S Classes Chapter 200 Breaker Guild (4)


“You told me that Breaker and MKC were only fronts.”
“Yes, that is why MKC crumbled after their Guild Leader disappeared. Young high-class hunters would not stand old non-awakened people control them.”


I knew they would not, as strength, rather then age and social status, meant everything to them.


“It’s better for them to run even if they receive penalties for breaking contacts. Since Haeyeon is creating two S class teams, and Sesung is recruiting hunters. Who will stay?”


As hunters tended to sign contracts directly with the Guild Leader, breaking them off easy if the Guild Leader went missing was easy. Hyuna Moon told me that MKC investors contacted even Riette.


“It would have been fun to see Riette become the Guild Leader.”
“That would be a disaster.”


Riette would burn Yeoido down, and she would not last a day anyway.


“As the Guild Leader, what do you think of Breaker now?”

Hyuna Moon rested on the table and motioned me to sit on a chair.


“I am waiting for the contract to end. It is a five-year one. It’s not bad. Since I signed when people knew nothing about items, the contract decrees we get all of them and only divide magic stones 5 to 5. It’s strange how quickly we knew magic stones were discovered to be energy resources.”


It was strange that we knew the value of magic stone so quickly. Perhaps the depraved had intervened so hunters and guilds would be built up fast.


“While they complain now, the contract still stands.”

“They should be satisfied with magic stones. Don’t you have safety conditions?”

“Of course! We have to send high-class hunters if guilds break.”


She spoke, and I could see that the contract itself was not bad. She and the founding hunters could manage their hunters one hundred percent.


“You’re not a mere front, then.”

“I don’t have many guild shares, and my rights only cover dungeon conquests. If I go out, we can’t use the name Breaker.”


There were only two years left, but as the Breaker I had known in my past life had gone down, it seemed things had gone wrong.


“Would they let you go? Won’t they make you sign another contract?”
“It won’t be easy. But I can change names and start again.”


Hyuna Moon spoke lightly. I knew she could do it, but…


‘Is it because of the Awakened Center Incident?’


Many low-class hunters had died, and high-class hunters and Guild Leaders were severely criticized. Maybe Breaker had been affected by that. As the system would be different this time, Breaker may be able to stand alone this time.


“Wouldn’t it be necessary to prepare for what may happen? The best thing would be Breaker to stay this way.”

“The guild buildings and facilities were built by investors. While I have the money to buy them all, they will never sell.”
“What about normal employees?”
“I only manage hunters.”

Since I did not know much about these things, it would be impossible for me to think of an effective counterattack.


“Can’t we remove them all?”

“You’re quite aggressive at times.”

“Three large firms are connected to Breaker on the surface, right?”
“There are politicians and other authorities. They will be board members after retirement.”


Was there any legal way to solve this? Hyuna Moon smiled as I thought things over.


“You care when it’s not your concern.”

“We’ve known each other.”

“Don’t you have to manage the breeding facilities?”


However, the breeding facilities belonged to me, and guilds could not interfere much. It would not be difficult for me to stand alone.


“I want Breaker and you to be stable.”

“Because of personal affection? Or something else?”

I was beginning to realize that those surrounding S class hunters were also important. Also, I had to admit Hyuna Moon seemed a better Guild Leader than my brother in caring for other hunters. He was still young and did not know much about caring for others.


“It’s soundproof here, right?”

“Of course. Important guests come here.”

“The world will fall if we cannot stop dungeons.”


I explained about the warnings the depraved had given me. Hyuna Moon needed to know if she would stay as Breaker’s Guild Leader.


“Well, I cannot be surprised. Broken dungeons would ruin the world.”

Hyuna Moon murmured as she tilted her head.


“You want me to retain my power as much as you can?”
“Yes, if you want to work with me.”

“Of course, I have people to protect. I don’t know much about Hyunjae Sung.”


I did not know about that, too.


“So, Mr. Han. Is your goal to save the world?”

“That’s too far. Let’s say the short-term goal is to stabilize Korea for now.”

I would be able to supply riding beasts to the major guilds in Korea. The stamina potion would help, and Myeongwoo would be able to make S class weapons. There were S class hunters with who I could accelerate their growth…



I laid a hand on my chest. The beast made of the L class magic stone would be born soon. If it was a cursed poison dragon, I would be able to become an L class after using my last grace. If so, I would be able to go directly after seven days. I just hoped I would be able to complete my task.


“…I think things will go well for now.”

I would also focus on Korea and hope there were good Guild Leaders in foreign countries.


“I would have to think again about starting over if there is a time limit.”

Hyuna Moon tapped my shoulder as she stood up.

“Let’s eat lunch! The sauna has good food.”

“Isn’t it for women only?”
“You can be an exception.”

She led me out to the corridor, and we met a hunter who I had seen before.


“She’s Choi Gaeun, an A class hunter in my guild. This is Yoojin Han, the Head of the breeding facilities.”

Hyuna Moon introduced us, and I recognized her as someone who had become an awakened at Breaker’s beginning.


“Do you want to eat lunch at the sauna with us?”
“Would it be all right?”

She spoke as she asked me.


“It’s a secret, but Mr. Han is actually a woman.”


“That’s why we’re here.”

Choi Gauen looked at me in confusion. Was she serious?


“No, it’s not true! Look at me!”

“Your physical traits show that, but looks can be deceiving.”

Where was this conversation going?


“You may have used a skill or an item.”


I had to nod because she had a point.


“That’s true, but I’m a man.”
“Please excuse me.”
“No, she played a trick.”

Hyuna Moon held my shoulder.


“I will treat lunch! What do you want to eat?”
“Anything except in the sauna.”

“You’re not angry, right?”

“Of course not.”


The restaurant she took me to instead was tasty, and she then took me on a tour of the Breaker facilities. The atmosphere was nice.

Since Hyuna Moon said she would accompany me, we went to the Association to discuss the Japan dungeon agenda.

We were in the first-floor lobby when I saw Taewon Song and other hunters. He seemed fine on the surface.


“Hello, Director Song.”


He nodded in reply. Why had Hyunjae Sung said such things?

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