seatbelt, but I had it on. I was anxious about how she would drive, but she drove stably and safely.


“I heard you have a good reputation among hunters, especially the women.”

“Soyoung and Yerim seem to have put in a good word for me.”
“You guys get along well. Also, you seem to take care of them.”

“That’s because I went through some hardship myself.”

Hyuna Moon spoke as we turned a corner.


“Things were not good for young and vulnerable hunters at the beginning. Your brother and even Hyunjae Sung were told that they were too young. Also, it was easy to make people go missing them.”


It was scary but true. It was still easy to say a hunter died in a dungeon now.


“You know me and my friends became awakened together at once, right?”



I heard those female professional athletes had done so on the news, as the lowest was C class. They were world-class athletes, so it was not that strange.


“We were lucky, as gathering together to form a guild was easy. However, it was difficult to find a place, and we could not really pulverize all that stood in our way.”

Hyuna Moon frowned.


“That’s why we got sponsored. I did it for our guild, and from that experience, I try to help other hunters if I can. It’s not difficult. I worried about Yerim being used, you know.”


She had been interested in Yerim from the beginning.


“Thankfully, you’re taking good care of her.”
“I am grateful for your care, as I’ve only taken care of a brother and am not sure I’m doing adequately.”
“Ask me anything.”

“Thank you.”


We were now crossing Han River.


“I heard most hunters in Breaker are women.”
“It wasn’t intentional. Since the earliest team members were women, the higher-up naturally became women. Therefore, male hunters avoided us while female hunters wanted in. It’s laughable, as age and gender do not matter much in dungeons.”

“I heard awakened are sold in other countries.”

“You’re lucky you have strong connections. An F class with skills like you would have gone missing instantly.”

We talked about Japan, and I asked what was happening in China because of Yoonyoon. She told me that surveillance was growing stronger every day.


“I heard that there are awakened groups who resist the government. Maybe Hyunjae Sung will know.”
“Who is he?”
“He had had a wide web of connections before he became a hunter. I heard Evelyn knew him from then.”
“She did?”

“Yes, stay away from her. She’s a snake.”

It seemed Hyuna Moon really did not like Evelyn. What had gone between them?

The car entered the Breaker Guild Building, and a female hunter approached us before we got out of the car. Hyuna Moon spoke as she got out.


“Did something happen?”
“Guild Leader Hyoyeon Lee from Woods Guild has arrived just now.”


She turned to me.


“Do you want to meet her?”
“May I?”
“Of course. She would definitely like to meet you.”

“I was already impressed.”

She had been a formidable hunter. Hyuna Moon guided me to the drawing-room, and people asked me about Sorok. They even requested I upload pictures and videos on SNS.

I saw Hyoyeon Lee and noted her long hair. She probably had a skill connected to it, as no close-combat Offense hunter would leave something that may bother her.


“Thank you for having me. Mr. Han, let me introduce myself.”

“Sorry to have kept you waiting. Is it all right for Mr. Han to be here?”

“Yes, of course.”


She smiled playfully and turned her eyes to me.


“Thank you for the ranking fight. It has been easier to deal with the Association.”
“It was nothing.”
“What brings you here?”


Hyoyeon Lee turned her eyes back to Hyuna Moon to answer her question.


“I’m here to inform you that we’re going to Daejeon instead of Yeoido.”


“Yes, Sub-leader Bora Park was born there. We’ve requested rights to be transferred from an S class guild that had been under MKC.”


Dungeons appeared in ratio to population, which was why Seoul was full of S class hunters.


“We’re aiming to manage all S class hunters surrounding Daejeon at the end. Since Daejeon does not have a guild with its headquarters in the city yet, we’re aiming to start fresh.”

“Will you manage?”
“You started from nothing, so…”

Hyoyeon Lee smiled, and the Breaker Guild Leader followed.


“All right. Call me if you want help.”
“I will try not to.”

“Who will go in Yeoido, then?”

I interfered.


“Maybe it’s best left open for a while.”


“Haeyeon and the breeding facilities will act like they are thinking of going there but will hesitate. Sesung may come in, too. Then, the politicians there will be unable to choose the guild they want.”


Hyuna Moon laughed out loud.


“Right. Then a promising new guild can go in there. I like that.”

“The spot is good.”

“I will try to find a nice guild.”

I exchanged name cards with Hyoyeon Lee, and she said she hoped I could raise her beasts in the future.


“I personally think Woods Guild would fit well in Yeoido.”

I murmured as the door closed.


“It’s nice to stand on one’s own feet.”


Hyuna Moon sounded bitter. Breaker Guild has been quite heavily tied up for three years now. Could they stand on their two feet without those ties now?

“Ms. Moon.”

I opened my mouth, despite knowing that I myself could not stand on my two feet.

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