S Classes 201 The Box (1)

“Director Song, it’s good to see you.”


Hyuna Moon greeted Taewon Song, and they seemed normal. He actually looked calmer than usual. It was true Hyuna Moon did not cause trouble as much as she has nowadays. Taewon Song seemed comfortable with her, and they actually may fit each other.


“There’s a lot of people. MKC hunters seem to have come for contract problems.”

Hyuna Moon’s words told me that may be why Taewon Song was guarding the lobby since the hunters would be sensitive.


“Let’s see how long we have to wait.”
“You don’t have to do that. We’re going to the Foreign Affairs Department and don’t have to wait.”

I saw Hyuna Moon call someone and thought I might get the number too. Taewon Song did not look at me while we waited, and I decided not to press things. Maybe Hyunjae Sung had been right.

We were guided by an employee, and the person in charge looked doubtful when I explained about Japan.


“Sesung has informed us, but Japan getting the Slime Dungeon will be heavily criticized by the press.”
“They won’t get it.”


We would get it, and maybe I should advertise this. Yerim and Haeyeon’s public image will skyrocket. Then, someone knocked on the office door. I saw the man who had supported me regarding the ranking fights.


“Hello, this is Youngjun Choi of the Hunter Association Marketing Department.”
“You seem happy.”
“I am being accommodating.”


He seemed to have calculated the profits, and I knew he was a good worker.


“Can you guarantee Hunter Yerim Park’s win? We need to prepare for the aftermath if she loses.”
“If Japan proceeds according to the contract, yes. We can manage even if there are some sudden changes.”

We had adequate equipment to prepare, anyway. I could definitely say that she would win.

While we would need to finalize other items once Japan contacted us again, our discussion sped up quickly. The process was not that different from the ranking fights.


“We will slowly send out the word, saying the opponent’s name and the fight being at sea.”

“When will the breeding facilities portal key be changed?”

“I am not in charge of that.”

He looked sorry but then interested when I told him I was wondering whether to move the facilities to Yeoido.


“I thought you would not be interested.”
“I’m thinking of going independent, and the MKC buildings seem a nice fit.”


While I was lying, it was plausible. Once we got out, Hyuna Moon and I went to the bathroom once we got out. It was small and clean, and I was alone until I washed my hands.

However, the door opened then. With an ominous feeling, I turned off the faucet. It was Taewon Song.

I remembered Hyunjae Sung telling me not to meet him alone.


“You seem to have something to say to me. Why didn’t you wait?”


I spoke calmly and looked about to dry my hands. However, Taewon Song was somewhat intimidating and silent, so I spoke again.


“You don’t have to stand guard anymore?”

“There was a small commotion, but it is taken care of.”
“I see MKC’s bothering you.”

The atmosphere was growing heavier. I tried to smile.


“Let’s talk outside.”

“I came here because you were here.”

I had no comeback to that. If I was able to fear, I would be able to guess what to do, but now I had to wait for his response.


“Then, what is it?”

I heard Taewon Song’s shoes tap the tile floor. He took two steps toward me, and we were quite close. He was even more formidable up close, and I could only stare at him, unable to read his expression.

I breathed lightly and turned the fear resistance skill off. He would not kill me.

I opened my eyes and immediately froze. I knew he could kill me, and while the fear I felt may have influenced me, Taewon Song was not his usual self.

I tried to push him away, but he did not move.


“Did you lower that skill?”

He knew one could control resistance skills but did not know I could turn it off. However, I could only breathe in and out. Should I turn it back on? But as an F class, I thought this was better.


“Mr. Han.”

What should I do? Should I shout since Hyuna Moon was outside? However, he would be quicker.

At least I was breathing, and my heart was beating. I used to grace, which gave me some relief.


“Mr. Han.”


His voice sounded calm and pleasant, but that may have been wishful thinking.

My body was lifted, and I was sitting on the handbasin a moment later. Since this was a hunter facility, the sink was raised quite high. That meant I saw eye to eye with him.


“I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t sit here.”

“It’s better than you falling on the floor.”
“…Thank you.”


I saw that he was hesitating because I looked so afraid. Turning off the fear resistance had been the answer.


“…We both know I cannot do anything against you.”

“I know that.”


I wanted to soften my words, but my mouth was being blunt.


“Why are you so cautious towards me?”
“I think you are dangerous.”


Taewon Song was still calm.


“S classes are independent and private. I thought only the Sesung Guild Leader could possibly bring them together.”

“Are you worried I may be the one? However, you know I had not given you a reason to consider me dangerous yet. My brother…”


Taewon Song’s expression changed a bit. He had reacted to Yoohyun. Why?


“…Helped you because I asked him to.”


I spoke with my eyes focused on his face. What had Yoohyun done…ah. Seokwon Choi.


“He looks up to me despite me being an F class. You know that.”


My heart raced. I had not asked what Yoohyun’s reaction had been on that day.


“…Was Yoohyun unstable? How did you see him?”
“About Hyunjae Sung…”
“He is the same.”


Taewon Song was quick like he wanted that to be true. I realized that instant the possibility Hyunjae Sung may act as the focal point on which Taewon Song could adjust to this new world order. He had refused to be either wolf or lamb, which meant that Taewon Song’s position in this world was unstable. Hyunjae Song, the perfect wolf in the strongest S class, could keep his vision clear.


“Mr. Sung is my partner.”

Taewon Song’s black eyes went dark, and I felt electricity go down my spine. I had to open my mouth, even if it felt rusty.


“However, I don’t want to lose you.”


I needed him and-

“Hey, are you living here or what?!”

Hyuna Moon shouted as she came bursting in and then rushed at Taewon Song.

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